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RTM Ocean Duo Kayak Sit on Top Package

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RTM Ocean Duo Kayak Package

This double kayak, our best selling tandem, is designed to accommodate either 1, 2 or 3 persons (2 adult, 1 child). Due to its unique center seat it can be also paddled solo. This is the ideal sit-on-top kayak choice for family use. Comfortable and dry, it is a pleasure to paddle. With the keel shaped hull it tracks very well in a straight line & is easily accessible for first time paddlers. Equipped with storage areas in the stern and the center of the boat, you can take the Ocean Duo on extended touring trips up the coast or inland waterways.

Standard Features

  • Bow, stern and side carry handles
  • Molded in inserts and d-rings for seats
  • Paddle holders
  • Center and stern gear straps
  • Scupper holes
  • Unsinkable design
  • Corrosion resistant fittings


  • Length 12 ft 2 in 370 cm
  • Width 34 in 88 cm
  • Depth 13 in 33 cm
  • Weight 64 lb 29 kg
  • Max Capacity 485 lb 220 kg

Options (at additional expense)

  • Thigh brace kit
  • Paddle leash
  • 4 scupper water stoppers
  • Sit on Top transport trolley
  • Gear sack or barrel max 24 liters

The RTM Ocean Duo is a one piece roto-moulded tandem sit on top kayak. Designed and made in France, we consider RTM to be the premier brand on the market today.

The Ocean Duo is a great all rounder and has proved very versatile. It has enough volume to carry 220kg of paddlers and whilst it is primarily aimed at being paddled by two people, can be paddled solo, although it’s not so easy to turn around! For families there is also the advantage of a third seat in the middle of the boat, so you can take a child with you and keep sight of them. We have also seen this boat paddled with two adults and two small children on board. Needless to say the stability of the Ocean Duo is excellent and doesn’t feel at all tippy. This is great if you’re using it at the beach in choppy water or the kids want to lean over the side to look at jellyfish….. Aside from using the boat on the water, you should also consider how you will transport and store it. The Ocean Duo is 370cm by 88cm and it weighs in at 29kg. It’s not a boat you can easily lift onto a roofrack by yourself, especially if you have a high vehicle. I have a couple of kick stools from Ikea which are great for giving us enough height to get boards on and off the racks on the van. Lockable rack straps are also a sound investment so you can leave the kayak secured while you go off and do other things. From my own point of view, the Ocean Duo makes a nice boat to introduce non paddlers to the water. It tracks nicely in a straight line, thanks to the shaping on the hull, so matching your strokes perfectly isn’t much of an issue. There is also a good deal of on-deck space for storage, which makes it easy to bring your lunch etc along for the ride. There are lots of dry bags and barrels available to keep the water out of your sandwiches, phone, camera, gps….. actually if you do get a wave into the boat the scupper holes allow it to self drain so the water just goes out the bottom. These holes can be plugged if you want, which stops water from coming up through them into the cockpit. There are loads of accessories for the RTM boats so you can outfit your Ocean Duo to fulfill your requirements from angling to camping trips. This package with the paddles and back rests is a great way to start out with the Ocean Duo, getting you on the water at a great price. If you want to chat through the different boats and the options available why not give the 24-7 Team a call in the shop on 02380 894000 or come down and see us in person and take an RTM kayak out for a paddle yourself.

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Shipping to mainland UK destinations only. Please contact us first for potential delivery to Highlands and Islands as there will be a shipping charge for thisCollection from the shop and local deliveries are of course no problem by arrangement, as most models of kayaks will be in our warehouse due to the limited size of the shop, making it impossible to display everything we have!Always talk to us first for help, advice, stock levels and locations, so we can do everything possible to meet your needs or make recommendations to help with your selection of the best options?

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