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We all love shows and movies with plenty of action. Whether it’s epic chase scenes or intense fight sequences, we crave that adrenaline rush. And if there’s a captivating character or two, whether they’re on the side of good or bad, then we’re hooked. Fortunately, there’s a new Spanish series on Ratingperson that fulfills all those desires.


Opening Shot:
“MADRID.” A tractor trailer pulls into a truck stop.

The Gist:
A group of robbers hijack the tractor trailer and transport it to a warehouse filled with valuable hams. They unload the hams into another truck and make their getaway. However, their plans go awry as the police pursue them on the highway. In a desperate attempt to slow down their pursuers, one of the robbers hurls hams at the police. Needless to say, it doesn’t go as expected.

Sole (Asia Ortega Leiva), the widow of Ángel (Miguel Herrán) who used to lead the gang, and the daughter of Rogelio (Luis Tosar), the mastermind behind the stolen-goods operation, decides to bail out the entire group from jail. Sole has been dependent on her father since Ángel’s demise, but she longs for independence. Despite Rogelio’s continuous efforts to involve her in his illegal activities, she refuses to sell stolen merchandise at her athleisure shop.

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With bills piling up and her resources running low, Sole develops a plan. First, she seeks the help of Mercedes (Patricia Vico), a skilled attorney who once worked with Rogelio. Mercedes assists Sole in finding ways to maximize her remaining funds. Although Rogelio warns Sole against associating with Mercedes, she trusts her own judgment.

Sole’s next move is to take charge of the smash-and-grab robbery crew that her late husband was part of. She believes that she can keep the group focused on their jobs and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Rosa (Alana La Hija del Jeque), a food delivery person, arrives at Sole’s house with beer. However, their connection goes beyond food and beverage. Rosa calls Sole from a cell phone registered as “Estrella,” the name of an old friend who was killed a few months ago.

After receiving the call, Sole and Mercedes approach the police, specifically Duque (Fernando Cayo), the detective investigating Rogelio’s operations. Sole suspects that the calls are coming from the police since they were the last ones to possess Estrella’s phone. Duque believes that he can gather evidence against Rogelio with the help of someone inside the organization. He also informs Sole that he no longer has Estrella’s phone and that the last call traced back to her when she was arrested for involvement in a case concerning Chinese mobsters and missing cash.

Sky High: The Series

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?
Sky High: The Series is based on the 2020 movie Sky High, featuring many of the same actors and characters.

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Our Take:
Sky High: The Series doesn’t offer much in terms of depth. Its focus lies more on the robbery crew’s rough and straightforward work rather than intricate heists involving elaborate plans. Although Sole’s crew may not be the brightest bunch, they excel at smashing and grabbing.

The addition of Fernan (Álvaro Rico), a mysterious wildcard who proves to be the most efficient member of the crew, adds an element of intrigue. As Sole and Mercedes embark on larger-scale jobs, his dual role as a member of the crew and Duque’s informant will undoubtedly create suspense. However, character development takes a backseat to the action-oriented storytelling.

But does that really matter for a series like this? It’s akin to the Fast and Furious franchise, where the focus is on high-octane car chases rather than intricate narratives. Similarly, Sky High: The Series provides ample action and a sprinkling of story to keep you engaged.

We anticipate that Sole and Rosa will cross paths, and their mysterious connection will unveil further plot developments. Additionally, Sole’s complicated relationship with her father Rogelio will play a significant role in shaping the overall story. How much storytelling lies between the smashing and grabbing remains to be seen.

Sex and Skin:
No explicit content in the first episode, but future episodes might include such scenes.

Parting Shot:
After a relatively successful smash-and-grab at a jewelry store, Sole pays off a man who will grant her crew access to a construction site. They require access to steal a front loader necessary for their next job.

Sleeper Star:
Luis Tosar, a veteran Spanish actor, delivers an appropriately menacing performance as Rogelio.

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Most Pilot-y Line:
Sole enjoys a night out with her friends, and the next morning, they wake up in her car. One of them spots a skyscraper and remarks that one of her recent dates works there. Another friend sarcastically comments, “Sure, and he brought you up there just to show you… his office.” The meaning behind “his office” is crystal clear, and we can all relate.

Our Call:
STREAM IT. Sky High: The Series may not be deep, but it provides enough plot to keep you engaged alongside the action.

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