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Gel Polish Tip Top 7ml: Perfect for Long-Lasting Nail Color

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The Professional Gel Polish Range by Indigo Nails Lab

Are you tired of your nail polish chipping within a few days? Look no further! Introducing Gel Polish Tip Top 7ml, the revolutionary semi-permanent nail polish range by Indigo Nails Lab. This high-quality gel polish offers a flawless and long-lasting manicure that can stay intact for up to 6 weeks!

Quick and Easy Application

With Gel Polish Tip Top 7ml, you can say goodbye to long waiting times. The unique formula allows for a quick curing process, requiring only 1 minute under UV light or 30 seconds under LED light. It’s fast and convenient!

Choose the Perfect Base for Your Clients

At Indigo Nails Lab, we understand the importance of choosing the right base for your clients. That’s why we offer a range of options to suit different nail types and techniques. Let’s explore some of our top bases:

Liquid Base Removable

Ideal for customers with problematic nails, Liquid Base Removable adapts to modified nail plates caused by hormonal changes or excessive hand perspiration. This base leaves a generous dispersion layer, which can be easily removed with a dry gel brush or fiber-free cotton pad before applying color. It provides a perfect manicure solution for problematic nails and has a fluid consistency.

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Protein Base

Considered the best of the best, Protein Base is a must-have in any nail salon. It’s specifically designed for fragile, brittle, and damaged nails. With Protein Base, you can achieve flexible and beautiful nails while protecting them from further damage. Its thick consistency allows for easy application without touching the cuticles. Protein Base can also be used for strengthening and mini extensions. It dissolves with Remouver lanoline.

Cover Base Very Cool

Save time with Cover Base Very Cool, a fantastic product that allows you to apply the base and color simultaneously. Highly pigmented, it provides 95% coverage and has a thick consistency, perfect for reinforcement and extending the nail up to 3mm. For proper application, a thin base layer is recommended, followed by a slightly thicker layer for reinforcement. It’s necessary to apply a top coat after using Cover Base Very Cool. It dissolves with Remouver.

Mineral Bases

Our Mineral Bases offer more than just a classic base for semi-permanent polish. These bases are 3-in-1: base, color, and top coat. They cover 75% of the nail and allow you to save time during application. Unlike our favorite Protein Base, Mineral Bases have a more liquid consistency and do not dissolve with Remouver lanoline.

Get the Perfect Finish with Top Coats

To complete your Gel Polish manicure, it’s essential to choose the right top coat. At Indigo Nails Lab, we offer a wide range of top coats to suit every preference:

  • Top Gloss 3D Top Coat: This medium-textured coat adds a glossy finish to your nails. It has a sticky layer that can be easily dissolved with Remouver.
  • Removable Top Pro White: With its fluid texture and anti-UV filters, this top coat leaves a sticky layer. It’s perfect for French manicures and can be dissolved with Remouver.
  • Dry Top SuperShine: If you prefer a non-sticky finish, Dry Top SuperShine is the ideal choice. It does not dissolve with Remouver and gives your nails a medium-textured shine.
  • Tip Top Gel Polish: This fluid-textured top coat provides extreme shine and flexibility without any sticky layer.
  • Super Matte Top: For a matte satin finish, Super Matte Top is perfect. It has a medium texture and leaves no sticky layer.
  • Top Matte Princess and Prince: These medium-textured top coats offer a matte satin finish with glitter particles.
  • Stracciatella Top Coat: With its medium texture and dark particles, Stracciatella Top Coat provides a unique matte satin finish.
  • Top Model, Topless, and Topciuszek Top Coat: These fluid-textured top coats add extreme shine, flexibility, and glitter particles to your nails.
  • Hot Dot Top and SuperHot! Top Coat: These fluid-textured top coats provide extreme shine, flexibility, and glitter particles.
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Please note that some Indigo Nails products contain HEMA, and a list of ingredients can be found on the packaging. These products are intended for professional use only.

Experience the Difference with Gel Polish Tip Top 7ml

Ready to elevate your nail game? Try Gel Polish Tip Top 7ml by Indigo Nails Lab and enjoy long-lasting, flawless manicures. Visit Ratingperson for more information and to explore our wide range of nail care products. Your nails deserve the best!

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