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The Sea-Doo Switch stands out among pontoon boats, setting itself apart from the rest with its unique design and capabilities. One question that often arises is, “How fast can the Sea-Doo Switch go? Can it handle tubing or skiing?” In this article, we will address these questions and more.

Sea-Doo Switch: Top Speed Options

The Sea-Doo Switch offers various engine options ranging from 100HP to 260HP, each with its own top speed. Here’s a breakdown of the top speeds for each engine option:

  • 100HP: Approximately 26MPH
  • 170HP: Approximately 34 to 37MPH
  • 230HP: Approximately 44MPH

Please note that factors such as weight, riding conditions, and other variables can slightly impact the top speed. However, even with these slight variations, the Sea-Doo Switch remains competitive within the pontoon boat market. For instance, the average pontoon boat typically reaches speeds between 15MPH and 50MPH. It’s worth mentioning that 20MPH may not feel fast in a car due to the protective enclosure, but when you’re being pulled on a tube, it creates a much more exhilarating experience.

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Can the Sea-Doo Switch Pull Tubes?

Tubing is a popular family activity enjoyed by many pontoon boat owners. Despite the Sea-Doo Switch’s distinct jet drive system, it has no trouble pulling a tube. As we discussed in our previous article on the horsepower required for tubing, the essential factor is the boat’s ability to reach a speed of at least 15MPH. Fortunately, even the 100HP Sea-Doo Switch is more than capable of achieving this speed.

It’s important to note that additional horsepower is necessary for other pull sports such as waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Pulling Skiers with the Sea-Doo Switch

Speed is not as crucial for tow sports, as they typically stay below 30MPH and often remain around 25MPH. As long as your boat can exceed 25MPH, pulling a skier is entirely feasible. While the 100HP Sea-Doo Switch can reach 26MPH, opting for the 170HP option is recommended, as it provides the necessary bottom-end power required for skiers to get up on plane.

One remarkable feature of the Sea-Doo Switch is its “SKI-MODE,” allowing users to set a take-off power and top speed, ensuring consistent and reliable pulls every time. Although the Sea-Doo Switch may not replace dedicated ski or wakeboard boats, it is an excellent all-round family boat capable of pulling tubes, skiers, and wakeboards.

Reliability of the Sea-Doo Switch

The Sea-Doo Switch’s engine is based on the Rotax engine used in their personal watercraft (PWC). What sets Sea-Doo apart is that they not only manufacture the boats but also produce the engines themselves. This unique integration provides Sea-Doo with better control and allows them to create purpose-built marine engines. One such example is the incorporation of closed-loop cooling, a feature absent in larger and more expensive boats.

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The engine’s foundation lies in the Sea-Doo 4-tec engine, which was first introduced in 2002. In 2016, it was upgraded to the new ACE platform, found in the Sea-Doo Switch. Over the years, the ACE engine block has undergone significant enhancements, addressing previous issues and making it the most reliable iteration to date. With thousands of Sea-Doo watercraft already equipped with this engine, Sea-Doo has had the advantage of extensive testing and refinement.

Supercharged Power in the Sea-Doo Switch

Only the 230HP Sea-Doo Switch model features a supercharged engine. While a supercharger provides greater power, it also requires increased fuel consumption and maintenance. Personally, I am a fan of the 170HP Switch, but if you are seeking the maximum speed achievable with the Sea-Doo Switch, the 230HP option is your best bet.

Unique Features: Reverse and Brakes

The Sea-Doo Switch is the sole boat on the market that includes not only reverse, neutral, and forward controls but also brakes. The addition of brakes to a boat is a standout feature, and they function exceptionally well in the Sea-Doo Switch.

Is the Sea-Doo Switch Still Considered a Boat?

Despite its unique handlebar and jet drive system, the Sea-Doo Switch is indeed classified as a boat. It possesses the key characteristics of a boat, floating on water with an engine. The Sea-Doo Switch may resemble a jet ski in some ways, but ultimately, a jet ski is a type of boat too. Although the Sea-Doo Switch may challenge traditional notions of what a boat should be, once you experience driving one, you’ll understand its appeal. It proves to be an outstanding choice for those new to boating or seeking a straightforward and family-friendly vessel.

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The Sea-Doo Switch is a boat that offers easy-to-use controls, impressive features, and a reliable performance, making it an excellent option for beginners and families alike.

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