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Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 27 Recap & Ending

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Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 27 Recap & Ending

Welcome to the exciting recap and ending of Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 27. In this episode, we witness Tantai Jin’s unwavering commitment to protecting Ye Xiwu and the introduction of a mysterious treasure.

Twin Bracelets

Till the End of the Moon

Tantai Jin, deeply caring for Ye Xiwu, believes that she should live a fulfilling life because her life belongs to him. Meanwhile, Pang Yizhi, claiming to be a disciple of the Xiaoyao Sect, approaches Tantai Jin and makes a shocking request. Pang Yizhi asks for Tantai Jin’s heart blood, warning him that he will lose his loved ones and endure eternal suffering if he refuses.

To convince Tantai Jin, Pang Yizhi unveils a treasure called the Yin-Yang Bracelets. These bracelets have the power to protect the wearer from death if the other bracelet’s master survives. Intrigued, Tantai Jin contemplates Pang Yizhi’s offer and eventually agrees to give him his blood. As a result, Pang Yizhi hands over the Yin-Yang Bracelets to Tantai Jin, who wears one himself and places the other on Ye Xiwu. Their fates intertwine, and Tantai Jin spits blood as a sacrifice.

Realizing that Ye Xiwu’s life is in danger if their secret is revealed, Tantai Jin instructs Nian Baiyu to lock her up in the Cold Palace. Tantai Jin understands that his own life is now linked to Ye Xiwu’s, and any harm that befalls her will directly affect him. To protect her, he decides not to disclose the existence of the bracelets to Ye Xiwu.

As the plot thickens, Nian Baiyu reveals that Ye Bingchang attempted to kill Ye Xiwu because Ye Xiwu had killed her husband, Xiao Lin. Surprisingly, Tantai Jin accepts the blame for Xiao Lin’s death and spares Ye Bingchang’s life. Nian Baiyu suspects that Pang Yizhi has ulterior motives in seeking Tantai Jin’s heart blood.

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Concerned for Tantai Jin’s well-being, Nian Baiyu urges him to prioritize his health, but Tantai Jin remains indifferent. Li Susu, burdened with guilt, confesses to Ji Ze that she never intended to harm Tantai Jin. Despite their complicated relationship, Li Susu admits to being moved by Tantai Jin’s actions, both god-like and devilish.

In a critical conversation, Ji Ze reminds Li Susu that regardless of their choices, their ending will be the same. He mentions a dream, tear, and thread, urging her to seize the opportunity presented to her.

As events unfold, Ye Xiwu wakes up and contemplates a dangerous plan to exchange the immortality essence with the evil bone. However, she lacks the required immortal essence. Ye Xiwu discovers that she is residing in Tantai Jin’s childhood home and stumbles upon a drawing he made. Pian Ran, a supportive presence, advises Ye Xiwu to take her medicine.

Troubled by the constraints of her situation, Ye Xiwu resolves that she cannot die before completing her mission. Tantai Jin, aware of Ye Xiwu’s actions, experiences pain as a result of wearing the Yang Bracelet.

Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 27 Ending

Episode 27 of Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama concludes with a shocking turn of events. Pian Ran fatally attacks Fu Yu, and in her final moments, Fu Yu looks towards Tantai Minglang before closing her eyes and shedding tears. Reacting swiftly, Tantai Minglang retaliates by shooting Pian Ran with a crossbow, but tragically, Ye Qingyu sacrifices himself by blocking the arrow, which pierces his body.

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Stay tuned for the next episode as the drama unfolds, leaving us on the edge of our seats.

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