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“Alerta Roja 2”: Release Date, Plot, Trailer

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Alerta Roja

The open-ended conclusion of the movie “Alerta Roja” clearly sets the stage for a Netflix cinematic franchise, following in the footsteps of “Tyler Rake” and “Enola Holmes.” While there hasn’t been an official confirmation from Netflix, Deadline magazine has leaked reliable information that not only is there a sequel in the works, but there will be multiple movies with the same screenwriter and cast. The heist genre fits perfectly into Netflix’s catalog, with titles like “Lupin” being among the most-watched on the platform.

The Future of “Alerta Roja”

The ending of “Alerta Roja” leaves no room for confusion. John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) and Sarah Black (Gal Gadot) have outsmarted Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) and exacted their revenge. It’s evident that the trio enjoys their life of theft, and they are now in search of a benefactor or a nemesis to fund their heists or try to trip them up. The only lingering question is whether the three thieves will ever go in search of Vin Diesel’s audition tape for “Cats” (that’s an Easter egg and not Cleopatra’s eggs in the movie).

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“Alerta Roja 2” and “Alerta Roja 3”: Plot

The logical next step for the sequel is to explore what happens after the trio’s heist at the Louvre. Will it go smoothly, or will they fall into a trap? The sequel can start right after the robbery and unravel the story behind it. Is it all a ploy orchestrated by Sotto Voce to get revenge on the three thieves? Or is Booth trying to teach the two kings a lesson? It’s unlikely that Booth is an undercover cop trying to catch the “Alfil” since he has had several opportunities to do so. The film’s final scene jumps six months ahead, leaving room for another leap in the sequel.

Release Date for “Alerta Roja 2” and “Alerta Roja”

While there is no official confirmation from Netflix yet, considering the quick confirmations for movies like “Enola Holmes” and “Tyler Rake,” it’s safe to assume that “Alerta Roja” will follow suit. The release date will likely depend on the availability of the three stars, two of whom are cinematic juggernauts. However, with the pandemic changing the landscape of production and the rise of new platforms for entertainment distribution, traditional timelines and schedules have become more flexible.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Alerta Roja 2” and “Alerta Roja”!

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