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Maite Perroni’s Amazing 2023: Hit Thriller ‘Tríada’ (Triptych), Pregnancy, and RBD Reunion Tour

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Maite Perroni in a scene from Netflix's "Tríada."

2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Mexican actress and singer Maite Perroni. With her new Netflix thriller “Tríada” (Triptych), a bundle of joy on the way, and a long-awaited reunion tour with her former RBD bandmates, Perroni has plenty to celebrate.

A Netflix Triumph

In “Tríada” (Triptych), Perroni takes on the challenging role of triplets separated at birth. The show quickly climbed Netflix’s global top 10 charts, becoming the number one non-English TV program during its first two weeks. While it slipped a bit in week three, it remains among the top ten, showcasing its lasting popularity.

Reflecting on the success, Perroni expressed her pride in seeing a Mexican project excel on a global scale. “I feel very proud to know that a Mexican project can go globally and can have this success,” she shared. Portraying three distinct characters pushed Perroni’s acting skills to new heights. “The process was very complicated, but in the end, I loved it because it was an amazing opportunity for me to become a better actress,” she added.

Tríada/Triptych led Netflix's global top 10 in its first two weeks.

A Dedicated Fan Base

Perroni’s fame extends far beyond her roles on telenovelas and in the acclaimed pop group Rebelde (RBD). With a massive social media following of nearly 30 million, her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok accounts have become virtual gathering places for fans worldwide. These loyal supporters have propelled her to success in the streaming world, boosting the popularity of her previous Netflix series, such as “Dark Desire” and “El Juego de las Llaves.”

“I consider it a blessing to do what I’m passionate about and take risks that push me out of my comfort zone,” Perroni acknowledged. Her involvement in “Juego de las Llaves” opened doors to the streaming world and led to her role in “Dark Desire.” Now, with “Tríada,” she embarks on a thrilling new challenge.

A Multifaceted Talent

Perroni is not content to rest on her laurels, always seeking opportunities to evolve and grow as an artist. In addition to her accomplishments as an actress and singer, she now adds producer credits to her portfolio. This newfound responsibility allows her to generate diverse content and offer opportunities for other actors to share their stories.

“Production is definitely one of my goals, and in the long term, I would love to be able to generate content to give opportunities to other actors to be able to tell other kinds of stories,” Perroni shared. Partnering with Netflix, she looks forward to learning the intricacies of producing and sharing unique narratives with the world.

A New Role: Motherhood

While her professional life flourishes, Perroni eagerly anticipates her greatest role yet: motherhood. Expecting a baby girl in May, she plans to take a brief hiatus to fully embrace this beautiful and transformative phase of her life. With joy radiating from her smile, Perroni said, “I’m going to pause all work for a few months to enjoy the most beautiful and important stage of my life once my baby arrives, focusing on her and being a mom.”

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Reuniting with RBD

However, Perroni’s break from work will be short-lived. Just three months after giving birth, she will join her former RBD bandmates for a worldwide reunion tour. RBD, a Latin pop phenomenon that sold over 15 million records worldwide, disbanded in 2009. Finally, after 15 years, Perroni and her fellow RBD members will come together again to deliver an unforgettable experience to their adoring fans. The tour will span four months, with a demanding schedule of 60 concerts across the United States, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico.

“This year is going to be an amazing one because finally, after 15 years, RBD is going to be together again,” Perroni exclaimed with excitement. “We’re going to start the tour on August 25 in Texas, and then we’re going to travel all the way until December, performing in the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico. We are very excited!”

Looking Ahead

As for what the future holds, Perroni expressed her interest in exploring English-language scripts. While nothing concrete is on the horizon, her talented presence is sure to captivate audiences wherever she goes. For now, she remains focused on promoting “Tríada,” embracing motherhood, and preparing for the exhilarating RBD reunion tour.

“I will be focused on wrapping up promotion for ‘Triptych,’ welcoming my baby, and then preparing to go on tour,” Perroni explained. With an overflowing schedule and numerous projects in the pipeline, Perroni is grateful for the abundance of work in her life. “I’m so busy, I’m short on time, but I have to thank God that right now, I have a lot of work.”

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Maite Perroni’s triple success in 2023 is an inspiration to fans and aspiring artists alike. She exemplifies dedication, passion, and the courage to seize new opportunities. To keep up with Maite Perroni’s journey and latest updates, visit Ratingperson.

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