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Ratingperson Catch Mode 110 Kayak Review – The Perfect Fishing Kayak for Every Budget

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Fishing kayaks have been incredibly popular for years, with advancements in technology and design making them even more desirable. However, the high prices of top-tier models can be a major barrier for many people. But fear not! There is a subsection of the market that caters to fishing-specific kayaks under $1,000. If you’re looking for a great kayak that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll share my experiences with the Pelican Catch Mode 110 kayak, priced at a budget-friendly $740, so you can determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.

About the Pelican Catch Mode 110 Kayak

  • Price: $740 USD
  • Length: 10′ 8″
  • Width: 34.5″
  • Weight: 63 LBS (28.5 KG)
  • Capacity: 375 LBS (170 KG)

The Catch Mode 110 is packed with features such as 4 carry handles, a retractable skeg, a suspension-seat that doubles as a booster-seat, a covered front storage with a paddle holder, gear tracks for mounting accessories, 2 bottle holders, traction pads, 3 flush-mount rod holders, and bungees in the rear tank well for securing your gear. Unlike most kayaks that are rotomolded, the Catch Mode 110 utilizes a thermoforming process, resulting in a lightweight yet durable design.

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How Portable is the Pelican Catch Mode 110?

One of the standout qualities of the Pelican Catch Mode 110 is its portability. Compared to other sit-on-top fishing kayaks, it is relatively lightweight. Its sub-11-foot length further enhances its overall maneuverability. The large side grab handles allow for easy transport, and what’s more, they have ample clearance to prevent any pinching of your fingers. While it may not be as portable as dedicated portable kayaks, the Catch Mode 110 strikes a good balance among its competitors.

How Stable is the Pelican Catch Mode 110 Kayak?

The Catch Mode 110 offers exceptional stability in all three positions: normal, elevated seating, and standing. This stability is crucial, especially when you want a better view while fishing. Higher seating positions raise your center of gravity, which can compromise stability. However, the Catch Mode 110’s design compensates for this flawlessly.

Pelican Catch Mode 110

How Does the Pelican Catch Mode 110 Perform?

The Catch Mode 110 prioritizes stability over speed. Its short and wide sit-on-top body is not designed for fast-paced adventures. However, it excels at providing a stable fishing platform. Its retractable skeg significantly improves tracking, ensuring that you won’t waste energy constantly correcting your course. While you need to manually retract the skeg once it’s down, it’s a small inconvenience for the overall performance of the kayak.

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I highly recommend using an adjustable paddle, such as the Wilderness Systems Pungo Glass, with the Catch Mode 110. The ideal paddle length depends on your seating position, and having an adjustable paddle allows you to customize it to your needs.

Is the Pelican Catch Mode 110 Comfortable?

The Catch Mode 110 offers excellent comfort thanks to its versatility. You can switch between different seating positions, such as low/normal, cross-legged, elevated, and standing, providing you with a comfortable experience no matter how you prefer to fish. The suspension seat is a standout feature, as it molds to your body shape, ensuring optimal support. The wide seat accommodates a broad range of users.

The only minor drawback is that the back support could use more lumbar support for improved comfort. The seat can also shift from side to side, which can be rectified by adding some material between the seat and the sides of the kayak. Additionally, taller individuals may find the footpegs limiting, while shorter individuals will find them perfectly suited to their needs.

Pelican Catch Mode 110

Features of the Pelican Catch Mode 110

The Catch Mode 110 boasts several impressive features, although a few could use improvement. The bow storage area with its removable cover is a convenient addition, allowing you to keep your gear securely stowed and easily accessible. The bungee-style water bottle holders on each side of the kayak are another thoughtful feature, ensuring your drink stays within reach without causing any unnecessary noise.

However, the placement of the gear tracks could be better, as they tend to interfere with paddle movement. Nevertheless, these tracks provide endless possibilities for accessory attachments, giving you the opportunity to enhance your fishing experience. Lastly, the retractable skeg, while useful, cannot be controlled from within the kayak, requiring you to manually adjust it onshore.

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Is the Pelican Catch Mode 110 Worth It?

Despite a few minor quirks, the Pelican Catch Mode 110 is unquestionably worth its price tag of $740 USD. For a fishing-specific kayak with such a range of features, this is an excellent value. There are only a handful of similarly priced kayaks in the same class, with the Perception Pescador being a noteworthy contender. However, thanks to its superior suspension seat, the Catch Mode 110 takes the crown in terms of comfort.

Pelican Catch Mode 110

Who Should Consider the Pelican Catch Mode 110?

The Catch Mode 110 is a versatile kayak suitable for various individuals. It is an excellent choice for beginners entering the world of kayak fishing, as well as those who enjoy casual paddling adventures. Even experienced anglers can appreciate this kayak, as it provides a solid platform for customization. While it may not offer exceptional paddling efficiency for long distances or high-speed performance, it excels at providing stability for anglers and recreational kayakers alike.

I hope you found this review helpful. For more kayak breakdowns, useful tips, and engaging Paddle Tales videos, be sure to visit Ratingperson.

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