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Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar on October 11, 1992, is an American rapper and songwriter. She was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Cardi B initially gained attention for discussing her hustle as a former strip club dancer on social media. She quickly became a celebrity through her Instagram account.

Our Top 10 Best Cardi B Songs

10 – I Do (feat SZA)

We kick off our list of the best Cardi B songs with “I Do.” This track comes from her album “Invasion Of Privacy.” In collaboration with SZA, the two women create a contrast between organic and automated, machine and human – reminiscent of Janelle Monáe’s fascination with cyborg-human relationships on albums like “The Electric Lady.” “I Do” is a fitting conclusion to one of the best hip-hop albums of the 21st century.

9 – Wild Side

“Wild Side” is unparalleled in how it harnesses the spirit of dark R&B introduced by Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” Brandy’s “What About Us,” and Ashanti’s “Only U.” Cardi’s verse was added after Normani had already shared a teaser of “Wild Side” on social media. Normani believed that Cardi’s words would complement the track, and she was right. Cardi’s verse adds a brutal edge, making Normani’s gloom-groove feel utterly contemporary.

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8 – Hot Shit (with Kanye West and Lil Durk)

Sampling reggae queen Marcia Griffiths, “Hot Shit” was Cardi B’s first single as a lead artist since she contributed to the soundtrack of Halle Berry’s directorial debut, “Bruised.” She mentioned that the song predated her sex-positive anthem “WAP” and paid tribute to Kanye’s contribution. Cardi spoke fondly of her conversations with Kanye, praising him as an amazing and kind person. “Hot Shit” is unquestionably one of Cardi B’s best songs.

7 – I Like It

“I Like It” features Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. The producer J. White Did It explains the meaning behind this popular hit: “It’s just about celebrating success, talking about what she likes. Essentially, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” This is Cardi B’s second #1 hit on the Hot 100, following her debut single “Bodak Yellow.”

6 – Get Up 10

Continuing our countdown of the best Cardi B songs is “Get Up 10.” In this track, Cardi B proudly declares herself a “real bitch,” admitting that the only thing fake about her is her boobs. This sums up her genius in eight words – in a world where celebrities often deny having plastic surgery, Cardi openly embraces it. Her experience in reality TV taught her the power of honesty and exhibitionism, and her sincerity in exposing fakes has become a trademark in her best songs.

5 – Press

“I used to tell myself I would always be myself,” Cardi stated in 2018, reflecting on her rapid rise to fame. “But slowly I’m feeling like I’m trapped and muffled.” “Press” is Cardi addressing these feelings, punk-like in its frank vitriol and wild fantasy. Clocking in at just two minutes, it’s a defiant protest against stereotypes, gossip, and the invasion of privacy.

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4 – Everything

Cardi B often raps at lightning speed, with witty wordplay and lines that leave you speechless. But “Everything” is a different beast. Here, Cardi is as straightforward as she can be about how poverty forces individuals into what society deems “bad choices,” such as sex work and abusive relationships. She refuses to be defined solely by her past, while also acknowledging that her experiences have shaped the person she is today.

And now, let’s unveil the top three of Cardi B’s best songs.

3 – Bodak Yellow

A summer hit that defied the usual tropes of success and basked in the sunshine around it, “Bodak Yellow” became Cardi’s first #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Hot Rap Songs, and Rhythmic charts. Leading with a massive “A” symbol (for anarchy) in the music video, she is at her rawest and most feverish on this track – a remarkable achievement for such a mainstream success. She wrote the lyrics on a plane and later said, “Every bitch that I don’t like came to my head. And I pictured me, slapping it to them.” Undoubtedly one of Cardi B’s best songs, “Bodak Yellow” made a statement that captured everyone’s attention.

2 – Be Careful

“Poured out my whole heart to a piece of shit.” Heartbreak with Cardi B doesn’t sound like a fun time – for anyone. She pours her heartache poetry over beats that hit like a jackhammer. “You got me looking in the mirror different, thinking I’m flawed because you’re inconsistent.” She also samples Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor,” which, given the theme of the song, is a stroke of genius. Welcome to the top two of Cardi B’s best songs.

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1 – WAP (with Megan Thee Stallion)

At the top of our list of the best Cardi B songs is “WAP,” also the best song by Megan Thee Stallion – or perhaps the best song of 2020. Naughty, provocative, controversial, and incredibly captivating, “WAP” set new standards for explicitness in pop music while challenging who gets to set those standards in the first place. Cardi and Megan bring different flows and approaches to their verses, but together, the effect is stronger than if either had attempted “WAP” solo. There’s a whole story to explore with this song, or you can simply listen to it over and over again.

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