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25 Best Black Christian Podcasts

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25 Best Black Christian Podcasts

Are you looking for engaging podcasts that address the core concerns of African Americans from a biblical perspective? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 25 best Black Christian podcasts that will keep you informed, inspired, and entertained. From discussions on faith and culture to analysis of news and events, these podcasts offer a unique perspective on issues related to black communities, justice, and politics.

1. Pass The Mic

Join Pass The Mic, the premier podcast of The Witness – A Black Christian Collective, for engaging discussions and high-profile interviews. They tackle the core concerns of African Americans biblically, offering insights that will challenge and encourage you. Tune in every week for thought-provoking content that will deepen your understanding of faith and community.

Pass The Mic

2. Footnotes With Jemar Tisby

Hosted by Jemar Tisby, Footnotes offers commentary from a black Christian perspective on complex issues. Jemar curates the week’s current events, focusing on topics that are important to black communities. With a commitment to justice and informed citizenship, this podcast provides the details you need to navigate our ever-changing world.

Footnotes With Jemar Tisby

3. The Black Berea Podcast

Join the vibrant group of black Christians from the City of London on The Black Berea Podcast. They offer regular commentary on matters of faith and culture, providing a biblical perspective on news and events. Get ready for insightful discussions that will challenge your thinking and inspire you to live out your faith.

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The Black Berea Podcast

4. The Groom’s Room Podcast

Get ready for in-depth conversations on marriage, fatherhood, racial issues, and more on The Groom’s Room Podcast. This podcast features three best friends who are proud to be Christians, black, and married. They bring a wealth of expertise and perspective to their discussions, offering practical insights for living a fulfilling life.

The Groom's Room Podcast

5. Limitless Faith

Welcome to the Limitless Faith podcast, where a black Christian millennial explores the latest and hottest topics through the natural and spiritual eyes. Join the host as they dive into controversies and unfold conversations with wisdom, wonder, and the Word. Don’t miss out on their weekly episodes filled with insights that will challenge and inspire you.

Limitless Faith

6. Hustle in Faith

If you’re a Black Christian woman seeking to find your trail to a happier, healthier you, Hustle in Faith is the podcast for you. Dive into discussions on self-improvement, business, health, beauty, and random thoughts about life. Let this podcast be your guide in navigating the challenges and joys of everyday life.

7. Expect Change Podcast

Expect Change is a podcast that delves into topics where the hosts believe the Lord will bring about change. Hosted by a young black Christian woman passionate about race, diversity in the church, and relationships, this podcast tackles the hard, fun, and uncomfortable stuff with an open heart. Join the conversation and believe in the power of change

8. Truth’s Table

Join Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan on Truth’s Table, where they explore the intersection of race, politics, gender, current events, and pop culture through their unique perspectives. As black Christian women who love the truth, they seek to engage in thoughtful and challenging conversations that are filtered through their Christian faith.

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Truth's Table

9. Single Black Christian

Let’s get real about the single life! Single Black Christian is the place where we can let our hair down and talk about real issues around our faith and our singleness. With so much to unpack, this podcast provides a safe space to explore the joys and challenges of being a single Black Christian.

Single Black Christian

10. Faith In

Join Kay-Dean Hillary on Faith In, where the practicality of faith intersects with the reality of the black experience. This podcast provides a space to share the black Christian experience and engage in discussions that enrich our understanding of faith and culture.

Faith In

These are just the first ten podcasts on our list. Stay tuned for the next part, where we’ll cover the remaining 15 podcasts that celebrate the black Christian experience.

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