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151 Happy 50th Birthday Wishes, Messages And Quotes

by Moon
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If someone close to you is turning 50, it is one of the biggest milestones of their life. Thus, it is time to shower them with heartfelt 50th birthday wishes. Whether it is your father, mother, spouse, friend, or a dear family member, send them a lovely, amusing, or wacky birthday wish to bring a smile to their face.

Keep browsing to check out our list of adorable, innovative, and sweet 50th birthday wishes to send to your loved one. Alternatively, you could draw inspiration from these wishes and craft your own message for a personal touch.

Sweet 50th Birthday Wishes

A sweet birthday message can fill your loved one’s heart with joy on their special day. We bring you some of them here.

  1. “Congratulations on turning 50! I wish you all the good things in the coming years. You deserve a well-deserved break — enjoy it, and cherish your achievements.”
  2. “Once you turn fifty, you realize life is a wonderful journey. On your 50th birthday, you should slow down and cherish your lovely moments of life. Begin a beautiful and inspiring journey from now. Happy birthday!”
  3. “On your special day, go with the slow breeze of your ‘big five-oh.’ Have a fantastic birthday with your loved ones.”
  4. “Your 50 years on the planet have been incredible. Brace yourself for the next 50. Happy 50th birthday, friend.”
  5. “My lovely friend, happy birthday. You stroke half a century today. Let’s celebrate your memorable day with wine and desserts. You would always be the evergreen person in our group. Stay happy as always.”
  6. “Today, you have turned 50. I have seen you mellowing like a well-aged bottle of whiskey. Keep blooming. Happy birthday.”
  7. “One of the best ways to cherish life is to forget your age. All you need to remember is the best memories you had. Have the happiest birthday ahead.”
  8. “Your 50th birthday is not only special for you but also for us. We have seen you as a strong leader and a motivating factor in our lives. Wishing you peace, success, and good health.”
  9. “You make turning fifty classy, cool, and chic. Happiest birthday!”
  10. “Happy birthday. I am so happy to be with you celebrating your 50 years of life. I admire your honesty and respect your personality. I pray to God to shower blessings on you.”
  11. “Fifty is not an age to unbuckle the seat belts or get off the roller coaster. It is time to pull up your socks and try out an adventurous ride of your life. It’s your 50; let your adventure begin!”
  12. “Congratulations, boss. You have turned 50. You are a great leader for us and also an inspiring friend. Thank you for your guidance. Looking forward to some more. Happy birthday!”
  13. “Irrespective of age, being healthy is one of the biggest accomplishments. I wish you the best health for the coming years in your life. Happy 50th birthday, buddy.”
  14. “Congrats on making your half-century brighter. Happy 50th birthday!”
  15. “You make turning 50 look amazing. Happy birthday, friend.”
  16. “50 and fab — that’s what you show us. Cheers to your 50 years of awesomeness.”
  17. “On your special birthday, I would like to mention that you are proof that turning 50 is fabulous and fiercely wonderful.”
  18. “You are not the oldest person I know. In fact, you are the youngest person turning 50. Happy birthday!”
  19. “Turning 50 can now be the new 30 to chill and have fun in life. Have a great birthday celebration.”
  20. “I see you getting excited for your 50th birthday the same way you were at your 10th birthday party. In fact, you are five times happier. God bless you, and happy birthday, dear!”
  21. “Take the best trip of your life, get a tattoo inked, and buy a sports car. Make your midlife an adventurous ride. Happy 50th birthday.”
  22. “With your 50th birthday, I see you not getting older but growing better. You are moving ahead towards perfection.”
  23. “Happy 50th birthday, dear. Wishing you health and wellness and praying your dreams come true.”
  24. “May your next 50 be as wonderful as your first 50. Enjoy your 50th birthday!”
  25. “It’s amazing to celebrate your 50th birthday. Special day, special moment, and even more special is you. Wishing you a spectacular year ahead filled with love and happiness.”
  26. “You have done so many incredible things all your life. Waiting to hear about your new ventures in the upcoming years. Happy 50!”
  27. “Finally, the most awaited day is here. Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. You have celebrated all these years in a minimalistic way. Let’s celebrate this with some pomp and welcome new avenues in life.”
  28. “Happy birthday, beautiful. I am glad to see you turning 50 in a graceful way. Sending you hugs, kisses, and lots of love. Stay cheerful, now and forever.”
  29. “Look back and see all your happy days. Though the time flew and things changed, your memories will remain the same. Happy 50th birthday!”
  30. “The essence of turning 50 is not counting years, it is to count the blessings you receive for creating some more interesting memories.”

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

To make your loved one laugh on their 50th birthday, we have some funny 50th birthday wishes here.

  1. “Technically, you are not turning 50. It should be calculated as 49.95 plus taxes.”
  2. “Happy 50. Don’t worry, your hair is not turning gray. Those are strands of glitter on your head, calling for a 50th party celebration.”
  3. “Smile… Oh, you have teeth! That means you are not old yet. Say cheers to your 50th birthday celebrations.”
  4. “Congrats on reaching the wonder club of your life. Wonder where you forgot your wallet? Wonder what day it is? Wonder what you had for breakfast? Yeah, that’s a wonderful 50th birthday!”
  5. “Good to see that you have acquired common sense now when you are turning 50. Because I don’t see your other senses working properly.”
  6. “Age is only a number. But the pace is what may fade away with age. So, make sure you throw your 50th birthday party on time.”
  7. “I appreciate your stubbornness in refusing to accept your age. Happy 50th birthday, dear. Stay young as you have always been.”
  8. “I see changes in your face, gut, and hair. But what remains the same all these years is your dry sense of humor that I like the most. Happy birthday, bud.”
  9. “Middle age is when you find your waist handles. Did you get them yet? Well, yes or no, happy 50th birthday.”
  10. “You are turning 50. But why are your candles going up and your cake getting smaller?”
  11. “50? Don’t worry, you can keep growing up and getting more stupid. Do anything you want to and make your life adventurous. Happy birthday.”
  12. “You are fifty. Time has come when you need to choose fun to become nifty or get bored and become thrifty. Take a call on your special birthday.”
  13. “When you turn 50, you will realize time is a healer. There’s more time on your way to heal and blossom. Happy birthday.”
  14. “Celebrate 50 years of your life by throwing us a lavish party equivalent to 50 parties. Happy 50th birthday.”
  15. “It’s your time to play with your grandchildren and share your tales of 50. Happy turning 50.”
  16. “You are turning 50. That means you can no longer wear speedos while relaxing on the beach. Still, happy birthday!
  17. “I think 50 is a unique age. You can remember your childhood but cannot remember where you have kept your keys. Happy forgetful birthday.”
  18. “Fifty is the time when you can say ‘who cares?’ Have a great birthday, and have unlimited fun.”
  19. “Happy birthday. Cheers to you entering the stone age. Counting on your bladder, kidney, and gall.”
  20. “Miracles can happen at any stage. Life made you cross 50, what more can you expect.”
  21. “Fifty is all about two-quarters old. You need to stock up some spare changes to have a fun-filled birthday.”
  22. “You have approached towards a big day. Be prepared for some unexplainable pains and aches. Happy 50th birthday!”
  23. “Sending a medical gift card for you to pass your coming years. Happy 50.”
  24. “There comes a silver lining on your hair, signifying you are going to turn 50.”
  25. “Happy five times ten, my dear friend. Enjoy five times more than you did before.”
  26. “Time to keep calm. You are just halfway to 100.”
  27. “No dear, those are not wrinkles on your face. We call it smile lines. Smile more, it’s your 50th birthday.”
  28. “Fifty years may seem historical, but definitely not extinct. Enjoy your special 50th birthday!”
  29. “Compared to all the 80-year-olds in our club, you will still be the youngest. Happy 50, my friend.”
  30. “Did you practice your new skills for the age of 50? Go for it — some trekking, hiking, and adventure rides.”

50th Birthday Wishes For Mom

Turning 50 is a fabulous occasion for your mother. Why don’t you wish her a sentimental 50th birthday message? We have a few of them here.

  1. “Hey Mom, I want you to take this day and treat yourself. You have always attended our wishes and desires. It’s your special day that requires a special celebration. Happy 50th birthday.”
  2. “You are an awesome mother and a grandma. I hope you have an awesome birthday. Happy 50th birthday, Mom!”
  3. “I always remember how I cry for silly things, and you make me smile instantly. You still make me smile, Mom. And I want you to have a wide grin on your 50th birthday party.”
  4. “You have always been my support and lifeline. It is you who is behind my success and happiness. Thanks for making my life better. Happy 50, Mother.”
  5. “You have turned 50, but you still look 30. Keep growing, beautiful Mom. Happy birthday!”
  6. “I am regretting that I wouldn’t be there to celebrate your 50th birthday. But I wish you many more wonderful years in life. Happy birthday, my dearest Mom.”
  7. “Cheers to the woman who always has my back. You are just a phone call away. Happy to be your child, mommy. Happy birthday!
  8. “50 years is a long way. You have given most of the years of your life to nourish us. Now is the time to live for yourself. Happy 50, Mommy!”
  9. “Hey mother, your age doesn’t matter. What matters are your sacrifices and accomplishments in life. I love you. Happy 50th birthday, my pretty Mom.”
  10. “As you are approaching the milestone, sending you a big birthday cake of your choice along with best wishes for your good health. Happy 50, Ma!”
  11. “Happy 50, Mommy. I am not surprised to see you growing warmer and prettier every year. Thanks for making me look as beautiful as you are.”
  12. “I love you, mommy. My home is where you are. I am happy that a star like you was born 50 years ago. Let’s have a party to celebrate your birth.”
  13. “Thanks for teaching me passion, grace, and poise. You haven’t let them go all these years. I would try keeping them all my life. Happy 50th birthday, Mom!”
  14. “You have always been excited on our birthdays, but never are on your own birthday. This time, on the occasion of your 50th birthday, we call for a grand celebration for all your efforts. Happy birthday, Mama.”
  15. “You are a special person. I wish you sweetness, relaxation, and happiness in life on your 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!”
  1. “Happy special birthday to a special lady who is easy to love. Love to be your child, Mom.”
  2. “You are the reason not just for my birth but also for who I am today. I cannot describe how much I love you. I would like to express my respect and gratitude to you, Mom. Happy 50th Birthday.”
  3. “Thank you for steering my life in the right direction. Nobody else could have made me what I am today. I am glad to be born as your baby. Happy birthday, Mom!”
  4. “Mother, you are the irreplaceable part of my life. I wish you happiness and a long life on your 50th birthday.”
  5. “You are the sun, and I am the flower. Thank you for raising me gently and beautifully. Happy 50, Mommy!”
  6. “The older I grow, the more I realize that you have been my guiding star. You turn 50, and it’s another year to appreciate what you have done for the family.”
  7. “Even after 50 years, you look and are the same for me, Mommy. Happy special 50th birthday.”
  8. “I hope you are enjoying your 50th birthday, Mom. I am not by your side, but my wishes are always with you. Wishing you the entire world’s happiness.”
  9. “It’s the best gift for me to have a mother like you. You have given me everything that I could ask for all these years. Happy 50!”
  10. “You are the shining armor of my life. Have a great 50th birthday, Mother.”
  11. “At least on your 50th birthday, stop worrying about me and enjoy your day, Mom. Happy birthday.”
  12. “Happiest birthday to my kind mother. You have always touched my heart and soul. I love you. Happy 50th birthday!”
  13. “Thanks for motivating me to achieve my dreams. You have been a phenomenal mother, and I do not ask for anything else in life. The world would become a perfect place with more mothers like you. Happy 50th birthday, Mom.”
  14. “My mother is turning younger every day. I see you as someone who is redefining youth. Happy birthday, my prettiest Mom.”
  15. “From holding me to teaching me lessons of life, from watching my graduation to helping me succeed with my love story, you have been my favorite person. Happy 50th birthday, … (insert her nickname).”

50th Birthday Wishes For Dad

Your dad has given his 50 years to the family. It’s time to make him happy with a beautiful 50th birthday wish.

  1. “Happy 50, Dad. I am so proud to have you as a supportive and thoughtful father.”
  2. “Happy 50th birthday to the best Dad in the universe. You have been kind-hearted and generous to me all my life. I wish you the best health forever. Love you.”
  3. “I feel so blessed to find you around me whenever I need you. Your teachings and inspiring words have helped me become a better person. Time to celebrate your special 50 years!”
  4. “Hey Daddy, wishing you a great 50th birthday. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me all these years. I cannot find a better person like you.”
  5. “On this special occasion of your 50th birthday, I want to thank you for the immense love you have given me. I love you, Dad.”
  6. “Your moral values have been etched in my memory, Dad. And I will pass them to my children. Wishing you happiness and long life on this 50th birthday.”
  7. “You are turning 50 today, but you have been the same person to me throughout my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and support you have showered on me.”
  8. “Hey Dad. I will love you more than I did in your next 50 years. Happy 50th birthday.”
  9. “Time flies so soon when you spend it loving someone special. Papa, you are the special one of my life. Happy 50th birthday!”
  10. “You have given 50 years of devotion and love to our family. Thanks for being the architect of my life. Hope you have the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Daddy.”
  11. “You are a person who can make everyone smile with your charm. I hope to acquire such an attribute as I grow. Cheers to your 50 years of happy life.”
  12. “Hey Dad, you have so many tasks to do, and still, you keep us away from all those blues. On this special day, we want to let you know that you mean the world to us. Have the happiest 50th birthday!”
  13. “I do not say it often, but here I am to say how grateful I feel for everything you have done for me. Your 50th birthday deserves a big celebration, Papa.”
  14. “As I am growing up, I realize how much effort, love, and time you have given to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Happy birthday, Dad. Raising a toast to your 50 years of life.”
  15. “Thank you for being my go-to person, role model, and biggest support. You are not just a father but a superhero for me. Happy 50, Dad.”
  16. “You have done a lot till now. Today is the day when you should relax and have fun. Happy and rocking 50 to you, Papa.”
  17. “We don’t see each other so often, but I cherish every moment of my life spending with you. I thank God for making me your child. Wish you good health and prosperity on your 50th birthday.”
  18. “I always look up to you, and I do it even today. You have taught me a lot, and I would now like you to hang out with me. Happy 50 Dad. Wishing you the best of both the worlds.”
  19. “Happy birthday, Dad! As per Grandma, your 50 years have been her glorious years. A big hug, lots of love, and cheers to your 50!”
  20. “Happy 50th birthday to the person who taught me age is only a number. Love you and miss you, Daddy!”
  21. “As we celebrate your 50 years, I would like to thank you for teaching me those valuable lessons all my life. Whether it is daily issues or huge setbacks, you have never left my hand. Happy birthday to my inspiration.”
  22. “Your warmth as a father has always melted my icy heart. Happy 50, Papa.”
  23. “As the sun sets every day, I wish happiness and love in your life. I would like to create more precious memories with you, Dad. Happy 50th birthday!”
  24. “Hey Dad, I have always seen Mom smiling when you are around. I hope I become like you one day and share the joy. Happy 50th birthday, Daddy!”
  25. “Papa, you are a natural gift who can make us forget our worries. There’s nobody like you. Wishing you many more great years.”
  26. “Your voice has always promised me some wisdom. I cannot express how much I love you. Happy 50th birthday, Dad.”
  1. “Happy 50, father. You have brought splendor to the family even though I have always been a bother to you. On your 50th special day, I promise to stay with you forever.”
  2. “I don’t see any nice person like you in the world. Your politeness, kind heart, and charm have always motivated me to be like you. Happy 50 glorious years, Dad.”
  3. “Thanks for teaching me to never give up. You have made me learn how to deal with the world in the wisest way possible. Happy 50, Papa!”
  4. “You have been the perfect example of love, courage, and strength. On your 50th birthday, you deserve nothing but the best. Happy 50th birthday, (insert nickname).”

50th Birthday Wishes For Husband

Your husband is turning 50 soon. Make him feel loved by writing down a sweet birthday message for him.

  1. “Our life has been so beautiful. You have turned 50, so let’s make it more beautiful together. Happy 50th birthday, hero!”
  2. “Hey dear, wishing you a super-duper 50th birthday. I am glad to be your better half. Love you!”
  3. “Cheers to the 50 awesome years of your life. Let’s spend the other 50 with fun, happiness, and more love.”
  4. “Darling, thank you for being a sweet partner. I wish you good health and success on your 50th birthday.”
  5. “Wishing you a blissful life ahead, my dear husband. On your 50th birthday, I would wish to spend more 50 special years with you.”
  6. “Raising a toast to spending 50 amazing years on the planet. I hope you continue being fabulous in the next phase of your life. Happiest 50, love.”
  7. “Dear husband, I thank you for giving me plenty of lovely memories all these years. On your 50th birthday, I would like to wish you to spend many more lovely moments with me.”
  8. “You have been a loving husband and a respectable father. I pray you get whatever you deserve for being a humble person. Happy 50, sweetheart!”
  9. “To my cute husband. You have been the best friend in my life and a perfect partner. I yearn to spend many more precious years with you. Let’s celebrate your 50 with fun and fantasies.”
  10. “My sweet husband. Sending you 50 kisses, 50 hugs, and 50 times more love. Happy 50, my better half.”
  11. “Happy 50 to my amazing husband. Thanks for always making me smile. With you, our home is a paradise. Let’s spend many more special years together.”
  12. “Raising a toast to my confidant, love, and best friend for life. Happy 50th birthday!”
  13. “Hey love, I cannot express why I love and admire you so much. But let me tell you how much I appreciate your character, sense of humor, passion, sincerity, and calmness. Happy birthday to my husband turning 50.”
  14. “Marrying you was one of the best decisions of life. You are the reason for my joy and glow. Happy 50th birthday, sweetheart.”
  15. “You make me one of the blessed women of the world. You constantly win my heart and make my life cheerful. Your love comes with no expiry date. Allow me to celebrate your 50th birthday grandly. Happy 50!”
  16. “Baby, no matter what happens, I will love you forever. Thanks for filling my life with happiness and love that nobody else could have given me. Happiest 50th birthday!”
  17. “Happy 50, dear husband. You have been a trusted companion, a wonderful husband, and a responsible father. Let’s enjoy your birthday to the fullest.”
  18. “I am thankful to share a space with you. I have enjoyed being your wife all these years. Now that you are turning 50, I want to grow old with you. Happy 50, husband.”
  19. “The way spring blossoms the garden, I want to blossom your life on your 50th birthday. I love you loads!”
  20. “Happy 50, dear husband. You have completed 50 remarkable years of your life. Let’s make the next 50 happier and lovelier than ever.”

50th Birthday Wishes For Wife

Your wife must be expecting something special from her husband on her 50th birthday. Let her know how much she means to you with some wonderful 50th birthday message.

  1. “I feel like the luckiest man to have a beautiful and smart wife like you. Happy 50 to the most beautiful woman I know.”
  2. “I have an unquenchable love for you, dear. Thanks for being the reason for my smile. Happy 50th birthday, darling.”
  3. “You have brought a shine to my world and love to my life. I’d love to grow old with you. Happy 50!”
  4. “I feel fortunate to have you in my life. Thanks for being a good wife and an angel. Happy 50th birthday, my sweetheart!”
  5. “I know we have a long journey ahead. Let’s keep holding hands as we smoothly sail through the journey of our lives. Happy 50, my love!”
  6. “Even after years, you still make my heart beat faster. I want to love you 50 times more on the special occasion of your 50th birthday. Happy birthday!”
  7. “It was a lovely day when I met you. Another beautiful day was when we married. And today is again a special day when you are turning 50.”
  8. “Happiest birthday to the woman who brings success and happiness to my life. You are 50 and still the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.”
  9. “You are turning prettier every year. I love you forever. Happy 50, my wife!”
  10. “I fell for you then, and I fall for you now. I will keep falling for you for the rest of my life. Happy 50th birthday, honey!”
  11. “I bring you this birthday cake to make your 50th birthday as sweet as possible. Happy birthday, my beautiful girl.”
  12. “I am not with you on such a special day. But I am sending you a greeting card filled with extraordinary wishes for you, my wife. Happy 50th birthday.”
  13. “You are my wife and the best friend for life. I think I have done some amazing things to deserve you as my wife. Happy 50, dear!”
  14. “You are the inspiration, multi-tasker, and my best critic. I am glad to have such a wonderful woman as my wife. Happiest 50th birthday, dear!”
  15. “Let me express how much I appreciate whatever you do. From your personality to your beauty, and from your skills to your humbleness, I love everything about you. Happy birthday, angel.”
  16. “On your 50th birthday, I would like to do nothing but wish to spend more 50 years with you.”
  17. “Hey brilliant wife. Let’s make a promise on this special 50th birthday to stay crazy and wild for the next coming years. Love you, darling.”
  18. “Hey honey, I am so excited on your 50th birthday that I have already planned the next big vacation for us. That’s a gift to both of us.”
  19. “Your 50th birthday is the day of love. Let’s celebrate this day by cherishing all our memories to date. And hope to have many more in the coming years.”
  20. “My happiest day is not just when we got married. Every day is the happiest when you are with me. Thanks love, happy 50th birthday!”
  21. “Happy 50th, my lady love. Thanks for holding my hand in the thin and thick of life. Wishing you more glorious years ahead.”

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