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Kris Elmer from Kindig-It: Unveiling 5 Must-Know Facts

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Kris Elmer from Kindig-It: 5 facts you should know

Kris Elmer, the celebrated fabricator, has deep roots in the automotive industry. Growing up with a hot rodder father who instilled in him a passion for the craft, Kris has become a household name. But how well do you really know him? Join us as we delve into the life of Kris Elmer from Kindig-It, unearthing fascinating details that will leave you enlightened.

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his wife Galia celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2017. Photo: @Kris Elmer. Source: Facebook

1. Kris Elmer’s Scholarly Pursuits

Kris Elmer is not just a metal fabricator; he’s a scholar as well. Having attended Weber State University, where he studied Automotive Service Technology, Kris initially planned to be a technician for life. However, fate had something grander in store. One day, he received a call from the legendary Dave Kindig and accepted the offer to become a member of Kindig-It.

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his father working on his race car circa 1997. Photo: @loudpedalslc. Source: Instagram

2. Kris Elmer: A Family Man

Beyond his professional achievements, Kris is a loving husband and devoted father. Married to the beautiful Gaila, the couple shares the joys and challenges of parenting four wonderful children. Kris takes pride in his family and doesn’t shy away from sharing their precious moments on social media.

Kris Elmer and his family
Kris Elmer and his family. Photo: @Kindig-it Design. Source: Facebook

3. The Throttlers and Kris’s Love for Camaros

Kris is not just a metal fabricator; he’s also the founding member of the Throttlers’ SLC chapter. He has a particular affinity for fixing first-generation Camaros, showcasing his expertise in preserving classic automotive beauty. Additionally, Kris holds two track racing records at Rocky Mountain Raceway, a testament to his skills and dedication.

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4. Kris Elmer’s Wide-Ranging Experience

Before joining Kindig-It, Kris gained valuable experience working at various car dealerships. He even had the privilege of working alongside Kevin Brown, the mastermind behind Classic Restorations. Moreover, Kris has participated in NHRA Division 7 and embarked on a West Coast racing tour, solidifying his reputation as an accomplished fabricator and racer.

5. The Curious Case of Kris and Kindig-It

Many fans have been filled with curiosity, asking questions such as “Did Kris Elmer leave Kindig-It?” and “Where is Kris Elmer now?” Unfortunately, there is no concrete information available regarding these speculations. However, Kris’s contributions to Kindig-It, combined with his unwavering work ethic and passion, have made him an inspiring figure in the world of metal fabrication.

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his wife Galia at Orlando’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner in 2018. Photo: @Kris Elmer. Source: Facebook

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It exemplifies the rewards that come with hard work and unwavering dedication. His remarkable career as a metal fabricator serves as an inspiration to aspiring young professionals in the field. To learn more about Kris Elmer and other fascinating individuals, visit Ratingperson, where inspiring stories come to life.

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