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This 5-year show anniversary week for me has been quite an experience. It’s had its ups and downs, and now it all comes down to how things will go on the set of Week 20.

Episode #7775: America’s Game IV

$1K Toss-Up: On the Map

The board reveals the clue: T / T K E _. Female Alex quickly solves it and locates THE GREAT LAKES. Either she or her opponent will have to save this week from a possible disaster.

Alexandra Ingersoll, a lady who recently received her MBA grad, has an interesting story. Her mother was pregnant with her when she was on a game show, but her mom unfortunately disqualified herself for saying the wrong word not once but twice. What a twist! Alexandra is from Santa Monica.

Matthew Jalazo, an Army veteran who was involved with Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, is also one of the contestants. He is a father, forensic psychologist, university professor, and a huge wrestling fan. In fact, he once dressed up as Hulk Hogan and had the opportunity to meet the real legend. Matthew hails from Sunrise, FL.

Mary Jane McDowell, a retired teacher with 26 years of experience, is also participating. She is a birder and has a daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. Mary Jane is from Trabuco Canyon, CA.

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$2K Toss-Up: People

The next clue is revealed: O S C T I NC _ E W. Alex quickly figures it out and solves it: CONSTRUCTION CREW.

This episode comes with a special feature – Rakuten.com.

Round 1: Phrase

Alex starts the round and manages to dodge any issues, landing three R’s and earning $2,100. She continues to guess correctly, obtaining a total of $4,300. However, she hits the UNTIMELY LaT, putting her at risk of losing all her money.

Matthew takes his turn and lands two H’s, earning $1,200. Confident in his abilities, he decides to solve the puzzle: A / I T U R EI S / O R T H / AT H O U S A _ O R S. Although he leaves behind two D’s and two W’s, he realizes that a PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS and adds $1,200 to his total.

Mystery Round: Same Name

Matthew starts this round with a $900 T and a whopping $7,000 N pair. He continues to guess right, earning a total of $9,350 and solving PLATINUM & BROKEN RECORD. What a great round for Matthew, earning him the valuable PR.

Matthew takes the lead with $10,550, while Mary Jane is up next for the spin with Alex trailing at $3K.

PP/Express Round: What Are You Doing?

Mary Jane starts with a $1,100 N pair, followed by a $900 G. She continues to earn points but sadly lands on BANKRUPT, losing $2,300.

Alex takes her turn and lands two R’s, earning $1,400. However, she also hits BANKRUPT, losing $900.

Matthew, feeling confident, quickly solves the puzzle: A R I N G / AN E / _ R S E. He’s excited because he’s going to be CHARTING A NEW COURSE on his trip to El Mangroove, Autograph Collection in COSTA RICA, worth $7,500.

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Matthew now leads with $18,050, while Mary Jane is still at $2K and Alex at $3K.

Triple Toss-Up: Fun & Games

The game continues with three quick toss-up puzzles:

  1. M I N R EG _: Alex guesses MINIATURE GOAT, but that’s not a LIVING THING. She quickly realizes her mistake when Matthew guesses MINIATURE GOLF.

  2. L I M T EF E: Matthew solves ULTIMATE FRISBEE.

  3. B E E / _ F: Mary Jane is finally on the board with FRISBEE GOLF.

Round 4: Rhyme Time

Mary Jane starts this round strong with a pair of S’s, but unfortunately, it goes downhill from there. Alex takes her turn but flubs the puzzle, guessing FROM COAST TO COAST. Matthew seizes the opportunity and solves it correctly, guessing FROM WORST TO FIRST. He adds $3,850 to his total.

Matthew now leads with an impressive $25,900, followed by Mary Jane at $2K and Alex at $3K.

Round 5: Food & Drink

Alex starts this round but guesses incorrectly with an R. Matthew takes over and earns $1,300 with a pair of T’s. He also lands two A’s and two E’s.

The game goes into Speed-Up mode with the puzzle: T E _ A T A / E _. Matthew spins the $1,500 minimum.

Here’s how the final moments unfold:

  • Matthew guesses 4 S’s
  • Mary Jane gets a P
  • Alex suggests H
  • Matthew guesses 2 L’s
  • Mary Jane guesses D

Then, Mary Jane initially guesses STEAMED for the first word, but she quickly rebounds with the correct answer: STUFFED PASTA SHELLS. She earns $3K with that solve.

Final Scores:

  • Matthew: $25,900 cash & C.R. WC
  • Mary Jane: $5K
  • Alex: $3K

The game concludes with a total of $33,900. Unfortunately, my show anniversary week’s skunked fate seems to be sealed with that EVIL trio Matthew is picking from:

  • What Are You Doing?
  • Phrase
  • Thing
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To make matters worse, he goes for WAYD?. The disappointment overwhelms me.

$100K Bonus Round

Matthew lands on the E in GAME, but he has nobody to help him out. The puzzle is revealed: N S _ N _ / R _ T. The letters PMCA and B don’t offer much assistance. The correct answer is FINISHING MY WORKOUT.

Once again, we’ve been SKUNKED for the fourth time this season, and Matthew loses the Ford Escape SE.

My Rating: 5

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Wheel of Fortune

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