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Gordon Ryan Book Review: “Young And Successful”

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Gordon Ryan BOOK Review ‘Young And Sucessful”

An In-Depth Look at Gordon Ryan’s First Book

In September 2022, grappling legend Gordon Ryan released his highly anticipated book, “Young and Successful: Practices, Principles, And Lessons For Building An Empire.” This debut publication offers valuable insights into Ryan’s upbringing, mindset, and the “secrets” behind his remarkable success.

Unveiling Ryan’s Journey and Legacy

In the opening chapter, Ryan reflects on his family background and its influence on his path to greatness. Drawing parallels with iconic sports figures like Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson, he emphasizes the impact of his challenging upbringing on his work ethic and ambition for financial abundance.

Additionally, Ryan briefly mentions his initial triumph at the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) in 2017, providing a glimpse into his early career milestones.

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing Growth

Chapter 2 delves into the theme of self-improvement, offering motivational advice reminiscent of popular YouTube content. Ryan shares compelling anecdotes, including the profound impact of his daycare teacher and an enlightening experience during the ADCC trials, where Gary Tonon advised him to rise above failure.

Building a Personal Brand

One of the most anticipated aspects of this book is Ryan’s perspective on brand building, given his own rapid success in this area. In Chapter 4, he reveals his deliberate strategy of embracing controversy and leveraging his “King” Gordon persona to garner a devoted following.

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Striving for Excellence

Chapter 5 reinforces the importance of having a focused mindset and unwavering determination. Ryan poignantly explores the themes of persistence, resilience, and embracing failure as stepping stones to success.

Exploring Ryan’s Inspirations

Chapters 6-7 offer intriguing insights into Ryan’s admiration for MMA legend Royce Gracie and his early experiences in training. Despite encountering financial obstacles, Ryan’s passion for the sport soared. He vividly recounts taking his first class at 15, successfully defeating his peers, only to be humbled by a 230 lbs Division One football player, which fueled his dedication further.

Unveiling the Mindset of a Champion

The middle portion of the book (Chapters 8-14) emphasizes self-confidence and mental fortitude. Ryan shares words of self-assurance and presents his philosophy of continuous improvement and perpetual hunger for greatness. He recounts his remarkable victory at EBI, where he triumphed over esteemed opponents like Yuri Simoes.

Navigating the Business Side of BJJ

In the final chapters (15-21), Ryan circles back to the topic of branding, albeit with some organizational inconsistencies. While he offers insights into revenue streams such as passive and active income, social media utilization, sponsorship acquisition, and coaching, the book falls short of providing detailed guidance on monetizing BJJ outside the training mats.

Ryan concludes by sharing some personal vices related to his love for cars, women, and money.

Verdict: A Mixed Bag

The book comprises short chapters, but its content lacks cohesive organization. It often reiterates motivational and inspirational information without significant novelty.

Nonetheless, three key takeaways emerge from Ryan’s book:

  1. Trust your instincts and depend on yourself in pursuit of success.
  2. Embrace hard work and perseverance to achieve your goals.
  3. Consider Ryan’s BJJ instructional materials if you prefer a condensed and focused learning experience.
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For those seeking a deeper understanding of Ryan’s journey and mindset, “Young and Successful” may still offer valuable insights.

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Gordon Ryan BOOK Review ‘Young And Sucessful”

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