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Recycled Paperback Snowman: A Groovy Retro Christmas Craft

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Recycling has never been so cool! Discover how to transform a simple paperback book into a retro snowman with a hint of seventies nostalgia. In just a few easy steps, you can create a unique piece of holiday decor that’s sure to bring a touch of whimsy to your home.

How to Make a Snowman from a Paperback Book

By Jane Lake

This snowman is part of a delightful Christmas set, and it can be made using either a recycled paperback book or old Reader’s Digest magazines. While there’s some page folding involved, the process is surprisingly quick and straightforward. If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to check out the other models, like the Paperback or Reader’s Digest Santa Claus or the Paperback Christmas Tree, which follow a similar folding technique.

Body Assembly

To begin, start by gluing together the two halves you’ve just made to create a complete circular snowman body. Once assembled, flip the body upside down and measure the diameter of the base. Cut a cardboard circle to fit, and then securely glue it to the bottom of the base. For that perfect wintry look, paint the snowman body with several coats of white spray paint. Don’t worry, the process may seem time-consuming, but the end result is well worth it.


The snowman’s face is where the magic happens. Use a serrated knife to slice a small flat piece from the bottom of a styrofoam ball. Then, insert black beads into the styrofoam to form the mouth and eyes. Create a small hole in the styrofoam for each bead, dip the bead in white glue, and press it into place. For the finishing touch, cut a small triangle from orange craft foam or felt and glue it in place as the snowman’s nose. To make the hat, cut a cardboard segment from an egg carton, paint it black, and attach it to a circle of black felt. Securely glue the hat on top of the styrofoam head, and finally, attach the flat bottom of the styrofoam ball to the top of the snowman’s body.

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Get creative with the snowman’s arms! Twist two chenille stems together lengthwise to create a sturdy frame. Then, cut a rectangle of white felt, two inches wide and two inches shorter than the chenille stem. Center the chenille stem on top of the felt, and fold the felt in half over the length of the stem. Apply glue along both long inner edges of the felt, pressing them together to form a sleeve. For the snowman’s hands, cut out four small mitten shapes from red felt. Glue two mitten pieces together over one end of the chenille stem, and repeat on the other side. Add a slight curve to the arms and apply glue to the inside center section. Attach the arms at the top back of the snowman’s body, just below the head.

Finishing Touches

This snowman wouldn’t be complete without a few final details. Glue three black pom poms or buttons down the front of the snowman to create buttons. Then, adorn the snowman’s neck with a scarf of your choice, whether it be ribbon, fabric, or yarn. Let your imagination run wild!



For more inspiration, check out the Recycled Book Club paperback Snowman in this how-to video from the Northwest Regional Library System, Florida. You can even customize your snowman by deciding whether or not to include a hat. The possibilities are endless!

To discover more ingenious crafts and DIY projects, head over to Ratingperson, the ultimate hub for creative inspiration.

Unleash your inner artist and have a blast creating your very own recycled paperback snowman. It’s time to bring some retro charm to your Christmas decor!

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