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September 7th: The Most Significant Music Stories

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Led Zeppelin’s Electrifying Debut as The New Yardbirds

In 1968, Led Zeppelin’s members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham took the stage for the very first time at the Gladsaxe Teen Club, Copenhagen. With around 1,200 school kids in attendance, the band, billed as The New Yardbirds, mesmerized the audience with performances of iconic songs like “Dazed and Confused” and “Communication Breakdown.” Following their Scandinavian tour, Led Zeppelin spent nine days in the studio, meticulously recording and mixing their debut album. Interestingly, the album was reportedly crafted from the live setlist. Soon after, the band opted for a name change after receiving a cease and desist letter from a member of The Yardbirds.

The Passing of Keith Moon, the Spirited Drummer

In 1978, Keith Moon, the renowned and high-spirited drummer of The Who, passed away at the tender age of 32. Moon joined the band in 1964, just before the release of their debut single. His remarkable talent can be heard on The Who’s first eight albums, including their 1965 debut, “My Generation,” and their final release before his untimely demise, “Who Are You,” in 1978. Moon often expressed his fondness for playing exclusively with The Who. However, he did engage in occasional collaborative projects. Notably, in 1966, he collaborated with Yardbirds’ guitarist Jeff Beck, pianist Nicky Hopkins, and future Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones on the instrumental track “Beck’s Bolero,” which served as the b-side for “Hi Ho Silver Lining” and appeared on the album “Truth.”

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Remembering Warren Zevon: The Legendary Singer-Songwriter

In 2003, the world bid farewell to singer, songwriter, and musician Warren Zevon at the age of 56, after his valiant battle against cancer. Zevon initially established himself as a session musician and went on to become the piano player and band leader for the Everly Brothers. By the late 1970s, he ascended to solo artist fame and achieved success with hits like “Werewolves of London.” Throughout his career, Zevon released an impressive total of 15 albums and was highly regarded as a sought-after songwriter. His compositions were covered by numerous artists, including Linda Ronstadt.

The Doors’ Remarkable UK Visit

1968 marked the beginning of The Doors’ first-ever visit to the UK, commencing with a two-night engagement at The Roundhouse in London. The concerts were filmed by Granada TV and later broadcast as “The Doors Are Open.” The star-studded audience included notable members of The Rolling Stones and Traffic.

Fleetwood Mac’s Triumphant Reunion at No.1

In 1997, Fleetwood Mac reached the pinnacle of success as their live album, “The Dance,” soared to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This extraordinary album marked the band’s reunion after a decade-long hiatus. “The Dance” achieved worldwide acclaim, selling over six million copies and securing its place as the fifth best-selling album in the US. It featured chart-topping singles such as “Landslide,” “The Chain,” and “Silver Springs.”

Michael Jackson’s Unforgettable Onstage Reunion

In 2001, music legend Michael Jackson ended his 11-year hiatus from performing in the US with a spectacular reunion at Madison Square Garden. The event was his 30th Anniversary Celebration, where he shared the stage with the Jackson Five. The electrifying show, held in New York City, also featured guest appearances by renowned artists like Eminem, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, Britney Spears, and Destiny’s Child.

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Bowie and Jagger: A Chart-Topping Duet

In 1985, the iconic pairing of David Bowie and Mick Jagger skyrocketed to the top of the UK singles chart with their duet rendition of Martha Reeves and The Vandellas’ 1964 hit, “Dancing In The Street.”


  • 1936: Joe Simon
  • 1936: Buddy Holly
  • 1947: Gloria Gaynor
  • 1951: Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)
  • 1956: Diane Warren (Songwriter)
  • 1961: LeRoi Moore (Dave Matthews Band)
  • 1964: Eazy-E (NWA)

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September 7th: Unforgettable Music Stories

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