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Ratingperson Introduces the Pintop System: The Ultimate Suspension Upgrade

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The Pintop System takes everything you love about the Backcountry and amplifies it to a whole new level. This versatile suspension system is our best-seller for a reason – it delivers exceptional on-road performance while effortlessly handling light to medium off-road adventures. In fact, many of our thrilling Carli videos feature the Pintop kit, showcasing its remarkable capabilities. With this system, your Super Duty truck will experience a drastic improvement in control and stability, making it a must-have upgrade for every owner.

Unparalleled Shock Performance

At the heart of the Pintop system are the Carli specific, blueprinted King shocks with a 2.5″ diameter. These shocks have 55% more piston surface area than standard 2.0″ shocks, providing unmatched support and responsiveness. To ensure optimal performance, we designed a custom piston that determines the ideal base flow rates for heavy-duty truck platforms. We then fine-tuned the shocks around these custom pistons, focusing on the seat-of-the-pants feel that matters most to us. Additionally, the shafts of our King shocks are machined and polished from a solid piece of 17-4 Stainless, making them highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. With King oil rated for extreme temperatures as low as -55°F, you can rely on these shocks to deliver exceptional performance in any weather conditions.

Unrivalled Front-End Upgrade

With the Pintop system, your truck’s front end will be raised by an impressive 5.5″. This lift is made possible by the inclusion of taller, Progressive Rate Coil Springs, which not only add height but also enhance wheel travel. To ensure the best ride quality, we’ve incorporated Radius Arm Drop Brackets that reset the pivot point and maintain linear travel. Addressing the front Sway Bar Geometry is crucial, and we offer two options: a Sway Bar Drop Bracket & Carli Extended Sway Bar End Link combination or our full replacement Torsion Sway Bar. By upgrading to our Torsion Sway Bar, you’ll experience a more compliant ride while increasing articulation. Furthermore, our Bump Stop Drops protect the shocks from over-compressing, the Adjustable Track Bar centers the front axle, and the Stainless Brake Lines provide firm braking performance. Caster Shims are also included to tighten the steering, completing the comprehensive front-end upgrade.

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Tailored Rear Suspension

The rear of your truck can be outfitted with either a replacement Full Progressive Spring Pack or a Progressive Add-a-Pack that modifies the factory leaf pack. For F250 owners, the Add-a-Pack system is a superb enhancement over stock, while F350 owners may find the factory springs to be too stiff. In this case, we strongly recommend the Full Replacement Leaf Spring packs to optimize comfort and performance. However, F250 owners with the Tremor or high-capacity tow package, which are equipped with F350 rear springs, should avoid the add-a-pack. If you’re concerned about capacity, installing an aftermarket airbag system alongside the Full Progressive Leaf Springs is recommended. This combination ensures optimal suspension travel and tire clearance, especially when using a 37″ M/T tire.

The Right Wheels and Tires

It’s important to note that factory wheels are not suitable for oversized tires. Oversized tires can rub against the radius arm, sway bar, and brake lines, causing potential damage. If you’re running our 4.5″ Ford Systems, we recommend using 17″-18″ wheels that are no more than 9″ wide and have 5″ of backspacing. Pair these wheels with a 37″ E-Rated Tire for the best small bump compliance at proper inflation pressures. Keep in mind that as you increase the wheel diameter, the ride will become firmer. For more detailed information on wheel and tire selection, as well as tire pressures, refer to our article on this topic.

Upgrade to the Pintop System from #Ratingperson

The Pintop System is the ultimate suspension upgrade for your Super Duty truck. With its unparalleled performance, high-quality components, and attention to detail, this system will transform your driving experience both on and off the road. Don’t settle for mediocre when you can have perfection. Visit Ratingperson now to learn more and unleash the true potential of your vehicle.

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