30 Best Winter Picture Books for Preschoolers
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30 Best Winter Picture Books for Preschoolers

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect winter books for your little ones? Look no further! I’ve curated a list of over 30 delightful picture books that are sure to capture the imagination of your preschoolers. From snowy adventures to heartwarming stories about friendship, this collection has something for every child.

Winter Books for Preschool

Winter Books For Preschoolers

Red Sled, by Lita Judge

Almost wordless, Red Sled invites young readers to become part of the story. The enchanting watercolor illustrations and interactive narrative make this book a favorite among children. It’s not just a book to be read – it’s an experience that encourages imagination and language development.

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Winter Books the Mitten

The Mitten, by Jan Brett

No winter-themed book list would be complete without The Mitten by Jan Brett. This classic tale follows the adventures of Nikki as he loses his mitten in the snow. The rich illustrations and engaging story make this a must-read for preschoolers. It’s a perfect opportunity to discuss winter animals and their habitats.

Winter Books for Preschoolers

Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert

Lois Ehlert’s unique cut paper collage designs come to life in Snowballs. Young readers will be captivated by the creative snow family made from various objects. This book not only tells a fun story but also inspires open-ended art projects using loose parts.

Winter Books the Snowy Day

Winter Books for Little Learners

The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats

A timeless classic, The Snowy Day follows Peter’s adventures in the snow. This book is not only a delightful read-aloud but also a great starting point for discussions about nature, animal tracks, and the wonders of winter.

Sneezy the Snowman, by Maureen Wright

Join Sneezy the Snowman on his quest to stay warm in this hilarious story. The bright illustrations and engaging text will have children laughing as they follow Sneezy’s misadventures. It’s a perfect book for discussions about problem-solving and perseverance.

Best Winter Books for Kids

Snowmen at Night, by Carolyn Buehner

Have you ever wondered what snowmen do when no one is looking? Snowmen at Night reveals the secret lives of snowmen and their nocturnal activities. The vibrant illustrations and rhyming text make this book a joy to read aloud. It’s a great starting point for discussions about imagination and creativity.

Bear Snores On, by Karma Wilson

While Bear hibernates, his friends throw a party in his warm cave in Bear Snores On. This heartwarming tale teaches children about friendship, sharing, and the importance of inclusion. The rhythmic text and expressive illustrations make this book a delightful read-aloud.

Winter Books the Hat

Books About Winter for Pre-K

The Hat, by Jan Brett

Award-winning author Jan Brett delivers another masterpiece in The Hat. Follow the journey of Lisa’s winter stocking as it is discovered by various animals. The exquisite illustrations and engaging story will capture the attention of young readers, making it a classroom favorite.

Stella Queen of the Snow, by Marie-Louise Gay

Join Stella and her brother Sam on a magical winter adventure in Stella Queen of the Snow. The beautiful watercolor illustrations bring the wonders of winter to life, while Stella’s vivid imagination will inspire young readers to explore their own creativity.

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30 Winter Books for Preschool Kids

Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner

Discover the hidden world beneath the snow in Over and Under the Snow. This nonfiction book takes readers on a journey through the winter landscape, exploring the animals and plants that thrive in this chilly season. The stunning illustrations and informative text make it a perfect educational resource.

All About Winter Weather, by Kathryn Clay

Bright and vibrant photographs bring the wonders of winter to life in All About Winter Weather. This informative nonfiction book explores the science behind snow and winter weather phenomena. It’s a great book for sparking curiosity and inspiring young scientists.

Winter Books Cold Lady

Winter Books for Preschool

There Was an Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, by Lucille Colandro

Join the Cold Lady in her hilarious winter adventure in this playful twist on a classic tale. The rhyming text and vibrant illustrations make There Was an Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow a hit with preschoolers.

Winter is Here, by Kevin Henkes

Award-winning author Kevin Henkes captures the magic of winter in Winter is Here. The expressive paintings by Laura Dronzek beautifully depict the changing seasons, while Henkes’ descriptive language engages young readers. It’s a perfect book for introducing the sights and sounds of winter.

Snow Dude, by Daniel Kirk

Follow the mischievous Snow Dude as he evades his builders in this fun spin-off of the Gingerbread Man story. Snow Dude is filled with whimsical illustrations and lively text that will keep preschoolers engaged from start to finish.

What Can you See in Winter, by Sian Smith

Embark on a winter adventure with What Can you See in Winter. This book takes young readers on a journey through the snowy landscape, showcasing all the activities and natural wonders of the season. The beautiful photographs and descriptive words make it a perfect book for learning about winter.

Winter Books Catch a Snowman

The Best Winter Books for Preschool

How to Catch a Snowman, by Adam Wallace

Join in on the fun as children try to catch a mischievous snowman in How to Catch a Snowman. This delightful book is filled with clever traps and exciting adventures that will have preschoolers laughing and eagerly turning the pages.

Curious About Snow, by Gina Shaw

Discover the magic of snowflakes in Curious About Snow. The vivid photographs and fascinating facts about snow make this nonfiction book a captivating read for young learners. It’s a perfect resource for inspiring curiosity and learning about the science behind snow.

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Winter Books for Pre-K-2

All About Animals in Winter, by Martha Elizabeth Hillman Rustad

Learn all about how animals survive the winter in All About Animals in Winter. This informative book uses vibrant photographs and simple descriptive words to teach children about the incredible adaptations and behaviors of winter animals.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter, by Kenard Pak

Join a brother and sister on their journey through the changing seasons in Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter. This whimsical and informational story explores the wonders of nature as the siblings greet leaves, clouds, and animals. The beautiful illustrations and descriptive language make it a perfect read-aloud for preschoolers.

Winter Books 3 Snow Bears

More Winter Books for Preschoolers

Three Snow Bears, by Jan Brett

Embark on a chilly adventure with Three Snow Bears. Based on a traditional Inuit tale, this beautifully illustrated book follows a young girl named Aloo-ki as she encounters a family of polar bears. The breathtaking illustrations and engaging story make it a winter favorite.

The Snowy Nap, by Jan Brett

Follow Hedgie the hedgehog on his winter adventure in The Snowy Nap. This heartwarming tale by Jan Brett explores the beauty of winter and the importance of finding a cozy place to rest. The stunning illustrations and gentle storytelling make it a perfect bedtime read.

Winter Books Catch a Yeti

How to Catch a Yeti, by Adam Wallace

Laugh along with the Catch Club Kids as they embark on a hilarious quest to catch a yeti in this playful book. Filled with clever traps and exciting moments, How to Catch a Yeti is sure to entertain preschoolers.

The Twelve Days of Winter, by Deborah Lee Rose

Count down the days until winter with The Twelve Days of Winter. This playful book introduces young readers to a new winter activity each day, leading to delightful chaos. The counting rhyme and engaging illustrations make it a perfect book for practicing counting skills.

Ten on the Sled, by Kim Norman

Join ten animal friends as they take a wild ride through the snow in Ten on the Sled. This fun-filled counting book is filled with lively rhymes and charming illustrations that will keep preschoolers engaged.

If It’s Snowy and You Know It, by Kim Norman

Put a snowy twist on the classic children’s song in If It’s Snowy and You Know It. This interactive book invites children to stomp, slide, and clap along to the tune while enjoying the playful illustrations.

Winter Books for Pre-K-2

Winter Books to Find at the Library

Please note that the following books are no longer in print but can often be found at libraries or as used copies:

The First Day of Winter, by Denise Fleming

Take part in a snowman-building adventure in The First Day of Winter. This beautifully illustrated book is filled with vivid images that engage young children in counting chants, promoting mathematical fluency.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, by Shirley Neitzel

Join the main character as they bundle up in layers of winter clothing in The Jacket I Wear in the Snow. The predictable rhyming text and rebus pictures make it an excellent book for emergent readers.

Snow Party, by Harriet Ziefert

Explore the winter solstice in Snow Party. This unique tale follows a group of snow people as they celebrate the arrival of winter. It’s a perfect book for discussing the changing seasons.

Stranger in the Woods, by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick

Immerse yourself in the beauty of winter with Stranger in the Woods. This stunningly illustrated book reminds us to appreciate and respect all living things. It’s a must-read for young and old alike.

Winter Books for Pre-K-2

More Winter Ideas

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