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Most Reliable and Least Reliable Cars Revealed: A Comprehensive Study

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In times of financial strain, the last thing we need is for our cars to become a source of never-ending repair bills. Luckily, there are surveys conducted by trusted organizations that allow car owners to provide feedback on the reliability of their vehicles. One such survey is conducted by What Car?, which has gathered responses from nearly 25,000 British drivers. The results shed light on the brands that can be trusted and those that encounter frequent issues.

The Top Performers and the Surprising Standout

This year’s report reveals four cars with impeccable track records in terms of reliability. However, one brand stands out for its significantly low reliability score among the 250 models analyzed: Land Rover. This score is particularly concerning considering that Land Rover models are still being sold today.

The Power of Owner Feedback

What Car? collected feedback from 24,927 UK drivers regarding their experiences with their cars over the past two years. Based on this feedback, they ranked 32 brands and assigned reliability scores to 248 different models.

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The Hybrids Take the Lead

If reliability is your top priority, hybrid cars are the way to go. They scored an impressive average of 95.4% in the survey, positioning them at the top of the 12 vehicle classes reviewed. On the other hand, electric cars received a reliability score of 90.9%, making them the third least dependable class, trailing only luxury cars and luxury SUVs.

The Most Dependable Brands

Lexus claims the top spot as the most dependable brand, with an outstanding overall score of 98.4%. Toyota, the parent company of Lexus, closely follows with a reliability score of 97.2%. Both manufacturers have a well-earned reputation for producing solid and reliable vehicles.

Surprises at the Top

Mini, a British manufacturer, defies expectations by placing third overall with a reliability score of 97%. This achievement is a testament to the quality of cars produced in Mini’s British manufacturing plant in Oxford, including the popular hatchback and Mini Electric models. Additionally, MG Motor and Dacia, known for their budget-friendly range of vehicles, secure spots in the top 10 most reliable brands, with reliability scores of 95% and 94.4% respectively.

The Least Dependable Makes

Taking the title of the least dependable make is Jeep, with an overall reliability score of only 77%. Land Rover follows closely behind with a score of 81.4%. European brands dominate the least-reliable brands chart, with Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Jaguar, Vauxhall, and Mercedes occupying six of the remaining eight spots at the bottom of the league table.

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Model Highlights

In terms of specific models, four cars achieved a perfect 100% reliability rating: the current versions of the Hyundai Tucson and Mini Convertible, as well as the used-only Kia Soul (2014-2019) and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (2017-2021). On the other end of the spectrum, the Land Rover Discovery, still available in showrooms today, received the lowest reliability score of 70.7%. This suggests that this 4X4 is causing its owners quite a headache.

The Importance of the Survey

It’s important to note that this survey only includes cars up to five years old, providing valuable insights for buyers looking to purchase new or nearly-new vehicles. Owners were asked about any faults their cars encountered in the past two years, including the duration of repairs and associated costs. These factors determined the overall reliability score for each model and brand.

What Owners Experienced

Of the 24,927 drivers surveyed, 21% reported experiencing faults with their cars. Fortunately, 83% of these issues were repaired free of charge, most likely covered under warranty. However, nearly 10% of drivers had to pay between £101 and £500 for repairs, while 2% had to shell out over £1,500 to get their cars fixed.

Repair Times and Inconvenience

While 37% of problematic vehicles could still be driven and were fixed within a day, a quarter of them took over a week to get back on the road. These findings are essential for buyers to consider when making their purchasing decisions.

Making Informed Choices

Steve Huntingford, the editor of What Car?, emphasizes the significance of choosing your car carefully to keep motoring costs down, especially during financially challenging times. Selecting a reliable make and model ensures that you won’t encounter any unwelcome surprises. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a reliable car. Some of the highest-scoring brands also offer affordable models.

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