Is Caligula Available on Netflix?
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Is Caligula Available on Netflix?

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Caligula is one of those series that has consistently garnered success season after season. The Roman gladiator style continues to captivate many viewers, although opinions may differ. If you’re a fan of this genre in series and movies but unsure if Caligula is available on Netflix, then join us in this short post to discover where you can watch Caligula: The Mad Emperor. We’ll delve into the storyline and, most importantly, find out if it’s available on Netflix. So, let’s dive into the news and information about the Roman Empire and its history with Caligula.

Can I Watch Caligula on Netflix?

caligula en netflix the mad emperor

The answer is yes. You can watch The Roman Empire: Caligula on Netflix. It has been available since April 5, 2019. However, please note that there are countries where it may not be accessible. To check if Caligula is available in your country on Netflix, simply log in to the platform and select your country. If it’s not available, don’t worry! There are thousands of additional series and movies you can enjoy simply by changing your Netflix region.

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What is Caligula About?

Caligula is an elegant and intriguing fusion of a documentary and a historical epic, recounting the fierce and turbulent era of the Roman empires. It transports us back to ancient wars, conquests, conspiracies, and deaths, interwoven with madness and politics. However, in the Roman dynasty, everything stays within the family.

Produced by Penthouse, the series contains explicit erotic content. In this third season, we witness the rise and fall of the Roman emperor Caligula, from 12 AD to 41 AD. Caligula, the nephew and adoptive son of Emperor Tiberius, mysteriously disappears from the royal palace, causing his entire court to search for him.

We are also exposed to his cruel methods of attaining the throne and his predilection for orgies. The movie revolves around the controversies of humiliation and debauchery, including the suspicious disappearance related to the death of his sister Drusilla, which historians confirm was involved in an incestuous relationship with him.

Cast of Caligula: The Mad Emperor

Roman-Empire-Caligula en netflix

The cast of this third installment, Caligula: The Mad Emperor, includes:

  • Sean Bean
  • Aaron Jakubenko
  • Edwin Wright
  • Mike Edward
  • Genevieve Aitken
  • John Bach
  • Steve West
  • Ditch Davey
  • Tim Carlsen
  • Natalie Medlock
  • Ben Black
  • Stephen Lovatt
  • Ido Drent
  • Craig Walsh-Wrightson
  • Kelson Henderson
  • Colin Moy
  • Teressa Liane

These are the main actors who bring the interesting and historic characters of the series to life. They are responsible for keeping us glued to the small screen with each season and every episode.

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Now that you know you can watch Caligula on Netflix, would you like to see more seasons of Caligula? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest and most exciting news about your favorite series and movies on Netflix.

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