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Verse 1:

Life can be tough, especially when everyone around you seems to be slowing you down. Lil Durk’s lyrics in “Fabricated” portray his determination to succeed, even in the face of obstacles. Surrounded by killers and robbers, he finds motivation to keep pushing forward. With his “blick” (gun) in tow, he understands the risks but remains resolute. The authorities are after his brother, but Lil Durk is determined to provide support and get him out of trouble. He knows that success isn’t merely based on talent; it also requires recognition. So, he sets out to make a name for himself, all while keeping his loved ones waiting, including his patient mother. And although he may indulge in lean and Percocet, sharing is not on his agenda.


Misunderstandings and rumors are a part of life. Lil Durk acknowledges that people may have their own opinions, but he isn’t here to clarify or defend himself. Instead, he reflects on the harsh reality that not everyone truly supports or appreciates him. Despite his undeniable skills, loyalty, and even the impact he has had on the streets through songs like “Dis Ain’t What U Want,” he realizes that some individuals won’t stay true. They won’t stick by his side when things get rough or show genuine care for his well-being.

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Verse 2:

Lil Durk confronts the fake vibes and craziness that surround him. He highlights the hypocrisy of individuals who claim to be killers but fail to take real action when it counts. Meanwhile, he’s out there on the block, remaining alert and ready with his Glock. He’s not just all talk, though. Lil Durk supports those who demonstrate loyalty, investing his money in their businesses. Together, they ride through the streets, determined to make their presence known. Unfortunately, some people accuse him of changing, but he knows the truth. He has always been there for others, even going above and beyond on their birthdays. He has supported his friends during court appearances and stood by them in times of need. He won’t hesitate to confront his enemies, making them regret their actions. Sleeping in run-down traps, they sacrifice their comfort for the sake of their mission.

In “Fabricated,” Lil Durk paints a vivid picture of the struggles he faces and the loyalty he expects. It’s a reflection of his journey, where he navigates through challenges while separating true friends from those who are merely playing a role. Lil Durk’s lyrics capture the raw emotions one experiences when battling the odds, all while remaining true to oneself.

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