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The Promise of a New World Order

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President Bush may have popularized the phrase “new world order” to describe the changing political landscape influenced by perestroika in the Soviet Union and new alliances in Western Europe. However, there is a divine promise of a truly new world order—a time of world peace, abundance, and prosperity. This period, known as the Millennial Kingdom, is characterized by the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ on earth. While President Bush’s aspirations for global peace are admirable, the true new world order will only be ushered in with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The First Resurrection and Life in the Millennium

The concept of the “first resurrection” refers to the resurrection of the saints who will reign with Christ during the Millennium. It includes those resurrected immediately after Christ, believers who are raptured, the two witnesses, martyrs of the Tribulation, and Old Testament saints. These righteous individuals will enter the Kingdom at its inception. In contrast, the unrighteous will face judgment after the Millennium. During this time, those who have accepted the Lord will experience a time of unprecedented peace, healing, and longevity.

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Restoration of the Land and a New Social Order

The land of Israel and the whole world will undergo great topographical changes during Christ’s return. Jerusalem will be elevated and enlarged, becoming the capital of God’s program and the geographic center of His reign. A river will flow from Jerusalem, causing the desert to bloom, and the land will be incredibly fruitful. The perfect economic system will eliminate unemployment and strife, ensuring an abundance of food and ending famine and starvation. Social, political, and religious oppression will be eradicated, leading to a world of peace, justice, and joy.

The Reign of the Lord and King David’s Role

Upon His return, the Lord will dwell in Zion and rule over the nations from David’s throne. His reign will be characterized by absolute authority, power, righteousness, and justice. Scripture hints at King David having a vice-regent rule during the Millennium, serving alongside Christ. Under this reign, the apostles will also have positions of honor and authority. The Church, too, will be a kingdom of priests and will likely serve the Lord among the nations.

Religion in the Millennium

During the Millennium, worship will be reestablished on the Sabbath, and animal sacrifices will be reinstituted in the new Millennial Temple. Priests from the tribe of Levi will lead in worship, and the sons of Zadok will serve in the Temple. Animal sacrifices will serve as a memorial offering, reminding people of the necessity and costliness of salvation and acting as an illustration of sin and the holiness of God. Jews will play a significant role as ministers of God, proclaiming the Messiah’s glory to the nations.

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A Call to Proclaim the Gospel

The Millennium represents a new world order—true peace and prosperity brought about by the sinless Christ. However, only those who have received Jesus Christ as their Savior will have a part in this new world order. For the unsaved, there is the prospect of damnation and eternal suffering. As believers, we have a responsibility to proclaim the gospel so that others can experience the joy of being part of this new world order.

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