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Evidence by Larry Sultan: A Groundbreaking Photographic Masterpiece

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Unveiling the Truth Behind the Lens

Originally published in 1977 to widespread acclaim, Larry Sultan’s ‘Evidence’ is a remarkable photo volume that continues to captivate audiences today. Alongside his collaborator, Mike Mandel, Sultan embarked on a groundbreaking exploration, delving into the vast archives of corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. They sought out photographs that served as objective evidence – transparent documents that revealed the truth. The result was a collection of 50 carefully selected images presented in a limited-edition volume titled ‘Evidence.’

Official Documents Turned Art

In their quest to uncover the essence of objective evidence, Sultan and Mandel elevated these evidential images into works of art. By presenting them as formal objects, they challenged our fundamental assumptions about truth and objectivity. The photographs, once used for practical purposes, were transformed into thought-provoking art that transcends their original intent.

The Resurgence of a Classic

Over the years, several iconic titles from the world of photography, such as William Eggleston’s ‘Guide’ and Joel Sternfeld’s ‘American Prospects,’ have seen a revival. Now, Larry Sultan’s ‘Evidence’ joins the ranks of these revered reissued works. Originally a rare gem, the 2004 facsimile edition published by D.A.P. breathed new life into this seminal piece of conceptual photography. The reissue features a fresh selection of images, painstakingly curated by the artists themselves, along with additional black-and-white illustrations and an insightful essay by Sandra Phillips.

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Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel: The Visionary Duo

Larry Sultan (1946 – 2009) and Mike Mandel (born in 1950) are two visionary photographers who left an indelible mark on the field. They explored the potential of photography as a medium for storytelling and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Both Sultan and Mandel have an impressive body of work that spans various projects and collaborations.

To fully appreciate the genius of Larry Sultan’s photographic prowess, one can explore his expansive collection of photo books. Each publication serves as a testament to his unrivaled talent and profound impact on the art world.

Likewise, Mike Mandel’s unique perspective and artistic innovation shine through in his own photo books. A master of his craft, Mandel’s work resonates with audiences, inviting them into a world of visual storytelling like no other.

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