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In the realm of dark romance, where passion and danger intertwine, there lies a tale that will consume your every thought. Corrupt, the first installment of the Devil’s Night series, penned by the renowned New York Times bestselling author Penelope Douglas, delves into the depths of desire, obsession, and the haunting power of nightmares. Step into this world, where trust is shattered, secrets fester, and hearts are left in ruins.

The Unseen Side of Desires

Erika’s Obsession

Dreams are said to reflect the deepest desires of our hearts. For Erika Fane, however, her nightmares have become an all-consuming fixation. Caught in the clutches of the enigmatic Michael Crist, her boyfriend’s older brother, she struggles to comprehend the terrifying allure he holds. As a former college basketball star turned professional player, Michael is more concerned with the dirt on his shoes than with Erika. But she has seen him, heard him, and she can’t turn away. The darkness she has witnessed refuses to remain imprisoned within her mind. And now, against all odds, Michael has finally noticed her.

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Michael’s Fascination

Erika, known to others as Rika, has always been a constant presence in Michael’s life. As his brother’s girlfriend, she has always been there, silently watching, her fear palpable. He can feel the fear that emanates from her, and while he has never possessed her physically, he knows he possesses her mind. His brother’s departure to the military creates the perfect opportunity: Rika, alone and vulnerable in the city. It’s an opportunity he cannot resist. Three years have passed since she sent some of his high school friends to prison, and now they are out. Patience has been their virtue, and the time for her nightmares to become reality has arrived.

The Premonition of a Dark Tale

The Prologue

A sense of foreboding settles over Erika as she sits on a stone bench, her hands stained with blood. She contemplates her actions and the absence of remorse within her. Running is not an option; there is nowhere to escape. As she gazes upon the roses in the garden shed, a stronghold of fresh-cut flowers, she knows the night ahead will be long and treacherous. The Crist family home looms in the distance, a constant reminder of the punishment awaiting her.

The Four Horsemen

An Imminent Threat

Erika understands that she cannot evade them. Michael, along with his friends Kai, Damon, and Will, known as the Four Horsemen, have been patient, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. These star athletes were invincible in high school, untouchable by anyone. But Erika had gotten too close to their secrets. Damon, a force to be reckoned with, is the one she fears the most. His actions are unflinching, devoid of weakness. Michael keeps him close for precisely that reason. Will, always loyal to his friends, had once been dismissed by Erika; she had underestimated his presence until it was too late. And then there is Kai; he ignites a fire within her. Unlike Will, Kai’s loyalty is conditional, reserved only for those who deserve it. He is a force stronger than her, and they both know it.

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Michael Crist: The Architect of Destruction

A Dark Bond

Michael Crist holds a captivating power over Erika. He played a fundamental role in shaping her existence, constructing her very foundation, only to tear it down time and time again. He lied, abandoned, and wounded her, leaving her vulnerable and broken. While the others may hold her back, Michael is the one who confronts her head-on, reducing her to trembling fear or intoxicating ecstasy. It is he who holds the key to her salvation or her demise.

A Tale of Ownership and Survival

Erika stands alone, her heart filled with trepidation. The Four Horsemen close in on her, their intentions clear. Michael and Kai, though capable of reigning in the others, remain silent, allowing this torment to unfold. There is no escape, no rescuer on the horizon. It is up to Erika to face her fate head-on. She must face the horrors that await her and prove that she will not be easily broken. The choice is hers alone: to succumb to the darkness or to rise above it.


In Corrupt, Penelope Douglas explores the depths of obsession, fear, and survival. This dark romance will grip your soul, leaving an indelible mark. As Erika navigates the treacherous waters of desire and danger, she must find her strength to confront those who seek to destroy her. Will she succumb to the machinations of the Four Horsemen, or will she rise above, reclaiming her life and rewriting her destiny? Dive into this gripping tale of love, power, and the fine line between passion and destruction.

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