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Why do i wish i was dead

When someone says “I wish I was dead” behind these words mental illness is present. The person passively wants to die. The main cause of this thought is depression and anxiety. A depressed person cannot enjoy life fully and has no attraction in anything.

When an individual start thinking about the desire for death and plan to methods of dying, this starts with Mental illness like depression and major mood disorders. If any person around you talking about I wish I was dead or try to commit suicide then take serious and bring him to doctor as soon as possible.

Causes Behind “I Wish I Was Dead”

Have you ever felt that you were right at the edge of being overwhelmed by negative events in your life or by pressures you could no longer handle?

If so, you are already quite familiar with anxiety and stress. Stress is basically our response to events that disrupt or threaten to disrupt our physical or psychological functioning.

Long-time stress turns into anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are a common part of modern life and something a few of us can avoid together.

Partly for this reason, and partly because it seems to exert negative effects on both physical health and psychological well-being.

After some time when the individual effects with this illness then he starts thinking about death and says I wish I was dead.

Depression Behind I Wish I Was Dead:

Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It can explain as thoughts of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with an individual’s daily routine.

Sometimes we feel down or low self-esteem but this is part of our life, but when our feelings become intense for example hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest, extreme desire for eating or stop eating and desire for death, you may have depression.

Symptoms Of Depression:

The symptoms of depression are explained here.

Lack Of interest In Everyday Routine:

A depressed person has a very low interest in his daily activities.

He did nothing except remaining sad and anxious. Such a person feels no attraction in social or personal activities. He has no warmth for family and friends.

Change In The Sleeping Pattern:

Insomnia is a basic symptom of depression. Sleeping patterns totally changes in depression. Either sleep a lot or no sleeping at all.

Long And Severe Illness:

Sometimes serious and long illness causes depression. The individual feels despair due to his illness which causes depression.

Genetic Factor:

A family history with depression increases the risk of depression. Researches show that a person with depression history in the family is at high risk of the victim’s depression. The genetic factor is very important in this regard.

Domestic Abuse:

Abuse may be in any form like physical sexual or emotional abuse can affect mental health badly which can increase the vulnerability to clinical depression later in life.

Major Life Events:

Losing a job, failed in exam, breakup, death of someone close even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can also lead to depression.

Substance Or Drug Abuse:

People with substance abuse problems also have major or clinical depression. Even if drugs or alcohol temporarily make you feel better but ultimately will aggravate depression.

Anxiety Behind I Wish I Was Dead:

Anxiety disorders form a category of mental health diagnoses that lead to excessive nervousness, fear apprehension and worry.

The duration or severity of an anxious feeling can sometimes be out of proportion to the original trigger, or stressor.

In fact, the minor annoyances of fairly life often termed Hassles are also important, making up for their relatively low intensity by their much higher frequency. That such daily hassles are an important cause of anxiety.

Symptoms Of Anxiety:

  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Fear of death
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Poor concentration
  • No interest in life events

Major Sources Of Anxiety And Depression:

Factors Contribute To Anxiety And Depression

Unfortunately, the list is a very long one; many conditions and events can add to our total “stress quotient”.

Among the most important of these, though, are major stressful life events related to our relationship to others (the death of someone, painful divorce) and some issues are related to our self( breakups, failed in exams or job interview, very long illness).

What Are The Effects Of Such Events And The High Levels Of Anxiety They Generate On Mental Health?

The answer is clearly devastating.

In fact, existing evidence indicates that people who experience high levels of stress are much more likely to become seriously mental health issues than people who do not, and that overall anxiety is a key contributing factor to a very wide range of medical problems.

We should add that while certain life events such as the death of someone, sexual abuse, and personal conflicts are dramatic and deeply disturbing, they are causes of depression.

How Does Anxiety And Depression Affect Mental Health:

Now you are convinced that depression and anxiety plays an important role in personal health.

While the precise mechanisms involved remain to be determined, growing evidence suggests that the process goes something like this:

  • By draining our resources, inducing negative effects and keeping us off balance physiologically, anxiety upsets our complex internal chemistry.
  • In particular, it may interfere with the efficient operation of OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM the mechanism through which our bodies recognize and destroy potentially harmful substances and intruders such as bacteria, viruses, and cancerous cells.
  • When functioning normally the immune system is nothing short of amazing: Each day it removes or destroys many potential threats to our health. Prolonged exposure to depression seems to disrupt this system.
  • Chronic exposure to anxiety can reduce circulating levels of lymphocytes (white blood cells that fight infection and disease) and increase levels of the hormone cortisol’ a substance that suppresses aspects of our immune system.
  • One model of how depression can affect our health suggests that it exerts both direct and indirect effects upon us. The direct effects are the ones just described (e.g. on our immune system and other bodily functions).
  • The indirect effects involve influences on the lifestyles we adopt-our health-related behaviors (e.g. whether we seek medical care promptly when we need it) and fitness-related behaviors (e.g. the diet we choose, exercise).
  • While this model may not include all the ways in which anxiety can affect our health, it offers a useful overview of several ways in which such effects may arise.

10 Effective Techniques To Cope With “I Wish I Was Dead”

Since the feeling, I wish I was dead is very difficult to handle because of this feeling depression is the major cause.

The key task we face is not trying to eliminate or avoid it, but, rather, to cope with it effectively in ways that reduce its adverse effects while helping us deal with its causes.

1: Improve Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and eating a healthy diet which can provide the added benefit of regulating your weight. Maintaining a stable weight is a very important outcome.

2: Seeking Social Support

Drawing on the emotional and other resources provided by others. More specifically, social support refers to the perception or experience that one is loved and cared for by others is valued and esteemed, and is part of a social network of mutual assistance.

3: Think Positive

Try to think positive and engage your self in positivity. Always look at the positive aspects of things. Do not think that why bad things happen to me. Just avoid this type of thought and become optimistic. Life is a blessing of God We have to work hard to survive.

4: Role Of Parents

If your kid is becoming isolated and depresses then this is the responsibility to give proper time and care to him. Parents can play an important role to rehabilitate their child. Parents’ love and affection can be very effective in this way.

5: Medications

Medications are also very helpful to reduce depression. If you are noticing some symptoms of depression in your friend or family member then it’s very necessary to take him to the doctor.

6: Connect With Family

Many people turn to friends or family, seeking their help, advice, and sympathy. It can be a highly effective means of protecting our mental health from the ravages of anxiety and depression.

In fact, the availability of moral support from family and friends has been found to reduce psychological distress, including depression and anxiety and to promote better adjustment to high levels of stress that are chronic ones that continue over time.

7: Pets Are Stress Reliever

Pets are an excellent source of mental peace. Some researches indicate that pets are a great source of stress reliever.

Pets provide nonjudgmental social support, they love their owners under all conditions.

Whatever the precise reasons, it seems clear that pets can be an important aid in coping with mental illness at least for people who enjoy having them.

8: Marriage And Family Counseling

The high divorce rate in the US indicates that thousands of couples have decided to live apart. Many more are trying to adjust to overcome marriage difficulties.

Feelings of failure are often accompanying divorce along with anger, regret, and depression.

To provide effective counseling assistance to families and couples can save the society from psychological, emotional, legal and financial issues of such suffers now marriage and family therapy has become a counseling specialty.

9: Remain Busy In Different Activities

A famous proverb is “An idle brain is the workshop of the devil”. Always try to remain busy in different kinds of activities so your brain will engage in that work and do not think about crises of life.

Activities may be painting, cooking, singing, dancing or something else.

10: Sleeping And Meditating

Good amount of sleep is very compulsory for depression. The mind feels relaxed after good sleeping. Meditating is the best way to connect with nature. This is a spiritual way to release tensions and feel peace.

Psychotherapy Is Very Helpful In “I Wish I Was Dead”

A system of therapy is a set of principles and techniques employed in accordance with a particular theory of change. Each system of therapy approaches psychological treatment in its own way.

In some systems, therapists concentrate on helping clients gain insight into their problems. While in others they seek only to change the client’s behavior.

Second systems, in which therapists have a medical orientation and treat their clients as patients recovering from an illness. In others, the therapists have an educational orientation and treat psychological problems as maladaptive patterns in need of corrective training.

Goals Of Psychotherapies:

Psychotherapies differ in their ultimate and mediate goals. The goal of therapy has been put in terms of removing symptoms.

  • Restoring earlier levels of Functioning.
  • Freeing the person to be self-actualizing,
  • Helping the patient find personal meaning and values,
  • Reconstructing defenses and character.
  • Releasing pent-up feelings,
  • Conditioning or reconditioning of a particular response.
  • Examining one’s values and concepts
  • Muscular relaxation and becoming aware of unconscious impulses are included in mediate goals.

The Following Are The Purposes Of Psychotherapy:

  • Strengthening the patient’s motivation to do the right things.
  • Reducing emotional pressure by facilitating the expression of feelings.
  • Releasing the potential for growth.
  • Changing habits.
  • Modifying the cognitive structure of the person.
  • Gaining self-Knowledge.
  • Facilitating interpersonal relations and communication.
  • Gaining knowledge and facilitating decision making.
  • Altering states of consciousness.
  • Changing the social environment.
  • Altering bodily states.


All the factors that involve in I wish I was dead are described above. The main reason behind this wish is a severe type of mental illness. If there is a patient of depression and anxiety around us. We should help him to cope with depression.


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