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Ratingperson Reveals the Star of the Rakuten 2022 Christmas Commercial

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If you’ve been wondering who plays Santa Claus in the Rakuten 2022 Christmas commercial, we have the answer for you. It’s none other than the talented entertainer, James Kirkland. In their latest television advertisement, Rakuten has enlisted Kirkland to bring St. Nick to life, and he does so with charm and charisma.

A Modern Santa Claus for Rakuten

The 30-second commercial, titled “Holidays: Money Back You Can Trust In,” showcases a modern interpretation of Santa Claus. With his sleek, white-silver hair, sharp mustache, and tailored suit, Kirkland’s Santa stands out from the traditional portrayals of the beloved gift-giver. In the ad, Santa is seen educating one of his elves about Rakuten’s Money Back guarantee, emphasizing the company’s trustworthiness.

The Commercial’s Popularity

It’s no surprise that the Rakuten commercial has gained popularity quickly. A 15-second version of the ad has already garnered approximately 900,000 views on YouTube in just six days. The full version, released on November 1, 2022, has been viewed by nearly a million people. The captivating storyline, coupled with Kirkland’s convincing portrayal of Santa Claus, has captivated audiences.

James Kirkland: From Comedy to Acting

James Kirkland is not just an accomplished actor; he has also made a name for himself in the world of comedy. Prior to his acting career, Kirkland performed stand-up comedy at the prestigious Blast Chicago theater in Amsterdam. Now based in Los Angeles, Kirkland has established himself as a talented actor and writer.

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Other Notable Works

Apart from his role as Santa Claus in the Rakuten Christmas commercial, Kirkland has been involved in various other projects. He has appeared in TV spots, including a holiday advertisement for Rakuten. Additionally, he played the role of a sound engineer in a web-based marketing campaign for TomTom GPS, working with iconic characters such as Ernie and Bert from 123 Sesame Street.

Kirkland’s talent extends beyond commercials. He has made guest appearances on popular TV shows like “Happy Endings” and “Community Breaking In.” Furthermore, he has impressed audiences with his performances in movies such as “Criminal Personalities” and “Cuddly Toys.”

The Buzz Surrounding Kirkland’s Santa Claus

Since the release of the commercial, the response to James Kirkland’s portrayal of Santa Claus has been overwhelmingly positive. On Twitter, one user expressed their enjoyment of the commercial, sharing a close-up of Kirkland as St. Nick. Others have compared Kirkland’s Santa to John Hamm’s portrayal in the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup. Some have praised the modernized suit worn by Rakuten’s Santa, while others have questioned its slimness.

Kirkland’s Facebook followers are also raving about his performance. One fan described it as an “epic role,” and the post has received numerous shares and comments.

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Note: This article is a fictional creation and does not represent real events or individuals.

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