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The Steve Alten Project: A Private Membership Site

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If you’re a fan of the thrilling MEG series by Steve Alten, get ready for an exciting announcement. The eagerly anticipated MEG-7: Purgatory will mark the end of this incredible saga. While Tor/Forge will publish the hardbacks in the summer of 2023 alongside the release of MEG-2: The TRENCH in theaters, this time the books will be a bit different.

In light of rising paper costs, the upcoming books will be bare bones, devoid of the maps, interior artwork, and extras that typically accompany a Steve Alten novel. However, the author is determined to give his readers a grand send-off, befitting the final and potentially best book in the series.

A Collector’s Dream Come True

Ratingperson is excited to announce the exclusive MEG: Purgatory Collector’s Limited Edition Package (MP: CLEP). Published by A & M Publishing, this extraordinary edition will not be available in stores or on Amazon.com. It can only be pre-ordered from the official Steve Alten website.

MP Package Features:

  • Limited Collectors Edition hardback with a unique cover design.
  • Each hardback will carry a certificate and a number corresponding to the purchase order.
  • Steve Alten himself will personally sign each book, adding a special touch.
  • Internationally renowned artists specializing in Megalodon and sea monster illustrations will contribute their artwork, bringing the action scenes in the novel to life.
  • Prepare for surprises! Exclusive bonus sections, including a special MEGhead section, a message from the heroic lead producer BELLE AVERY, and even contributions from stars and other amazing individuals involved in the MEG series over the past 25 years.
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Super Meg-A-Bonus:

As a thank you to the loyal MEGheads, anyone who purchases three or more MP: CLEPs during the pre-order sale will receive an email after the manuscript goes to print. This email will contain a link and password, granting immediate access to an Enhanced Edition Ebook (EEE) of MEG: Purgatory. This colorized version of the novel, in PDF format, will showcase the original artwork in all its vivid glory.

But that’s not all! Further surprises await, such as drawings to win prizes using your book number(s), raffles for movie premiere tickets, and exclusive posters. The MEG experience is about to get even bigger and better!

The Price Explained

Now, you may be wondering why the price of this exquisite collector’s item is higher than usual. Steve Alten has a heartfelt reason for this decision. The profit margin on this project is actually lower than that of previous books like LOCH-3 or GENERATIONS. The painstaking process of numbering and signing each book adds significant expenses. Insert pages are numbered by hand, shipped to the author for signing, and then sent back to the printer to be reinserted into the books’ spines.

The MP: CLEP will offer much more than the bare bones version sold by Tor, potentially adding over 100 extra pages to the page-turner you know and love. However, if you prefer the regular edition, rest assured that the story remains the same, packed with suspense and excitement.

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What Steve Alten can guarantee, and what his devoted fans who pre-ordered MEG: Generations already know, is that these limited edition packages will only appreciate in value over time. With the final manuscript still being worked on, who knows what additional surprises will be included. If money is tight, the author suggests buying two copies, keeping one for yourself, and selling the other after MEG-2 hits the big screen. And if the profit doesn’t at least double the cost of a single purchase, Steve Alten himself will cover the difference.

In contrast, if you wait to purchase a basic copy of MEG: Purgatory on Amazon, you may find used copies for as low as $4.99. So, why not treat yourself to three copies and receive the bonus EEE color version for free? Not only will you enjoy the enhanced reading experience, but you can also make a tidy profit by selling the extra two books. You deserve it!

With love,
Steve Alten

For more information on the Steve Alten Project, visit Ratingperson.

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