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Yo estuve aquí: A Critique of “I Came By” by Babak Anvari (Netflix)

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Are you tired of the same old formulaic thrillers that seem to flood Netflix? Well, “I Came By” might just be the breath of fresh air you’ve been searching for. Directed by Babak Anvari, the Iranian filmmaker known for his previous works “Under the Shadows” and “Wounds,” this film may not hit the mark entirely, but it certainly delves into complex themes rarely explored in the genre.

Unveiling Social Inequalities and Familial Dynamics

“I Came By,” or as it is known in Spanish, “Yo estuve aquí,” follows the story of Toby (George MacKay from “1917”) and Jay (Percelle Ascott), two friends from London who embark on a unique form of political activism. Instead of resorting to theft or destruction, they enter the homes of the wealthy and powerful, leaving thought-provoking graffiti messages that expose the privileges enjoyed by the elite.

However, when Jay’s girlfriend becomes pregnant, Toby decides to continue their mission alone, targeting Sir Hector Blake (played by Hugh Bonneville), a retired judge with a prestigious reputation. Little does Toby know that beneath the surface lies a series of dark secrets, commonly seen in films of this nature. This discovery prompts Toby to escape, but with a burning desire to uncover the truth.

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An Intricate Narrative Structure

To reveal too much about the plot would spoil the surprises that “I Came By” has in store for its viewers. The film employs a Hitchcockian narrative structure that constantly shifts focus from one character to another. Initially, the story revolves around Jay, but then transitions to his mother, Lizzie (Kelly Macdonald), who begins to question her son’s peculiar activities. Furthermore, director Babak Anvari dives into the life of Sir Hector Blake, unraveling his own familial conflicts and shedding light on his mysterious double life. Eventually, Jay takes charge of the situation, driven by motivations that will become clear as the story unfolds.

The complex narrative of “I Came By” is both its strength and weakness. While it keeps viewers guessing with its constant shifting of perspectives, the transitions between narrators lack the dramatic impact necessary to fully engage the audience. Anvari fails to fully exploit the suspense and terror inherent in the plot. Nonetheless, the film manages to create moments of uneasiness through its subtle suggestions rather than explicit visuals.

A Missed Opportunity

Clocking in at a lengthy 110 minutes, “I Came By” exhibits a level of ambition that sets it apart from forgettable Netflix originals. The presence of George MacKay as the rebellious Toby, coupled with the veteran skills of Hugh Bonneville as the aristocratic and politically connected Sir Hector Blake, provides the film with the ingredients needed to be a perverse and peculiar thriller exploring themes of classism, racism, and the protective shield of privilege surrounding certain individuals in the British political landscape. Yet, Anvari struggles to maintain a consistent tone and fails to create the necessary creepy atmosphere that would elevate the film to its full potential.

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While “I Came By” has its moments of genuine horror, they are sparse and fleeting. Two particularly chilling scenes, conveyed through suggestive imagery rather than outright gore, offer a glimpse of the repulsive nature of Sir Hector and his “house of horrors.” However, Anvari hesitates to fully delve into these moments, resulting in a lack of true terror and fear for the viewer. Ultimately, “I Came By” leaves us with a collection of intriguing characters, ideas, and scenes, longing for a stronger overall cinematic experience.

Despite its flaws, “I Came By” holds up as a thought-provoking film that doesn’t fade into oblivion like many other Netflix productions. Its exploration of social inequalities and intricate familial dynamics, combined with commendable performances, make it a movie worth considering. So, if you’re up for a film that challenges the norm and leaves you pondering long after the credits roll, “I Came By” might just be the intriguing choice you’ve been looking for.

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