La historia real que hay detrás de 'Más allá del universo', la película romántica que causa furor en Netflix
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The Heartfelt Story Behind ‘Beyond the Universe’, the Romantic Movie Creating a Sensation on Netflix

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If there’s one thing we love, it’s those movies that touch our hearts and manage to tap into our deepest emotions, often bringing a tear to our eye. And when you add a love story to the mix, you have ‘Beyond the Universe,’ the Netflix film that is currently causing a frenzy and has climbed up the ranks of the most-watched movies on the platform. After watching it, many have wondered what motivated the plot. The Brazilian film, written and directed by Diego Freitas, has an added value that makes it even more moving: it is based on a heart-wrenching personal experience that happened within the filmmaker’s own family.

A Tale of Dreams and Love

The movie revolves around Nina (Giulia Be), a pianist suffering from lupus who is patiently waiting for a kidney transplant. While receiving dialysis in the hospital, she realizes that her life is far from what she had always dreamed of: becoming a great musician and joining the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra.

An Unexpected Meeting

Nina crosses paths with Gabriel (Henrique Zaga), a resident doctor at the hospital. He is an optimistic person who always sees the glass as half full and helps Nina see life from a beautiful perspective. The film contains surprising plot twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats, leading to an unexpected and emotionally charged ending.

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Picture: The real story behind ‘Beyond the Universe’

A Personal Inspiration

Diego Freitas drew inspiration for this film from the personal story of his mother, Durvalina, who spent a long time on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, just like the film’s protagonist. The Brazilian filmmaker witnessed this process firsthand, which served as the guiding thread for this romantic story that has already become one of the most-watched movies on the digital platform.

Picture: The real story behind ‘Beyond the Universe’

A Dedication to Remember

Unfortunately, Diego’s mother passed away in May 2022 and did not live to see the completion of her son’s second movie. Consequently, the director dedicates this film to her memory. Beyond his mother, Diego also found inspiration in his partner, whom he met during the pandemic when optimism seemed almost impossible. She is a medical professional whose perspective helped shape the character of Gabriel. Furthermore, Diego had the support of a friend who suffered from lupus, which motivated him to shed light on this illness.

Picture: The real story behind ‘Beyond the Universe’

A Journey of Hope and Resilience

The movie delves into the importance of hope and the impact of the people who surrounded Durvalina during her challenging journey. It shows how they can help change the way we perceive life, just as Gabriel does for Nina in the film. ‘Beyond the Universe’ is not only a touching story but also the acting debut of Giulia Be, a talented singer-songwriter who portrayed Nina. In preparing for the role, Giulia aimed for a realistic and moving portrayal rather than an exaggerated one.

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Picture: The real story behind ‘Beyond the Universe’

A Powerful Soundtrack

Apart from her acting, Giulia Be also contributed to the film’s soundtrack. She spent time with actual patients to understand the topic of organ donation better, which allowed her to hear incredible stories of resilience from these women. In addition to her on-screen performance, she composed the movie’s theme song, titled ‘Beyond the Universe.’

This heartfelt film not only touches the hearts of viewers but also carries a powerful message about the strength of love, hope, and the indomitable human spirit. To learn more about ‘Beyond the Universe’ and other compelling movies, visit Ratingperson, your go-to platform for reviews, ratings, and insightful content.

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