25 Of The Absolute Best Anime Girls With White Hair

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White haired anime women are simply one of many rarest of their sort.

Give it some thought – what number of anime women with white hair are you able to consider, in comparison with different hair colours?

And do you know the which means of white hair in Anime is related to phrases like – Otherworldly?

I believe that’s an ideal phrase to explain them.

With that being stated: Listed here are 25 Anime women with white hair with a few of the greatest traits and personalities.

1. Seitenshi

Brilliant white hair and lightweight blue eyes. Seitenshi is the ruler of Tokyo within the Anime – Black Bullet.

She at all times has her head held up excessive, is assured, calm and headstrong.

By no means wavering or falling right into a panic, even in the midst of a chaos or below strain.

She has an amazing character and an fascinating character design.

2. Kanade Tachibane

A important character from the heart-felt Angel Beats anime sequence.

Kanade is the kind of character who’s at all times calm, even to a fault. And seems to haven’t any feelings or emotions in anyway.

However when you get to know her, you discover that’s actually not the case.

As she’s simply introverted and customarily not one of the best at making pals with others.

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3. Mirajane Strauss

Candy, harmless, attractive and beneficiant. These phrases describe Mirajane’s character from the anime – Fairy Tail.

She’s prepared to hearken to virtually anyone’s issues with out leaping to conclusions or passing judgment.

However will rise up for her pals and lay down the legislation if somebody tries to harm these she cares about.

4. Shiro

Enjoyable, playful, harmless and thinks of others as a substitute of simply herself.

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland can have you cracking up at her daft conduct and humorous moments.

Despite the fact that Shiro seems Naive, she is extra highly effective and smarter than most would give her credit score for.

5. Orphelia Landlufen

Orphelia is a personality who’s later launched in Asterisk Battle (Season 2).

She’s the childhood buddy of Julis Alexia Van Reissfeld (the principle character).

In contrast to Julis, Orphelia has a darkish character together with a darkish previous. Her complete vibe is chilly and disturbing.

6. Sakura

Sakura is likely one of the characters trapped contained in the “faculty” in Anime: Danganronpa.

Who’s pressured to play by the sick and twisted guidelines with a view to survive.

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Sakura’s a caring particular person with an enormous coronary heart.

And can shock you in additional methods than one when watching the Anime sequence

7. Index Librorum

A 14-15 yr previous woman from the Anime – A Sure Magical Index.

She has a photographic reminiscence, with the ability to precisely bear in mind something related to pictures.

Whereas Index could also be younger, she’s past her years so far as intelligence, independence, being accountable and maturity.

One of many traits that make Index stand out is her excessive urge for food for meals.

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8. Sorano (Angel)

One of many earlier members of the Oración Seis from Anime – Fairy Tail.

Angel (as she calls herself) is a merciless, sadistic, depraved and condescending character.

Who was kidnapped by the followers of Zeref (a demon).

Naturally Angel is sort and compassionate. However her chilly and merciless previous finally ends up altering her for the worst.

9. Lisanna Strauss

A bit of weaker compared to Mirajane Strauss (relating to energy).

Lisanna Strauss is the youthful sister of Mirajane from Fairy Tail. And has a sort, light coronary heart and a relaxed character.

The kind of one that can get together with anyone, and should even be too sort for her personal good at occasions.

10. Tomoyo Sakagami

Tomoyo Sakagami is launched as a violent woman who all people else is frightened of. Together with guys (not simply women). Primarily due to her previous of being one of many hardest fighters and getting caught up in numerous fights.

However the fact is Tomoyo is simply misunderstood. And is definitely kinder (and softer hearted) than she first seems.

She’s additionally fairly well-liked.

11. Irisviel Von Einzbern

Irisviel is a fragile lady with a shocking quantity of internal energy, resolve and dedication.

She’s as sort and delicate as they arrive. And posses the power to make use of magic (as a magus).

12. Tama

Tama is the L-RIG of Ruko Kominato from Anime – Selector Contaminated Wixoss.

An anime much like Yugioh and Madoka Magica.

Tama’s important want is to battle and struggle alongside Ruko Kominato. However past that she has a soothing, harmless and child-like character.

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13. Canaan

Canaan is a mercenary from Shanghai with tremendous human talents.

She’s capable of keep calm below strain, and at all times tends to maintain a degree head.

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Regardless of how harmful a scenario seems to be.

14. Alisa Illinichina Amiella

Alisa is of a Russian background. And is a robust fighter from God Eater.

Generally she’s overconfident and particularly smug at first. In addition to cussed.

Her greatest weak spot is something that triggers the traumatic occasion she skilled as a baby.

Whereas her greatest energy is she’s prepared to do no matter it takes to succeed as soon as she units her eyes on a goal.

15. Koyomi Hiiragi

Purple eyes and straight white hair. Hiiragi has excessive intelligence and is born right into a wealthy household.

And has an amusing character. Generally she generally is a little misleading (for the suitable causes).

And but Hiiragi desires nothing however one of the best from her college students, her academy and the folks in it.

Koyomi Hiiragi’s character has many alternative sides to it, like a Mirror.

And that’s what makes her some of the majestic on this listing of white haired Anime women.

16. Hanbee Takenaka

Hanbee has white/silvery hair, hazel eyes and is small in peak. You might simply mistake her for a kid.

However Hanbee’s intelligence, talents and strategic thoughts would have you ever consider in any other case.

As she’s method forward of her years and is likely one of the strongest fighters from Oda Nobuna.

17. Kamyu

Cute and playful. Avoids hassle, hazard, preventing and commotion.

Kamyu is a teen woman with the innocence of a kid. With a constructive vitality about her that’s contagious and makes her such a likable character.

18. Origami Tobiichi

Origami is classed as an Anime woman with white/silvery hair. And lightweight blue eyes from the Harem anime – Date A Reside.

She’s extraordinarily unbiased, accountable, hard-working and do no matter it takes to perform her objectives.

Origami is sort of flirtatious too, and isn’t the kind of particular person to remain quiet and never converse her thoughts.

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19. Mayu

Mayu has a mix of inexperienced combined in with largely white hair. And pale pores and skin.

She appears merciless, unkind and distant at first, in addition to introverted, however you later be taught there’s a powerful motive for it.

To keep away from spoilers I gained’t say anymore than that.

20. Kiriko Shikishima

Kiriko is at first shy and avoids placing herself within the limelight. However with the assistance of Junichirou she features the arrogance to make a change.

She has a gentle character and works as a maid half time. Amongst many different hobbies and pursuits.

21. Ilena

Illena isn’t the sort to speak an excessive amount of or have interaction in numerous dialog.

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That being stated, she’s good, degree headed, logical and useful to others when she desires to be.

Illena is likely one of the highest rating swords girls in Claymore.

22. Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Illyasviel is featured within the Destiny Keep Evening Anime sequence. The daughter of Irisviel Van Einzern from Destiny Zero.

Because the holy grail conflict begins, Illyasviel seems merciless, sadistic, depraved and battle-hungry.

However as soon as defeated,she’s enjoyable, energetic, sort and comfortable. No less than in the direction of Shirou Emiya that’s.

23. Noire (Black Coronary heart)

Noire is bossy, somewhat smug at occasions, however simple and doesn’t beat across the bush.

And that’s what makes her likable.

Regardless of her moody character, she tends to have her coronary heart in the suitable place when making selections.

24. Ulith (L-RIG)

Ulith (or Urith within the Dub) is a darkish, chilly and sadistic L-RIG from Selector Contaminated.

She enjoys ache, struggling, and seeks out battle for the sake of crushing her opponents and gaining pleasure from it.

She’s the L-Rig of Iona within the first season of Selector Contaminated Wixoss.

25. Uni

Uni has little self-worth and confidence at first of the Hyperdimension Neptunia anime.

And is seen being bossed round by her older sister at first.

However finally she features confidence, braveness and turns into extra open and outspoken.

She has a energetic character and would slightly keep away from preventing if obligatory.

Uni’s hair is white in her “goddess” type.

BONUS: Najenda (Akame Ga Kill)

Najenda is at all times seen with a black pipe hanging out of her mouth.

Normally carrying black clothes.

She has a tom-boyish style sense, and is definitely fairly muscular.

Because the chief of the murderer group – Evening Raid, Najenda’s degree headed, logical, calm, targeted and crafty.

And is seen teasing Tatsumi within the earlier episodes of Akame Ga Kill.

Are you able to add a white haired anime woman to this listing?


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