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The Best Options for a Used BMW 340

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Are you in the market for a used large-sized family car? Look no further than the German powerhouse, the BMW 340. At Ratingperson, we have meticulously reviewed 220 used BMW 340s for sale in the United Kingdom. Our comprehensive search includes dealership websites and online marketplaces, giving you access to almost all available options in the country.

What Determines the Price of a Pre-Owned BMW 340?

The price of a used BMW 340 varies based on four key factors: the year of the car, its fuel economy, mileage, and the level of equipment it comes with. At Ratingperson, we bring you the widest range of choices available, with prices starting at an affordable £23,399. For those seeking the ultimate luxury, we also have models priced at £34,995.

The Equipment Level of the BMW 340

The latest generation of the BMW 340, named 340, was introduced in 2015. The most sought-after equipment variant is the BMW 340 M Sport, which boasts an average price of £29,149. With its top-notch features and stylish design, this car truly offers the best of the best.

The Fuel Types of BMW 340

At Ratingperson, we provide you with a variety of BMW 340 options based on fuel type:

  • BMW 340 petrol: With 204 cars available, the average price is £29,316.
  • BMW 340 electric: If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, we have 15 electric models with an average price of £29,514.
  • BMW 340 plug-in hybrid: For those seeking a balance between efficiency and convenience, we have one plug-in hybrid available at an average price of £12,800.
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Choosing the Right Color for Your BMW 340

Among the different color options, black stands out as the favorite among our customers. Currently, we have 28 black BMW 340s for sale. While black cars exude sophistication, it’s important to note that they may be more susceptible to scratches and dents. Additionally, black cars tend to absorb more heat during the summer months. If black doesn’t suit your preference, don’t worry! The latest BMW 340 is available in nine different colors, including black, grey, white, blue, silver, orange, red, beige, and purple.

The Popular Body Type: Saloon

When it comes to body types, the saloon is the most popular option for the BMW 340. Saloons, or sedans as they are commonly known, are favored for their four-door configuration, making them ideal for families. While station wagons are gaining popularity due to their increased luggage space, the classic sedan remains a timeless choice.

At Ratingperson, we have the following BMW 340 options available by body type:

  • BMW 340 saloon: With 152 cars to choose from, the average price is £28,183.
  • BMW 340 estate: If you require more storage, we have 48 estate models available at an average price of £32,383.

Alternatives to the BMW 340

If you’re considering alternatives to the BMW 340, there are a few standout options. Some of the popular alternatives among large family cars include:

  • Audi A4
  • BMW 320
  • Mercedes C220
  • Audi A5

While these cars may offer similar features and performance, the BMW 340 reigns supreme. It is the best-selling large family car and the top competitor to the Audi A4. In the UK alone, there are currently 6,609 Audi A4s for sale, with an average sales price of £22,736. The BMW 320 follows closely behind, with 6,338 cars available, and the Mercedes C220 comes in third place, with 4,338 cars for sale.

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At Ratingperson, we strive to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information to help you make an informed decision. Browse our selection of used BMW 340s and discover the perfect car for your needs.


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