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Quick Review: Top Flite Gamer

by Assessor

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If you’re looking for a brief summary, here it is: Top Flite Gamer is a winner in every way. Let me explain why.

Off the Tee

Why have I been playing high compression balls all this time? With a swing speed of around 100MPH (last time I checked), this ball feels like pure dynamite off the clubface. Unlike my previous go-to, the ProV1X, which often left me with drives in the 230-250-yard range, the Top Flite Gamer consistently sailed over 250 yards, with many even reaching a whopping 260-275 yards. Plus, it offered impressive accuracy, though admittedly, my driver was on fire today.


When it comes to iron play, the Top Flite Gamer performs just as expected. It delivered the distance I was aiming for and stopped nicely on the greens when struck well. No surprises here.

Wedges & Around the Green

This is where the Top Flite Gamer really blew me away. After a disappointing experience with another ball, the E6+, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But with a full wedge shot, the ball soared the perfect distance, landed softly on the green, and stopped dead. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even full shots with my Vokey wedges didn’t leave deep, game-ending marks on the ball. Around the greens, it provided fantastic feel on chips and pitches, and offered a satisfying amount of spin. Although I didn’t have a chance to test it on a half wedge shot, based on its performance so far, I’m confident it would excel there too.

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The Top Flite Gamer offers great feedback on the putting green. It’s not as soft as a ProV, but it’s definitely not hard either. It strikes a nice balance that will please any golfer.

Overall Verdict

While I plan to test a couple of other balls in the coming days (TM Burner TP and TM TP Black), I have a strong feeling that the Top Flite Gamer will be my ball of choice for a long time. After our round, my dad and I stopped at a PGA Superstore and discovered that there’s now a Gamer V2 available, while the original Gamer is being sold for an incredible price of $13 per dozen. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be stocking up on these and won’t have to worry about buying balls for years to come. The Top Flite Gamer is simply a fantastic ball, not just for the money, but an all-around fantastic ball.


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