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Creating Healthy Neighborhoods in Bowling Green, Kentucky

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The City of Bowling Green, Kentucky understands the importance of having vibrant and thriving neighborhoods. That’s why they have established the Select Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP), which provides funding to neighborhood organizations to implement strategies that create healthy communities.

Neighborhood Organization Eligibility

To be eligible for SNAP funding, your neighborhood organization must meet certain criteria. This includes being located within the city limits of Bowling Green and registering annually with the Neighborhood Services Office. Your group must also be active, meeting at least once per year. Additionally, your organization needs to have been in existence for at least six months or must have held a meeting within the six months prior to the application. It’s important to note that your group must have been represented at a designated Neighborhood Training Session.

Types of Projects Supported

SNAP funding can be used for various projects that contribute to the betterment of neighborhoods. These projects include neighborhood organizing, beautification initiatives, capital purchases, partnerships between neighborhoods and schools, professional services, and organizational development. Whether you want to enhance the appearance of your neighborhood, strengthen community bonds, or improve overall organization, SNAP can help you achieve your goals.

Project Restrictions and Requirements

When applying for SNAP funding, there are certain guidelines you need to follow. Late applications will not be considered, so make sure to submit your proposal on time. While you can submit multiple projects for consideration, it’s important to understand that funding for multiple projects is not guaranteed. The grant request should be a minimum of $500 and has a maximum award limit of $7500. You must also complete your project within one year from the date of approval.

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A 20% match of the requested award amount is required, which can be met through cash, in-kind donations, or volunteer labor valued at $15 per hour. However, projects related to incorporation/non-profit or tax-exempt status, as well as neighborhood organizing projects equal to or less than $500, do not require a match. It’s crucial to ensure that your project location is within the city limits of Bowling Green and that it complies with all relevant city ordinances, policies, and procedures.

Neighborhood Training Sessions

To help neighborhood organizations stay informed and connected, the City of Bowling Green hosts various training sessions throughout the year. In 2019, these sessions include events like “We are Bowling Green: Speak Out & Community Forum,” “Neighborhood University Session: Building Community in Bowling Green,” “Neighborhood University Session: Understanding Bowling Green’s Neighborhood Ordinances,” and “Neighborhood University Session: All About SNAP.” Attending these sessions can provide valuable insights and knowledge to enhance your neighborhood efforts.

Funding Decisions and Approval Process

All SNAP applications will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by a panel appointed by the Neighborhood Services Office. The review panel considers factors such as application completeness, neighborhood participation, community benefit, and project quality when making funding decisions. It’s important to note that guidelines and funding ratios are subject to change based on the availability of funds. After the review process, the Neighborhood Services Office will make recommendations for funding to the Board of Commissioners. The final approval of grant awards lies with the Board of Commissioners.

At Ratingperson, we believe in supporting communities and helping neighborhoods thrive. That’s why we’re proud to partner with the City of Bowling Green in their efforts to create healthy neighborhoods. To learn more about Ratingperson and how we can assist you, visit our website here.

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Note: The information provided in this article is based on the City of Bowling Green’s SNAP program guidelines. Please refer to the official sources for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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