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Top Girl: A Superficial Journey into Fashion and Social Climbing

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Top Girl review


In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Top Girl, an iPhone and iPod Touch game that offers the joys of fast food – cheap, easy, and appealing to the senses. However, just like with fast food, once you start thinking about it, you realize how detrimental it can be. Top Girl might not lead to physical weight gain, but it could potentially mold you into a shallow and fashion-obsessed social climber without you even realizing it.

A Mixture of Barbie and Farmville

Top Girl can be viewed as the love child of Barbie and Farmville. Like many social network games, it is light on intellectual stimulation and heavy on waiting. However, Top Girl takes a “gender-subtle” approach by infusing everything with pink, sparkles, clothing, and boys. It creates an immersive experience that appeals to anyone eager to explore the fashion world.

Top Girl

Customization and Fashion Exploration

To embark on your Top Girl journey, you start by customizing your character. Facial features are predetermined, so if you don’t fancy red lips and blue eyes, you’ll have to adapt. However, you can choose your skin and hair color. Be aware, though, that the game’s aesthetic strongly promotes a distinctly narrow-waisted silhouette. Consequently, your character may spend a significant amount of time flaunting her ensemble and underwear. This aspect should be taken into consideration, especially by parents and those who wish to maintain professionalism.

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The Pursuit of Success

Once your character is ready, it’s time to secure a glamorous modeling job and find a romantic partner – the two primary obsessions for characters in this game. Each job requires energy, which replenishes slowly over time. Different jobs have varying energy requirements and earning potentials. The money you accumulate can then be spent on expanding your wardrobe or on socializing at the club, where you can attract the attention of attractive suitors.

Clothing is the Key

In Top Girl, clothing holds significant importance. Not only does fashion play a role in catching the eye of potential partners, but a well-stocked virtual closet also opens doors to more job opportunities and exclusive club experiences. Some stores even remain off-limits until your clothing collection reaches a certain level.

Top Girl

There are two main categories of clothing: “work chic” and “club.” While certain ensembles may serve both purposes, most outfits affect your overall appearance in different ways. The objective is to maximize your attractiveness at the club and showcase your professional charm at work. This often necessitates frequent outfit changes, and it’s worth noting that your cutest outfit may not always yield the best results.

Pursuing the Perfect Partner

Aside from clothing, the other focal point of Top Girl is finding the perfect romantic partner. As you flirt with different men at the club, wearing your most enticing attire and offering them drinks, you have the opportunity to impress and attract a boyfriend. You can kiss your boyfriend every few hours to enhance your love meter, which often results in thoughtful gifts. Each man brings unique bonuses, such as faster energy regeneration or increased earnings at work. The game encourages players to pragmatically choose the partner who offers the most advantageous perks. However, it’s important to note that, unlike real life, it’s the girl who is expected to finance extravagant dates to maintain the partner’s interest over time.

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Superficiality in Visuals and Social Elements

Given its superficial premise, the visuals of Top Girl embody conventional standards of beauty. However, the repetitive soundtrack leaves much to be desired. While the game does integrate with OpenFeint, the social interaction features are disappointingly shallow. Interactions are limited to comparing closet sizes, and even communication with your boyfriend is minimal, consisting solely of occasional kisses and dates.

In-App Purchase Potential

As a freemium game, Top Girl provides the option to make in-app purchases of coins or cash to expedite wardrobe expansion or energy replenishment. Parents should be aware of this potential before allowing their children to play the game. However, it is worth noting that significant progress can be made without spending any money, and neglecting the game for extended periods does not result in major penalties, unlike many other farming games. Nonetheless, the most desirable items remain largely accessible only to those willing to invest financially.

Conclusion: Pretty but Vapid

In conclusion, Top Girl offers appealing visuals but lacks substance and depth. While initially entertaining and easy to play, it perpetuates a mildly offensive, and at times overtly sexist, portrayal of men and women. Moreover, the game’s overall content is limited, often leaving players bored after some time. Ratingperson encourages individuals to critically evaluate the potential impact of such superficial pursuits, but ultimately it’s up to each player to decide whether to embark on this fashionable and captivating journey.


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