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Best Two-Seater Convertibles

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It might come as a surprise, given that the UK isn’t known for its warm weather, but British drivers have a real love for buying convertible cars. This means that there are plenty of options available on the used car market when it comes to finding a two-seater convertible.

Variety of Choices

Two-seater cars are typically sportier models that prioritize performance over practicality. However, not all two-seater convertibles follow this trend. There are options available for those who value comfort, refinement, and the ability to cruise with the top down, even if it means sacrificing some handling ability.

While two-seater convertibles may not be the most versatile or practical cars, they are not limited to weekend drives when the sun is shining. Many of them have the conveniences and creature comforts necessary for longer or regular drives, especially if you choose a model that is still in production. Some even offer impressive refinement when driving with the roof up.

The Best Two-Seater Convertible Cars

Here are some of the top choices for two-seater convertibles:

1. Abarth 124 Spider

The Abarth 124 Spider entered the affordable two-seater convertible market as a sporty derivative of the Fiat 124 Spider drop-top sports car. It shares many parts with the Mazda MX-5, already a fantastic convertible. However, Abarth added its own stylish design, a sporty exhaust, and a 170hp turbocharged petrol engine. If you were considering the Mazda MX-5, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the Abarth 124 Spider too.

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2. Audi TT Roadster

For those seeking a more upmarket two-seater convertible, the Audi TT Roadster is a great choice. It offers a well-made interior that feels luxurious and classy exterior styling. The value of used models has decreased over the years, making it a smart buy compared to a brand new model. While it may not provide the most thrilling driving experience, the Audi TT Roadster still offers good handling and a comfortable ride, perfect for those wanting an easy-going convertible.

3. BMW Z4

The BMW Z4 has evolved from a hard-edged sports car to a softer and more mature model in its second and third generations. While it may not set new standards for fun handling, it is a user-friendly and comfortable two-seater convertible. The second-generation model offers a supple ride, while the third-generation version has a sportier handling setup. Choose the BMW Z4 that best suits your preferences.

4. Fiat 124 Spider

If you like the Abarth 124 Spider but prefer something more affordable and comfortable, the Fiat 124 Spider is a great option. It shares many attributes with the Abarth 124 and the Mazda MX-5, offering a fun and enjoyable driving experience. The Fiat 124 Spider’s softer suspension setup provides a surprisingly comfortable ride for a lightweight sports car. When the weather allows, you can drop the roof down and enjoy some open-air motoring.

5. Jaguar F-Type Convertible

The Jaguar F-Type Convertible is a stunning choice for those seeking a two-seater sports car that looks great and delivers an exciting driving experience. With fun handling, a luxurious interior, and a comfortable ride, the F-Type Convertible ticks all the boxes. You can choose from various engine options, including turbocharged four-cylinder engines and supercharged V6 and V8 engines. If you’re looking for an exhilarating driving experience, opt for the supercharged engines.

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6. Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 has remained a consistent and affordable two-seater convertible throughout its many iterations. Known for its lightweight and sporty nature, the MX-5 offers excellent value for money. Whether you choose the standard model or the MX-5 RF variant with a retractable metal roof, you’re guaranteed a fun and enjoyable driving experience. It’s no wonder the MX-5 is considered one of the best two-seater convertibles available.

7. Mercedes SL

Mercedes’ two-seater convertibles offer a range of options, from lightweight sports cars to larger grand tourers. If you prefer a more comfortable and refined driving experience, a used Mercedes SL may be the right choice for you. While it may not be the most exciting car to drive, it handles corners well and offers a plush cabin and smooth ride. Various models are available, including the popular SL 400 and faster SL 500, SL 63, and SL 65 variants.

8. Porsche Boxster

If you’re looking for a sporty two-seater roadster that excels in driving dynamics, the Porsche Boxster is an exceptional choice. Despite being the entry-level model in the Porsche lineup, the Boxster offers agile handling and strong performance. It’s a joy to drive on twisty roads with the roof down, but it’s also practical enough for everyday use. With its two boots and respectable fuel economy, the Boxster combines both fun and practicality.

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