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Type for All Types Since 1990 with Ratingperson

by Assessor

An Agreement Between You and Ratingperson

Ratingperson is pleased to offer you access to our premium font software. To ensure a clear understanding of the terms and conditions, please read this End User License Agreement carefully. By clicking “ACCEPT LICENSE AGREEMENT”, you agree to be bound by the terms outlined herein.

Your Obligations and Rights

  1. You acknowledge that your use of the Font Software is governed by this Agreement. All Use of the Font Software supplied by Ratingperson is subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. In this Agreement, “Ratingperson” refers to Monotype Imaging Inc., its affiliates, distributors, and licensors. This collective entity is the owner of the Font Software components provided to you.
  3. The Font Software encompasses software that generates typeface and typographic designs and ornaments. This includes bitmap representations and related files. By accessing the Font Software, you agree not to distribute or make any Derivative Works without proper authorization.
  4. The license granted to you is non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable, subject to the conditions specified in this Agreement. You may access the Font Software for Personal or Internal Business Use only, within the limits of a Licensed Unit.
  5. A Basic Licensed Unit refers to up to five Workstations connected to one printer at a single location. If you require the Font Software for more equipment, an Expanded Licensed Unit must be obtained. Additionally, a Licensed Unit may consist of up to twenty Workstations and two printers for Font Software Libraries used in a single location.
  6. Use of the Font Software is deemed to occur when commands are executed, whether by keyboard or other means. You may not use the Font Software to create Derivative Works or distribute them without proper authorization.
  7. Personal or Internal Business Use refers to customary personal or internal business purposes. It excludes distribution of the Font Software to individuals beyond your immediate household, authorized employees, or agents. These individuals must be notified of and bound by the terms of this Agreement.
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Restrictions and Responsibilities

  1. “Workstation” refers to a component where commands can be given to the Font Software, regardless of its physical location.
  2. The creation of Commercial Products, including electronic documents or data files offered to the public for a separate fee, requires a specific license from Ratingperson.
  3. While the Font Software may be installed on a single file server within a LAN, access to such server must be limited to Workstations within the Licensed Unit. Installing or using the Font Software on a server accessible via external networks is strictly prohibited.
  4. Font Software embedded in Personal or Internal Business Use documents must be in a secure format that prevents editing or modifying. Embedding Font Software in Commercial Products requires a separate written license from Ratingperson.
  5. Altering or changing the Font Software to add additional functionality is prohibited. Any restrictions on the capabilities of the Font Software, including embedding bits, must not be modified. Moreover, you agree not to transmit Font Software to individuals who possess means to edit or modify the protected electronic document.
  6. When taking a digitized copy of the Font Software used in a particular document to a commercial printer or service bureau, you must ensure that they possess a valid license for the specific Font Software.
  7. You are required to treat the Font Software as copyrighted material. You may not copy, adapt, modify, alter, or translate the Font Software without explicit authorization. Reverse engineering or decompiling the Font Software is only permitted under specific circumstances and within the applicable legal framework.
  8. Renting, sublicensing, giving, lending, or further distribution of the Font Software is prohibited, unless provided for in this Agreement. Transferring your rights to another person or entity requires their acceptance of this Agreement and the destruction of all Font Software copies under your control.
  9. You may create one backup copy of the Font Software for archival purposes only. Exclusive control and custody over the backup copy must be maintained. Upon termination of the Agreement, all original and backup copies of the Font Software must be destroyed.
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Warranty and Liability

  1. Ratingperson warrants the Font Software to perform according to its documentation for a period of ninety days. You must return the Font Software and relevant information within this warranty period to claim a refund of the license fee.
  2. Except for the aforementioned warranty, Ratingperson makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, including non-infringement of third-party rights and fitness for a particular purpose. Ratingperson’s liability for any damages or claims, whether consequential or incidental, is limited to the refund of the license fee.

Legal Provisions

  1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Illinois, with disputes subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Cook County or the Northern District of Illinois, Chicago. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to this Agreement.
  2. Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement will result in its automatic termination. Ratingperson reserves the right to pursue damages for any breach of this Agreement. The Agreement may only be altered in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Ratingperson.
  3. The Font Software may not be shipped, transferred, or exported to any country or used in any manner prohibited by the United States Export Administration or applicable export laws.
  4. All rights in and to the Font Software are reserved under copyright laws. This Agreement grants rights expressly defined herein and no others. Any additional or different rights granted by law are deemed to be part of the Agreement if enforceable. Ratingperson may enforce the Agreement through authorized representatives.
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For any inquiries or concerns, please contact Ratingperson at info@ratingperson.com. Visit Ratingperson’s website for more information.

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