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Meet the Cast of the Hit Telenovela ‘La Reina del Flow’

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Have you heard of the Colombian telenovela ‘La Reina del Flow’? This recent Netflix revelation, available on Orange TV, has captivated audiences worldwide with its compelling storyline and talented cast. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this telenovela a global success, from its urban setting to its powerful performances.

A Fresh Take on Telenovelas

‘La Reina del Flow’ is a Caracol Televisión production that first aired in 2018. The show even won an Emmy for Best Telenovela the following year. However, it wasn’t until its release on Netflix that it achieved massive success. One of the key factors behind its popularity is its fresh perspective, showcasing the lives of two aspiring reggaeton singers.

Behind the Scenes of the Music Industry

What sets ‘La Reina del Flow’ apart is its exploration of what happens behind the scenes and in the recording studios. With a mix of glamour and catchy tunes, the show’s captivating storyline hooks viewers right from the start. The protagonist, Yeimy Montoya, is a talented composer who has been unjustly imprisoned for 17 years. Upon her release, she seeks revenge on her former love, the famous singer Charlie ‘Flow.’

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The Cast of ‘La Reina del Flow’

Carolina Ramírez portrays Yeimy Montoya, the brilliant composer and the star of ‘La Reina del Flow.’ She blames Charly for taking advantage of her songs to become a celebrity. Carolina Ramírez is a renowned actress and dancer, recognized for her leading role in another famous telenovela called ‘La Hija del Mariachi,’ among many other television shows, movies, and theater productions.

Carlos Torres brings the reggaeton star Charly ‘Flow’ Cruz to life. He was Yeimy Montoya’s teenage love and is now her worst enemy. Carlos is a Colombian actor born in Barranquilla, who has a passion for acting and has also worked as a model. His impressive acting credits include popular TV series such as ‘Niñas Mal,’ ‘Pobres Ricos,’ ‘Salas de Urgencias,’ and ‘Amar y Vivir.’

Andrés Sandoval portrays Juancho, a childhood friend of Charly and secretly in love with Yeimy. He becomes Tammy’s (Yeimy’s alter ego) greatest ally. Andrés Sandoval is known for his roles in ‘Rosario Tijeras,’ ‘Tres Milagros,’ and ‘Corazones Blindados.’ Additionally, he is an accomplished writer and director, having presented his short film ‘Zmartwychwstanie (Resurrección)’ at the Cannes Film Festival.

María José Vargas plays the young Yeimy Montoya, allowing viewers to witness her innocent and idealistic side during her adolescence. Born in Medellín, Colombia, María José Vargas started acting as a child and has appeared in various TV series, including ‘Tres Milagros,’ ‘Francisco el Matemático,’ and ‘Noobees.’ Today, she is also a recognized influencer.

Juan Manuel Restrepo plays Erik Cruz, the son of Charlie and another recognized artist. His close relationship with Yeimy and Juancho adds depth to the series. Juan Manuel Restrepo is known for his participation in the second generation of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ and brilliantly portrays both Erik and the young Charlie.

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Mabel Moreno portrays Gema Granados, Charly’s wife, who is one of the main characters in the first season. Her complex relationship with the singer leads her down a difficult path. Mabel Moreno studied fashion design but gained fame through her role in the series ‘La Jaula.’ She also has an extensive career as a presenter.

Adriana Arango brings Ligia Martínez, Charly’s mother, to life. Besides being a talented cook famous for her delicious beans, Ligia tries to reconcile her son with his children. Unfortunately, attempting to mend family matters will lead to a tragic fate. Adriana Arango is a renowned actress recognized for her work in telenovelas. She is also a successful writer and producer in the film, television, and theater industries.

Luis Alfredo ‘Lucho’ Velasco portrays Dúver ‘Manín’ Cruz, Charly’s uncle and a typical neighborhood mobster. Without giving away too much, he is responsible for many of the misfortunes that occur throughout the series. Lucho Velasco is a versatile actor known for his roles in film, theater, and television. Some of his notable appearances include ‘El Cartel,’ ‘Rosario Tijeras,’ ‘Ruta 35,’ and ‘Enfermeras.’

Music Takes Center Stage

In the second season of ‘La Reina del Flow,’ music becomes an even more prominent character, with the introduction of 25 new songs. If you’re a fan of the show’s soundtrack, you’ll want to get to know the real-life singers behind the fictional characters. Gelo Arango lends her voice to Yeimy, a talented artist who previously gave life to Rosario in ‘La Hija del Mariachi.’ Alejo Valencia brings Charly’s vibrant tones to life, as a singer dedicated to urban music from the very beginning.

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With surprising plot twists and a total of 171 episodes, the second season of ‘La Reina del Flow,’ which recently premiered, promises to keep audiences entertained. So, go ahead, press play, and enjoy this captivating telenovela.

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Images extracted from the official trailers of the first and second seasons.

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