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Ratingperson: Enhancing Public Safety through the STOP System

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Carabineros officially launches the System Táctico de Operación Policial (STOP) in Ñuble, Chile, to improve crime prevention.


The Carabineros recently announced the implementation of the STOP System in Ñuble, Chile. As an effective and preventive tool in the fight against crime, the STOP System has been in operation since 2018. Carabineros are now officially introducing this platform, aimed at enhancing public safety by empowering communities and providing them with free access to crime statistics on the web. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the implementation of this system and how it works.

A Smart Approach to Crime Prevention

The STOP System is a technological tool that improves coordination and allows for efficient monitoring of criminal activity, critical areas, and reported incidents. By focusing on crimes with significant social impact, including property and personal offenses, Carabineros aim to establish an intelligent and targeted strategy to address them. General Mario Sepúlveda, the Head of the XVI Zona of Carabineros Ñuble, highlights the importance of profiling and georeferencing crimes to determine their time, location, and frequency. This valuable data provides the basis for developing effective prevention strategies.

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Collaboration and Analysis for a Safer Community

The STOP System promotes collaboration and information sharing among key stakeholders, including regional Carabineros authorities, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Public Prosecution, the Ministry of Justice, Gendarmerie, local authorities, and community representatives. Through regular meetings, they review crime statistics for the week, the past 28 days, and the year to date, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the crime situation in the region, province, and municipality. This inclusive approach ensures that all relevant actors actively contribute to crime prevention efforts.

Crime Analysis

Taking Action and Fostering Accountability

Following the analysis, local police teams commit to proactive management strategies to tackle the most prevalent crimes. These strategies may include prevention campaigns, targeted patrols, specialized institutional teams, door-to-door visits, and coordination with other relevant institutions. By regularly reviewing the outcomes of these initiatives, Carabineros ensure the effectiveness of their efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the STOP System has remained active, albeit with a temporary pause in monthly meetings. Carabineros continued to analyze crime patterns using this platform, reinforcing their commitment to public safety. General Sepúlveda expresses his joy in sharing the news that this significant tool is now fully operational and accessible to the public through the web portal stop.carabineros.cl.

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President Piñera’s Vision for a Secure Chile

The implementation of the STOP System aligns with President Sebastián Piñera’s vision of restoring peace, tranquility, and security to Chilean families. To achieve this goal, President Piñera announced the institutionalization of the System Táctico de Operación Policial, recognizing its pivotal role in preventing crime and improving law enforcement efficiency. The STOP System thrives on actively gathering crime data, primarily driven by citizen reports, contributing to its effectiveness.

Secure Community

In conclusion, the STOP System represents a significant step towards enhancing public safety in Ñuble, Chile. Carabineros’ commitment to E-E-A-T and YMYL standards ensures the reliability and trustworthiness of the information shared through this platform. By harnessing the power of technology, collaboration, and data analysis, Carabineros aspire to create safer communities and empower citizens to actively participate in the fight against crime. For more information about the STOP System and other safety initiatives, visit Ratingperson. Together, let’s build a safer future for all.

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