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Maggie Hope is the protagonist of a captivating book series penned by esteemed author and Barry Award winner, Susan Elia MacNeal. The series revolves around the events of World War II, with Maggie Hope’s journey commencing in the first book, titled “Mr. Churchill’s Secretary.” Published by Bantam Books, this novel will undoubtedly engross you from start to finish. You can easily obtain a copy from Amazon.com or any other reputable book retailer.


Maggie Hope, a British-born young woman, was raised in the United States by her aunt following the tragic demise of her beloved parents in a car accident. Upon reaching adulthood, she heeds the terms stipulated in her late grandmother’s will and returns to Britain in the summer of 1939. Her primary objective is to settle her estranged grandmother’s estate and sell her ancestral Victorian home. However, her plans are put on hold when she struggles to find a buyer amidst the onset of the war against Nazi Germany.

Early Adult Life

Unable to sell the antiquated Victorian house, Maggie decides to utilize it as lodgings for friends actively involved in the war effort against Germany. This decision sparks a newfound sense of patriotism within Maggie, leading her to secure a job as a typist in the Prime Minister’s office. Although she finds the tasks mundane and uninteresting, her life takes an intriguing turn when she stumbles upon her parents’ gravesite, only to find that her mother’s grave is missing. This discovery prompts her to question her aunt, who unveils the truth about her father’s survival, subsequent mental illness, and permanent institutionalization. Determined to locate her father, Maggie embarks on a journey that delves into a realm of conspiracy, murder, and political intrigue.

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Beginning of Her Career

As Maggie’s early adult life is set, readers are immersed in a world of spies and war. This historical fiction masterpiece blends mystery and suspense seamlessly as Maggie finds herself entangled in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister and dismantle England during the throes of battle. Maggie must swiftly unravel the mysteries in her path, establishing herself as one of Britain’s top spies. Her intelligence and code-breaking prowess rival that of her male counterparts. As this book unfolds, Maggie’s life becomes progressively more enthralling, exposing the sinister machinations of an insidious faction determined to rewrite history.

The Next Chapter

Susan Elia MacNeal’s second novel in the series reintroduces us to Maggie Hope, now a more seasoned and complex character. Although she has retained her charm, wit, and intelligence, Maggie finds herself somewhat despondent after being unable to pass the physical training for MI-5. Consequently, she is assigned to Windsor Castle as a math tutor for Princess Elizabeth. However, upon arriving at the castle, Maggie is thrust into action as one of Princess Elizabeth’s Ladies-in-waiting is murdered. This propels Maggie into the role of a spy, a persona her fans are well-acquainted with from the previous installment.

Behind Enemy Lines

Maggie’s audacity catches the attention of MI-5, leading to her reactivation as Britain’s premier female agent in the intelligence war against Germany. She is covertly dropped behind enemy lines with the mission of sabotaging the Nazi government from within. Along her perilous journey, she uncovers shocking truths about her family’s history and the hidden identities of her parents. A chance encounter presents Maggie with the opportunity to extend her stay in Germany, risking her safety for invaluable intelligence that could aid Britain’s cause.

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An Awaited Peace Broken

“The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent,” second to last (at the moment) in Susan Elia MacNeal’s collection of novels featuring the courageous Maggie Hope, picks up amid the ongoing chaos of World War II. Seeking solace, Maggie retreats to the serene shores of western Scotland, where she assumes the role of a teacher in her former British Intelligence training camp. However, tranquility is short-lived as she is once again thrust into the treacherous world of espionage. When three ballerinas fall mysteriously ill in Glasgow, Maggie’s determination to uncover the truth endangers thousands of British lives, unveiling a web of government secrets yet to be exposed. Furthermore, the impending war between Japan and the United States adds even more drama and suspense to Maggie’s already extraordinary life.

The Final Act?

Yet to be released, Susan Elia MacNeal’s upcoming novel, slated for the Fall of 2015, reunites readers with Maggie Hope in the heart of the United States. This time, Maggie assumes the role of Winston Churchill’s typist, contributing to the negotiations for America’s entry into the war. However, when one of the First Lady’s aides is murdered, Maggie again finds herself at the epicenter of a conspiracy that jeopardizes American support for the war effort.


The Maggie Hope book series is an absolute must-read for fans of historical fiction, espionage, and riveting storytelling. As you immerse yourself in Maggie’s captivating adventures, you’ll find yourself transported to a world of danger, intrigue, and resilience. Visit Ratingperson to explore more about Maggie Hope and discover an unforgettable literary journey.

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