Equip in MTG: Mastering the Art of Enhancement
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Equip in MTG: Mastering the Art of Enhancement

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Magic: The Gathering (MTG) enthusiasts understand the power of equipping cards. The equip ability is a staple in the game, offering exciting opportunities for strategic gameplay. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of equip in MTG, including its rules, the best cards to use, effective deck strategies, common questions, and even a deck recommendation for you to try out! So, grab your favorite deck and let’s dive into the world of equip.

Champion’s Helm
Champion’s Helm – Equipment MTG card. Image: Wizards of the Coast. Artist: Alan Pollack.

MTG Equip Rules: Unleashing the Power

Understanding the rules of equip is essential for mastering this ability. According to the Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules, the equip ability allows you to attach a permanent to a creature you control. It can only be activated at sorcery speed (any time you could cast a sorcery) [^1^].

When you equip an artifact to your creature, the creature receives the bonuses listed on the artifact card as long as it remains attached. The introduction of equip in the artifact-centric set, Mirrodin, immediately captured the hearts of players and led to its status as an evergreen ability. Since the release of Ninth Edition, equip has appeared in every set, proving its enduring popularity [^2^].

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The Best MTG Equip Cards: Unleashing Power and Protection

Some cards stand out as the best in the equip category. One such card is the mighty Sword of Feast and Famine. This artifact provides more than just a power boost. It grants your creature protection from black and green, making it incredibly resilient and challenging to eliminate. Its combat damage effects are equally impressive. Landing a hit with a creature equipped with this sword allows you to untap all lands you control and forces your opponent to discard a card. The combination of hand attack and mana acceleration is a force to be reckoned with [^3^].

MTG Equip Decks: Unleashing Strategic Supremacy

While the equip ability is colorless, its synergy with other cards shines in white and red decks. Sets like Kaldheim, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and Throne of Eldraine offer a plethora of powerful equipment and equip synergy cards that are currently legal in the Standard format [^4^].

One exceptional deck that utilizes equip cards is the Balan, Wandering Knight Voltron – Commander deck. The goal of Voltron decks is to maximize the power of your commander. Balan, Wandering Knight excels in this strategy, boasting inherent double strike and the ability to attach all equipment to itself effortlessly. This mono-white deck defies the stereotypical weaknesses of white decks in Commander format. With numerous equip synergy cards, it becomes remarkably strong [^5^].

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Playing Balan Voltron is straightforward. Survive and ramp until you can play Balan, Wandering Knight. Once you have Balan on the battlefield, equip it with equipment cards and unleash devastating attacks on your opponents. Notable cards commonly found in this deck include Sword of the Animist, Godsend, Batterskull, Whispersilk Cloak, Colossus Hammer, and many more [^5^].

How to Play Against Equip: Strategies for Victory

Playing against players who wield the power of equip can be challenging, but fear not! There are effective strategies to counter their advantage. The best approach is to include artifact removal cards in your deck. Since equipment cards are artifacts, destroying or removing them will neutralize the buffs they provide to your opponent’s creatures [^6^].

In situations where you lack artifact hate, consider using “fogs” like Fog to prevent combat damage altogether. This not only protects you and your creatures from a beatdown but also hinders the activation of combat damage abilities tied to equipment cards [^6^].

Another clever tactic is to interfere with activated abilities. Cards such as Pithing Needle, Damping Matrix, Collector Ouphe, Stony Silence, and Karn, the Great Creator can prevent your opponents from activating equip by disabling their artifact’s activated abilities entirely [^6^].

MTG Equip FAQs: Unveiling the Mysteries

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions related to equip in MTG:

Is Equip an Activated Ability?

Yes, equip is an activated ability. Anything that affects or cares about activated abilities will also apply to equip. Keep an eye out for cards that prevent activation of abilities, as they can hinder your equipment’s effectiveness.

Can You Equip the Opponent’s Creatures?

No, you cannot equip your opponent’s creatures. Paying the equip cost attaches the equipment only to your creatures. However, some auras can be attached to any target creature, including your opponent’s creatures.

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How Do You Equip at Instant Speed?

Cards like Leonin Shikari allow you to equip at instant speed, enhancing your tactical options. Additionally, certain cards possess abilities that attach equipment, providing opportunities for instant-speed equipping.

How Do You Reduce the Equip Cost?

White cards like Puresteel Paladin, Bruennor Battlehammer, and Sigarda’s Aid enable you to equip for free under specific conditions. The Nahiri planeswalkers also offer excellent equipment synergies. Additionally, anything that reduces the cost of an artifact’s activated abilities will lower the equip cost.

Do You Have to Pay to Unequip?

To attach a piece of equipment to a different creature, you must pay the equip cost, which effectively unequips it from its current host. However, you cannot pay to unequip equipment and leave it unattached. Equipment can only be transferred between creatures, except when an equipped creature dies.

Do Equipment Stack?

Absolutely! All equipment cards stack with one another, forming the foundation of equipment-based strategies. You can load up a single creature with multiple equipment cards, granting immense power and executing devastating attacks.

Final Thoughts on Equip in MTG

Equip is a compelling keyword ability that breathes new life into MTG gameplay. With the ability to enhance your creatures, provide them with protection, and unlock additional abilities, equip cards are a reliable and versatile addition to any deck. So why not embrace the power of equip and surprise your opponents? It’s time to elevate your MTG gameplay and become a master of enhancement!

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