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A Captivating Tale of Friendship and Resilience

Step into the pages of Jasmin Darznik’s The Bohemians, a remarkable story that unfolds in 1918 San Francisco. Dazzling and heartbreaking, it delves into a world that parallels our own, exploring the remarkable friendship between two women from different backgrounds.

An Intimate Glimpse into History

Darznik takes us on a captivating journey through historical fiction, introducing us to a young Dorothea Lange before she became a renowned photographer. We witness her experiences in San Francisco, an artists’ haven, and the profound impact of her friendship with Caroline, a Chinese woman who widens Dorothea’s perspective on society’s issues.

Addressing Dark Realities

In this sincere and unflinching narrative, Darznik fearlessly confronts challenging themes including racial discrimination, prejudice, child trafficking, corruption, patriarchy, and societal exclusion. These age-old concerns resonate with the world we live in today, shedding light on the fact that these problems have persisted throughout the years.

Parallels to Modern Times

While immersed in the time period of the story, it is impossible to ignore the eerie similarities to our present reality. As the Spanish Flu wreaks havoc across the globe, the story unravels gripping accounts of conflicting opinions on mask-wearing, the spread of misinformation, and politicians attempting to control the uncontrollable. These reflections of our own world are both unsettling and enlightening.

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A Tapestry of Artistic Giants

One of the most enchanting aspects of The Bohemians is the way it breathes life into the late-night scenes of “Midnight in Paris.” Just as Owen Wilson’s character finds himself surrounded by literary and artistic legends, Lange’s world is adorned by the presence of Ansel Adams, Frida Kahlo, and other luminaries. These enchanting cameos will leave art enthusiasts and history buffs positively giddy.

A Literary Gem for All Readers

With its beautifully woven narrative, The Bohemians is a treasure trove of historical fiction. Not only does it cater to lovers of this genre, but it also captivates those interested in exploring societal issues, delving into San Francisco’s vibrant history, or simply craving a rich and compassionate story about an enduring friendship between remarkable women.

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Please note: The Bohemians is available for purchase at Amazon, Book Depository, and other reputable book retailers, including your local bookstore.

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