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The Day of the Jackal

30 LISTS | 1 TOP SPOT Fred Zinnemann | 143 minutes | Crime/Drama/Thriller Edward Fox | Terence Alexander | Michel Auclair | Alan Badel

“Fred Zimmermann’s clever and trendy thriller created from Frederick Forsyth’s greatest vendor, manages to be harrowingly suspenseful with a narrative about an unsuccessful plot to assassinate President Charles de Gaulle. Since we all know that the Jackal, performed by Edward Fox, won’t succeed on his lethal mission, the movie is all of the extra commendable for conserving the viewer on the fringe of his seat.” – Stanley Eichelbaum, San Francisco Examiner

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31 LISTS | 1 TOP SPOT Woody Allen | 89 minutes | Comedy/Sci-Fi Woody Allen | Diane Keaton | John Beck | Mary Gregory

“Woody Allen’s model of a courageous new world during which sexual urges are happy by machines and nutritionists take into account steak and French fries well being meals, is uproarious, the funniest movie of the yr. Woody stars because the sleeper of the title – having been cryogenically frozen for 2 centuries after which defrosted within the yr 2173. He additionally co-wrote and directed the movie, which reduces to the sublimely ridiculous follies of our plastic pop-culture.” – John Koch, Boston Herald


The Sting

32 LISTS | 1 TOP SPOT George Roy Hill | 129 minutes | Comedy/Crime/Drama Paul Newman | Robert Redford | Robert Shaw | Charles Durning

“The Sting represents a triumph of a number of numerous components all dovetailed by George Roy Hill’s easy path right into a gem of sunshine leisure. Strong performing from Robert Redford and Paul Newman, superb interval results to evoke a setting of depression-era Chicago, and a tightly written and thoroughly researched screenplay by David Ward that lays naked the “Large Con” playing swindles {of professional} con artists of their hayday. The motion grows progressively extra engrossing in the direction of the tip, and the viewers is sucked proper into the climatic con recreation earlier than they’re fairly conscious of it – however all in good enjoyable.” – Donia Mills, Washington Night Publish


The Last Detail

36 LISTS | 0 TOP SPOTS Hal Ashby | 104 minutes | Comedy/Drama Jack Nicholson | Randy Quaid | Otis Younger | Clifton James

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“The Final Element gave us one other memorable Jack Nicholson character, this time a Navy man named Buddusky. He and a buddy are assigned to escort a giant hulk of a child to the naval brig at Portsmouth, the place he’ll do eight years for petty theft. The child is responsible – he’s a compulsive thief – however he steals as a result of he’s blended up, dumb, unloved.

Buddusky and his accomplice determine to indicate the child a very good time earlier than he’s locked up, and the three of them set off on a drunken, savage, typically humorous odyssey by means of the earthier features of Washington and New York. The path was by Hal (“Harold and Maude”) Ashby, who has a very good feeling for the rhythms of scenes and particularly, for Nicholson’s personal timing.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Solar-Occasions



35 LISTS | 3 TOP SPOTS Sidney Lumet | 130 minutes | Biography/Crime/Drama Al Pacino | John Randolph | Jack Kehoe | Biff McGuire

“Credit score the efficiency of Al Pacino once more, who should even be credited for the number one alternative. One other bravura efficiency because the sincere cop who blew the whistle on the graft-riddled New York Police Division.” – Elston Brooks, Fort Value Star Telegram


Bang the Drum Slowly

36 LISTS | 1 TOP SPOT John D. Hancock | 96 minutes | Drama/Sport Michael Moriarty | Robert De Niro | Vincent Gardenia | Phil Foster

“My authentic response to this movie by John Hancock was barely tempered after a second viewing. Nonetheless, I like the concept that, though it’s a few dying baseball participant and his friendship with the star of the group, it doesn’t accept low cost emotion, candy sentimentality or grandstand performs. What saves it from sliding into a lot is a stubbornly no-nonsense efficiency by Robert De Niro because the tobacco-chewing Georgia cracker who’s dropping the sport of life.” – Kathleen Carroll, New York Day by day Information


Paper Moon

41 LISTS | 4 TOP SPOTS Peter Bogdanovich | 102 minutes | Comedy/Drama Ryan O’Neal | Tatum O’Neal | Madeline Kahn | John Hillerman

“Who may resist it? A troublesome, tiny lady who out-cons her con artist trainer in a nostalgic black and white film by Peter Bogdanovich that used all of the previous movie tips and labored. Not a milestone, only a charmer.” – Joyce J. Persico, Trenton Night Occasions


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Last Tango in Paris

42 LISTS | 5 TOP SPOTS Bernardo Bertolucci | 129 minutes | Drama/Romance Marlon Brando | Maria Schneider | Maria Michi | Giovanna Galletti

“Final Tango in Paris was greater than a triumph of fashion for director Bernardo Bertolucci, and much more than the capital efficiency of Marlon Brando’s profession. It was a captivating story, informed with a lush, brooding sincerity that held you within the grip of a person coming aside, utilizing intercourse as a weapon, then as a language and at last – towards all hope – as proof of affection. – David Elliott, Chicago Day by day Information


Day for Night

56 LISTS | 9 TOP SPOTS François Truffaut | 116 minutes | Comedy/Drama/Romance Jacqueline Bisset | Jean-Pierre Léaud | François Truffaut | Valentina Cortese

“A merry film on making films, this movie has director Truffaut himself in a central position. He’s the affected person, resourceful fellow in control of creating an leisure out of a lot celluloid and chaos. Aside from displaying us how life is behind the scenes, which accounts for lots of the movie’s curiosity, Truffaut infuses the entire with contagious humor. It’s so bubbly and show-bizzy a piece, so good-natured, that it places the film fan behind the movie buff and wheedles them proper out of their variations.” – Susan Stark, Detroit Free Press


American Grafitti

71 LISTS | 10 TOP SPOTS George Lucas | 110 minutes | Comedy/Drama Richard Dreyfuss | Ron Howard | Paul Le Mat | Charles Martin Smith

“The yr’s greatest American movie, this common portrait of small-town adolescents in 1962 has been broadly misunderstood by each its critics (who accuse it of shallow nostalgia) and by lots of its admirers (who appear to answer it as shallow nostalgia). However what writer-director George Lucas has achieved is one thing fairly advanced and authentic: a half comedian, half melancholy sketch of fixing younger America within the Kennedy years, of the dead-end Fifties world of “The Final Image Present” proper earlier than it crumbles.” – John Hartl, Seattle Occasions

Full Listing:

RFilmL#1ARL%#1percentTCLTCL1TCLpercentTCL1% 1American Graffiti71104.6871percent14percent17159percent6% 2Day For Night5694.1254percent13percent20369percent18% 3Last Tango in Paris4253.5842percent8percent15052percent0% 4Paper Moon4144.5241percent6percent11138percent6% 5Bang the Drum Slowly3615.2136percent2percent9031percent0% 6Serpico3535.0432percent4percent13245percent12% 7The Final Detail3606.0032percent0percent13045percent0% 8The Sting3216.7631percent2percent11038percent0% 9Sleeper3116.5030percent2percent11038percent0% 10The Day of the Jackal3015.4430percent2percent7024percent0% 11The New Land2863.7828percent9percent8328percent18% 12Mean Streets2904.8128percent0percent9031percent0% 13O Fortunate Man!2506.0025percent0percent5017percent0% 14The Lengthy Goodbye2225.9022percent3percent6121percent6% 15The Exorcist2224.3322percent3percent9031percent0% 16Blume in Love1816.8318percent2percent8128percent6% 17The Paper Chase1807.3818percent0percent4014percent0% 18A Contact of Class1707.0017percent0percent103percent0% 19Don’t Look Now1816.0017percent2percent3010percent0% 20The Iceman Cometh1615.0016percent2percent4014percent0% 21The Means We Were1606.3816percent0percent3010percent0% 22State of Siege1407.0014percent0percent4014percent0% 23The Homecoming1406.8614percent0percent3010percent0% 24Save the Tiger1304.8613percent0percent4014percent0% 25The Spider’s Stratagem1124.3311percent3percent6221percent12% 26The Mates of Eddie Coyle1116.5011percent2percent4014percent0% 27Jesus Christ Superstar1023.0010percent3percent3010percent0% 28The Final American Hero1007.3310percent0percent4014percent0% 29Love1005.0010percent0percent8028percent0% 30Summer Needs, Winter Dreams1008.0010percent0percent4014percent0% 31Cinderella Liberty1008.179percent0percent3010percent0%

Lists Included 100 | Prime Critics’ Lists Included 29

R Rank L Whole variety of lists the place the movie was chosen as one of many prime 10 movies of the yr AR Common place on ranked prime 10 lists #1 Whole variety of lists the place the movie was chosen as one of the best movie of the yr L% Share of complete lists the place the movie was chosen as one of many prime 10 movies of the yr #1% Share of mentions the place the movie was chosen as one of the best movie of the yr TCL Variety of occasions that the movie was chosen as one of many prime 10 movies of the yr on prime critics’ lists TCL1 Variety of occasions that the movie was chosen as one of the best movie of the yr on prime critics’ lists TCL% Share of occasions that the movie was chosen as one of many prime 10 movies of the yr on prime critics’ lists TCL1% Share of lists the place the movie was chosen as one of the best movie of the yr on prime critics’ lists

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