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All Wishes for the Wall of Wishes in the Last Wish Raid | Arcade Haven

by Moon
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Hidden near the beginning of the raid is the Wall of Wishes. This wall was designed by Mara Sov and her Techeuns to let her make bargains with Riven without any negative consequences. Guardians can use this same wall to do things like jump to specific encounters in the Last Wish raid, spawn chests, and much more.

To make wishes on the Wall of Wishes, you need to know the exact pattern of the wish you want to make. We’ve compiled a list of known wishes and you can jump directly to the one you want by clicking on their respective links below.

Quick Links

  • How to Get to the Wall of Wishes
  • Wish #1: Ethereal Key
  • Wish #2: Chest between Morgeth & Vault
  • Wish #3: Emblem
  • Wish #4: Teleport to Shuro Chi
  • Wish #5: Teleport to Morgeth
  • Wish #6: Teleport to the Vault
  • Wish #7: Teleport to Riven
  • Wish #8: Play Hope for the Future
  • Wish #9: Enable Failsafe dialogue option
  • Wish #10: Enable Drift dialogue option
  • Wish #11: Add headshot cosmetic effect
  • Wish #12: Add cosmetic effect to players’ heads
  • Wish #13: Enable Petra’s Run
  • Wish #14: Spawn Corrupted Eggs
  • Wish #15: TBD

How to Get to the Wall of Wishes

  1. Head into the lobby of the raid once you load in.
  2. After the opening dialogue, jump up to and go through the hatch that opens on the left hand wall.
  3. Follow the corridor until it opens up and go up the rocks to your left.
  4. Follow this corridor until it opens up and jump up to the platform to your upper left.
  5. Jump across the expanse to the next platform and continue straight.
  6. Hop up onto the next section and continue on straight ahead.
  7. Once you get to the end of the grotto, jump directly forward and land on the platform with the glowing flora.
  8. Jump up and land on the outcropping that has the same glowing flora.
  9. Follow that around and jump to the next platform with the glowing flora.
  10. Continue down this corridor and once you reach the end, jump across the expanse to your right to the final platform with the glowing flora.
  11. Continue on straight ahead and follow the hallway around to the right.
  12. The Wall of Wishes will be right in front of you.

All Wishes for the Last Wish Raid

Below is a complete list of all known wishes for the Wall of Wishes in the Last Wish raid. As new wishes are uncovered, they’ll be added to the list below.

Wish #1: Wish to Feed an Addiction

Completing this Wish will grant you 1x Ethereal Key that you can use to open a chest at the end of the Last Wish raid.

Wish #2: A Wish for Material Validation

Inputting Wish 2 on the Wish Wall will make a chest spawn between Morgeth and the Vault. You’ll need a Glittering Key in order to be able to open this chest.

Wish #3: A Wish for Others to Celebrate Your Success

The 3rd Wish will unlock the ____ emblem.

Wish #4: A Wish to Look Athletic and Elegant

Wish 4 will wipe your fireteam and teleport you just outside of the Shuro Chi fight. From here, you can open the Raid chest under the bridge or start the fight against Shuro Chi, The Corrupted to farm Catalyst progress.

Wish #5: A Wish for a Promising Future

Inputting the 5th Wish into the Wish Wall will wipe and teleport your fireteam right next to the rally flag location just outside of the Morgeth, The Spirekeeper fight.

Wish #6: A Wish to Move the Hands of Time

This Wish wipes your fireteam and teleports you to the Vault encounter in the Last Wish raid.

Wish #7: A Wish to Help a Friend in Need

Wish 7 teleports your fireteam to the final boss of the Last Wish raid, Riven of a Thousand Voices.

Wish #8: A Wish to Stay Here Forever

The eighth wish will play the song, Hope for the Future, after being put into the wish wall.

Wish #9: You Wish for a Means to Feed an Addiction

Wish Nine lets Failsafe, the AI from the Exodus Black on Nessus, share your body for the entire raid and will play dialogue throughout your time there.

Wish #10: A Wish to Stay Here Forever

The 10th Wish lets The Drifter be on the comms during your time in Last Wish and will play lines dialogue throughout the raid.

Wish #11: A Wish to Stay Here Forever

Wish 11 will add a cosmetic effect to headshot kills that sends fireworks into the air. (This is a purely cosmetic effect and does not make your character more or less lethal.)

Wish #12: A Wish to Open Your Mind to New Ideas

Putting the 12th Wish into the wish wall will put a random cosmetic on you and your fireteam members’ heads.

Wish #13: A Wish for the Means to Feed an Addiction

The 13th Wish essentially turns on Hard Mode for Last Wish by making it so that if a single player dies during Last Wish, your entire Fireteam is booted back to Orbit. This is also what’s known as Petra’s Run and is part of earning the Rivensbane title/seal.

Wish #14: A Wish for Love and Support

The fourteenth wish will cause a handful of Corrupted Eggs to spawn throughout the raid. These eggs are part of the Corrupted Omelette achievement.

Wish #15: “This one you shall cherish.” – Riven of a Thousand Voices

This wish has not yet been discovered, but it has been theorized that it may return when Guardians return to the Dreaming City to finally break the Curse once and for all.


The Wall of Wishes can be used by solo players or by raid teams and is an excellent way to skip fights or add an extra layer of difficulty to your run. Don’t forget to double-check your wish before stepping on the platform. Having an incorrect glyph will wipe the wish from the wall and you’ll have to start from scratch.

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