Is Top Flite A Good Golf Brand? – Are Their Clubs Good?
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Is Top Flite a Reliable Golf Brand? – Evaluating the Performance of Their Clubs

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You may have encountered Top Flite golf clubs while browsing online or visiting a local sporting goods store. As a prominent brand, they primarily target beginners and high handicappers. Although Top Flite clubs may not be commonly found in the bags of professional golfers, they do offer something of value to everyday players. If you’re considering purchasing a new set of clubs or looking for replacement clubs, you’re likely wondering if Top Flite is a good option. In this brand review, we’ll discuss the general quality and performance of Top Flite clubs, taking into account the company’s history and reputation.

Quick Facts

  • Top Flite Golf was previously owned by Callaway Golf.
  • Currently, the company is owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Top Flite is well-known for producing clubs aimed at beginners and high handicappers.
  • Ben Hogan operates as a subsidiary of Top Flite.

History of Top Flite

The history of Top Flite is closely intertwined with that of Callaway. In 2003, Callaway purchased Top Flite golf due to the company’s financial struggles, largely attributed to competition with Adidas. However, in 2012, Callaway CEO Oliver Gordon Brewer III decided to sell Top Flite as their products were not performing well in the market. Dick’s Sporting Goods emerged as the buyer and took over the company, introducing their clubs both in-store and online. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a surge of new players to the game of golf, resulting in increased demand for entry-level golf clubs. Top Flite has capitalized on this trend, positioning themselves as a brand catering to these new players and enjoying newfound popularity.

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What Are They Known For?

Unlike brands favored by professionals, Top Flite is primarily recognized for its entry-level clubs. They incorporate technology aimed at maximizing forgiveness and distance. High MOI (Moment of Inertia) is a notable feature in many of their clubs, catering to high handicap players. Additionally, Top Flite employs forgiveness technology and features similar to those used by well-known brands like Taylormade and Callaway. The affordability of their clubs also contributes to their popularity among casual and beginner players.

Best Driver – Top Flite Gamer Tour Driver

Top Flite Gamer Tour Driver

Selling Points:

  • Low CG (Center of Gravity)
  • 460CC head
  • Composite titanium face

The Top Flite Gamer Tour driver offers a slight draw bias due to its heel-oriented weighting. If you struggle with hooking or slicing, this driver is an excellent choice that will help keep your drives on the fairway. The titanium composite face provides a pleasant feel and generates impressive ball speed. With its oversized head and large face, you’ll find the sweet spot more consistently.


  • Durable face
  • Appealing appearance at address
  • Attractive matte black finish


  • Prone to denting
  • Unsatisfying sound

Overall Rating: 93/100

Best Complete Set – TOP-FLITE XL Men’s 13-Piece Complete Golf Club Set

TOP-FLITE XL Men’s 13-Piece Complete Golf Club Set

Selling Points:

  • Mallet putter
  • 2 headcovers
  • Includes 2 hybrids

If you’re seeking a complete set, the TOP-FLITE XL Men’s 13-Piece Complete Golf Club Set is an excellent choice. Priced under $300, this set provides everything you need for a full round of golf. The irons feature wide soles that generate high-arcing shots and have an impressive appearance at address. The inclusion of two hybrids is especially beneficial for beginners. The set also comes with a stand bag offering ample storage space.

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  • Great value
  • Forgiving irons
  • Abundant bag storage


  • Durability concerns
  • Challenging to work with

Overall Rating: 94/100

Best Top Flite Set for Seniors – Top Flight Gamer Varsity Golf Club Set

Top Flight Gamer Varsity Golf Club Set

Selling Points:

  • 440CC driver
  • Lightweight design
  • Low CG woods

The Top Flite Gamer Varsity Golf Club Set is highly suitable for seniors due to its lightweight construction. If your swing speed has declined, these clubs will help you maintain competitiveness. The 440CC driver is lightweight, ensuring a good swing speed. The cavity-backed irons are crafted from stainless steel and feature wide soles, aiding launch. The set includes a comfortable putter with a milled face. Graphite shafts are present in all the clubs, except the putter. The complete set comprises a driver, #3 wood, #5 hybrid, irons 6-9, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, and putter.


  • Durable bag
  • Includes 3 head covers
  • Forgiving irons


  • Only one hybrid included
  • Driver prone to denting

Overall Rating: 95/100

Best Junior Boy’s Set – Top-Flite Junior Boys Golf Complete Set

Top-Flite Junior Boys Golf Complete Set

Selling Points:

  • Includes 2 irons
  • Padded carry bag
  • Mallet putter

The Top-Flite Junior Boys Golf Complete Set is an excellent option for introducing your son to the game. The clubs in this set are designed to suit boys between 4’2″ and 5’4″ in height. The 360CC driver is particularly easy to hit with, aiding youth players in learning how to tee off. The set also includes #7 and #9 irons with wide soles, ensuring smooth turf interaction. The complete set consists of a driver, hybrid, two irons, Sand Wedge, and mallet putter.


  • Ideal for kids
  • Easy-to-hit hybrid
  • Quality putter
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  • Head covers feel cheap
  • Gapping issues

Overall Rating: 93/100

Best Junior Girl’s Set – Top Flite Junior Girls Complete Golf Club Set

Top Flite Junior Girls Complete Golf Club Set

Selling Points:

  • Low CG woods
  • Bag included
  • Perimeter weighting

The Top Flite Junior Girls Complete Golf Club Set is a forgiving set designed for junior girl golfers, featuring a striking mint green and white bag. The irons, wedges, and hybrid in this set are all perimeter weighted, enhancing accuracy where it matters most. This set is suitable for girls between 5’3″ and 5’9″. The complete set comprises a driver, hybrid, irons 7-9, Sand Wedge, and mallet putter.


  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Forgiving set
  • Ample storage space in bag


  • Durability issues
  • Gapping issues

Overall Rating: 93/100

Best Top Flite Putter – Top Flight 5.0 Soft Feel Mallet Putter

Selling Points:

  • Mallet-type putter
  • Soft face insert
  • Single-bend shaft

The Top Flight 5.0 Soft Feel Mallet Putter is an excellent choice when you desire clear visibility of the face aligning with the ball. The single-bend neck enhances visibility and ensures easy alignment with the ball.


  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish appearance
  • Forgiving


  • Challenging to find as a new product
  • Low MOI

Overall Rating: 91/100

Best Bag – 2019 Top-Flite Gamer Golf Stand

Selling Points:

  • 7-way divider
  • 7 pockets
  • Insulated pouch

The nylon top dividers of the 2019 Top-Flite Gamer Golf Stand bag are durable, allowing easy club access without worrying about fraying or tearing. The insulated pouch can hold a couple of cans, and the velour-lined pocket is perfect for storing your phone or watch.


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of attractive color options


  • Base is somewhat flimsy
  • Not suitable for carts

Overall Rating: 96/100

Best Golf Balls – Top Flite XL Distance Golf Balls

Selling Points:

  • 2-piece construction
  • High resiliency core
  • Ionomer cover

The durability and long game performance make the Top Flite XL Distance Golf Balls a great choice. Although their performance falls short near the green due to minimal spin, they excel from the tee.


  • Impressive distance
  • Soft feel
  • Durable


  • Limited bounce
  • Subpar short-game performance

Overall Rating: 93/100

Who Are Top Flite Golf Clubs for?

Top Flite golf clubs are best suited for beginners and junior players.

Are They Suitable for Beginners?

Top Flite clubs are ideal for beginners due to their affordability and forgiveness features.

Good for Seniors?

The sets with graphite shafts are particularly beneficial for senior players.

Do Any Professionals Use Top Flite Golf Clubs?

Currently, no professionals are using Top Flite clubs. In the past, professionals such as Ricky Barnes and Hank Kuehne have utilized Top Flite clubs.

Final Assessment

While Top Flite clubs may not be the clubs you choose as your handicap improves, they are worth considering if you’re new to the game. Despite some durability concerns, their solid performance justifies the price. For more information on Top Flite clubs, visit Ratingperson.

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