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How to Watch Netflix for Free: Unlocking the Secrets

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Netflix, the popular entertainment platform, recently made changes to its subscription policy, leaving many users frustrated. The company claims it needs additional funds to invest in captivating productions that will appeal to viewers. However, this explanation has not appeased those who oppose the new policy.

The Netflix Phenomenon: From Growth to Resilience

Since its arrival in Spain in October 2015, Netflix has experienced tremendous growth, becoming one of the most popular entertainment platforms not only in the country but worldwide. Despite the changes in its subscription policy and the resulting complaints, Netflix believes it will not lose its core audience, as has been the case in other countries where similar measures have been implemented.

The question on the minds of subscribers who previously shared accounts is how to navigate these modifications and what financial implications they will face. Fortunately, there is some good news: they have the opportunity to watch Netflix completely free of charge or at a minimal cost. Let’s explore how.

To take advantage of this opportunity, some adjustments are required, which may even benefit your wallet. Several telecommunications providers include Netflix in their package offerings. Therefore, if you switch to a new provider for mobile, fiber optic, or television services, they may provide a complimentary Netflix subscription upon signing up.

The Providers: Unlocking the Free Access

Several companies, including Movistar, Vodafone, and Orange, offer this enticing deal to their customers.

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By subscribing to the Fusión Netflix package, Movistar offers up to three months of free Netflix access.


Netflix is included in various Orange packages, such as Love Cine y Seriel Total, Love Fútbol, Love Cine y Series, or Go Max Cine y Series. In some cases, it is included with the Standard plan (allowing simultaneous streaming on two screens), while in others, it comes with the Basic plan, providing access on a single screen. As long as the contracted pack, which grants access to Netflix, remains active, Orange subscribers can enjoy Netflix for free.


Although Vodafone used to offer a complimentary Netflix subscription, it has now replaced it with HBO. However, Vodafone allows you to subscribe to Netflix and pay for it through your Vodafone bill. This way, you can enjoy the streaming platform for free during the first month.


Pepephone includes a Netflix subscription in any of its plans.

Alternative Ways to Access Netflix for Free

Given that Netflix is the leading entertainment platform, it is not uncommon for subscriptions to be part of contests and promotions unrelated to telecommunications. You may come across competitions on social media where a company is offering Netflix subscriptions to gain new followers, expand its reach, or increase its visibility.

To increase your chances of finding these contests, pay attention to social media platforms and use hashtags like #Netflix, #NetflixGiveaway, or #FreeNetflix. With a bit of luck, you might just win a free Netflix subscription this time around.

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