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Destiny 2s Wish-Ender Is Bugged For Massive Damage When Using One Other Exotic

by Moon
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The glory days of Wish-Ender have returned to Destiny 2. Yes, the weapon is really good now at baseline due to recent buffs that upped its damage and gave it intrinsic anti-barrier, something players are now discovering bringing it into GMs. But there’s something else going on, a return to an old Destiny 2 bug that takes its damage into the stratosphere for a primary weapon.

Previously, there were bugs that shooting through certain objects with Wish-Ender would increase its damage. Bungie stamped out most of those, but apparently one got missed. That would be combining Wish-Ender with the Titan exotic, Citan’s Ramparts, which creates a barricade you can shoot through.

Citan’s Ramparts


I first was turned onto this through a Cheese Forever video documenting the boost. Normally, Wish-Ender’s multi-hit functionality after its recent buffs will pass through an enemy three times. Here, it will pass through five times, so like a 66% damage boost when shooting through Citan’s because of the two extra hits.

Not content to take Cheese’s word for it (though of course I do trust him), I verified this myself against some lost sector bosses. You can very clearly see the bow hitting the target for 5x strikes as opposed to 3x without Citan’s. It’s real, and it’s good.

Just add this to the absurd list of why Wish-Ender is so great now:

  • Intrinsic Anti-Barrier, for both champions and shielded enemies
  • Unlimited ammo primary
  • Damage boost after specific buff this season, upping its number of hits
  • Damage boost of 10% against majors, champions and bosses this season
  • Damage boost from the red bar exotic primary buff a while back
  • 66% bonus damage from this Citan’s Rampart bug when playing on Titan

The thing is a monster. I hope that it won’t end up disabled to fix the Citan’s bug, but I’d put money on Citan’s itself being disabled before Wish-Ender. Though if it’s gone on this long, maybe Bungie is content to let sleeping dogs lie here. They are not really in the best spot right now with a bunch of disabled or glitched exotics, so I don’t think taking even more off the board when it’s a bonus that benefits the player is a good idea right now. Save it for next season’s sandbox patch or something.

Before you ask, this does not appear to work in PvP, so don’t expect Wish-Ender to start running wild there. For now, this is just yet another fantastic reason to use it in PvE, which I have been doing since this season started. It’s a titan in the slot now, believe me, and I would absolutely give it a shot for yourself, or run Shattered Throne to get it if you’ve been putting that off for years.

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