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My Masterpiece: A Delightful Exploration of Art and Deception

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Mi obra maestra


Art has always been a subject of controversy, with opinions varying widely on what constitutes true genius. In the film “My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra)”, director Gastón Duprat skillfully delves into the world of art, exposing its pomposity and pretension while weaving a tale of friendship, deception, and self-discovery.

Art as a Fraud?

Is art a fraud? This provocative question lingers in our minds as we witness the incredible journey of Arturo Silva, a profit-driven art agent, and Renzo Nervi, a struggling artist. Arturo’s relentless pursuit of wealth clashes with Renzo’s stubbornness and anti-social behavior. However, when Renzo loses his memory in a tragic accident, Arturo’s loyalty is tested as he helps his friend rediscover his true self.

The Targets of Duprat’s Satire

Duprat skillfully satirizes various aspects of the art world, leaving us to question who the real targets of his critique are. Is it Arturo, the money-driven agent? Renzo, the cantankerous artist? Or the fickle art patrons who suddenly value Renzo’s work after his passing? Through nuanced storytelling, Duprat holds modern life accountable and challenges our perceptions.

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The Exploited Artist and the Lavish Agent

The stark contrast between Renzo’s impoverished existence and Arturo’s opulent lifestyle invites us to sympathize with the exploited artist. Renzo struggles to make ends meet, surrounded by his cluttered studio and an array of unfinished artworks. It’s a familiar tale in the entertainment industry, where wealth distribution often tilts heavily in favor of those who exploit creativity for financial gain.

A Twist of Fate and Unexpected Consequences

As Renzo’s health deteriorates, he pleads with Arturo to help him end his suffering. The delicate subject of euthanasia is handled with sensitivity and compassion, leading to a poignant and emotional climax. However, the consequences of their actions come back to haunt both Arturo and Renzo, leaving us to question the true intentions behind their choices.

A Multilayered Tale of Comedy, Drama, and Morality

Duprat masterfully weaves together satire, dark comedy, drama, and a morality play into a seamless 105-minute experience. Just as a painting carries layers of meaning, “My Masterpiece” offers depth and complexity. The plot may seem predictable at times, but Duprat’s subtle twists and turns keep us on our toes, challenging our expectations.

The Power of Chemistry and Performance

The on-screen chemistry between Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni elevates the film to new heights. Their dynamic performances as Arturo and Renzo create a captivating and entertaining double act. Whether they are at odds or working together, their natural rapport brings a delightful energy to every scene.

A Launching Point for Duprat

“My Masterpiece” serves as a brilliant launching point for Duprat’s mark in cinema. While it may not change your entire perspective on art, it will undoubtedly spark intriguing conversations. With its thought-provoking narrative and clever humor, this film is well worth a watch.

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In conclusion, “My Masterpiece” invites us to ponder the true nature of art and the people who shape its existence. Gastón Duprat’s exquisite storytelling, coupled with outstanding performances, creates an unforgettable cinematic experience. If you’re ready to delve into a world filled with deception, friendship, and laughter, join Arturo and Renzo on their unforgettable journey.


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