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Exclusive Interview: Sonia Mena Dishes on “Tell Me Lies,” Finding Authenticity in Character, and More

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Sonia Mena’s mesmerizing performance in the captivating new series, Tell Me Lies, has audiences buzzing with excitement. This coming-of-age drama takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we witness the tumultuous yet captivating relationship between Lucy Albright (played by Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (portrayed by Jackson White) unfold over eight eventful years. From seemingly trivial choices to life-altering consequences, Mena’s portrayal leaves an indelible mark on viewers.

In an exclusive interview with Ratingperson, Sonia Mena opens up about her experience working on Tell Me Lies, connecting with her character, and the power of storytelling.

Discovering the Passion for Storytelling and the Arts


When asked about her journey into the world of storytelling and the arts, Sonia Mena shares her early involvement in plays and dance. Having fallen out of love with dance and back in love with acting during her college years, Mena’s passion for the craft became an inherent part of her identity. Drawing inspiration from her father, a journalist turned novelist, Mena was enveloped in a world of storytelling from an early age.

The Impact of Behind-the-Scenes Work


Aside from acting, Sonia Mena has also ventured into writing and producing. She expresses her keen interest in learning about every aspect of filmmaking, with aspirations of running her own set someday. Mena believes that her experience in editing has been instrumental in understanding the intricate workings of the industry. It’s through this lens that she gained a holistic perspective on the art of filmmaking.

Get to Know “Tell Me Lies”


Sonia Mena delves into the intricacies of Tell Me Lies, highlighting its relatable and toxic love story that resonates with many viewers. As Pippa, one of Lucy Albright’s best friends, Mena portrays a flawed character navigating through questionable choices. The rawness and depth of the character drew Mena to the project, as she recognized parts of herself in Pippa’s internal struggles. Meaghan Oppenheimer’s detailed writing, with its multi-layered approach, provided Mena with an exciting and challenging role to tackle.

Reflections on Living with a Character


Living together in Atlanta during the shooting of Tell Me Lies, the cast built genuine friendships that infused their on-screen relationships with authenticity. Mena shares how the camaraderie amongst the cast created a unique dynamic, blurring the lines between their characters and their real-life selves. This close-knit bond allowed for a deeper understanding of each other’s emotions, which translated organically on screen.

Universal Themes and Takeaways


The series tackles universal themes, striking a chord with viewers. Sonia Mena reveals that the exploration of identity and the feeling of being lost deeply resonated with her. Drawing inspiration from Pippa’s journey to share more of herself, Mena hopes the audience will discover valuable lessons within the story. With a touch of humor, she suggests that viewers should learn from the characters’ mistakes rather than emulate them.

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What Lies Ahead for Pippa’s Arc


Exciting revelations await Tell Me Lies fans in the back half of the season. Sonia Mena hints at uncovering Pippa’s past, shedding light on her true identity beyond her current circumstances. As Pippa’s life begins to unravel, viewers can anticipate a riveting and transformational experience. Mena further teases the characters’ physical and emotional evolution, including a captivating visual transformation and an emotional demise.

Diving into the Dark Places


When asked about the nuanced portrayal of her character’s emotional journey, Sonia Mena explains that she tapped into the moment on set to fully immerse herself. The experience felt intimate and familiar, despite the knowledge that millions would eventually see her work. Mena recalls the joy she found in exploring the dark depths of her character, highlighting the fun and fulfillment derived from the process.

Empowering Stories for the Future


Sonia Mena has always utilized her platform to bring important stories to the forefront. Looking ahead, she expresses excitement for the evolving landscape of roles and narratives. Mena notes the significant shift in the types of roles available, with a greater emphasis on diverse and authentic storytelling. By breaking away from traditional stereotypes, she hopes to see more stories that celebrate the strength and resilience of different cultures.

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