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Back From the Brink: Episode 20 – A Journey to Qingqiu Palace

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When he arrived at Qingqiu Palace, it felt like Zhuli’s home court to him. He eagerly sought out his second uncle, Chang Lan, and shared his experiences from his recent trip. Chang Lan was slightly displeased with Princess Yunxi’s revenge, accusing him of being reckless. However, he did not scold him too harshly. Zhuli then introduced Yan Hui and Bai Xiaosheng to Chang Lan. Bai Xiaosheng noticed that Chang Lan’s eyes seemed unable to see, so he gestured to him with his hands. Yan Hui quickly apologized on Bai Xiaosheng’s behalf. Chang Lan brushed it off, saying it was nothing. He asked them to rest and assured them that Tian Yao would join them for dinner later.

Chang Lan revealed that he and Tian Yao had been good friends for many years. Bai Xiaosheng found this peculiar, as Tian Yao had always seemed cold and unapproachable. Nevertheless, Zhuli revealed that Huan Xiaoyan hadn’t come with him. He found it noisy to be around her and wasn’t used to her absence. But, in the blink of an eye, Huan Xiaoyan appeared from Zhuli’s waist, surprising everyone. Xiaoyan explained that she didn’t want to bother with meaningless formalities and feared being discovered if she attached herself to someone else. Therefore, it was safest for her to hide on Zhuli’s body. With their arrival in Qingqiu, Huan Xiaoyan was eager to find the Pupil Master. Zhuli warned them before disappearing, urging them not to mention the black gas in Qingqiu Guo. However, Huan Xiaoyan paid no heed to the warning. She was determined to help and felt a stronger bond forming between the two.

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Chang Lan and Tian Yao were long-time friends who had never met before. They chatted for a while, celebrating Tian Yao’s vengeance against Suying for dismembering him. Chang Lan was genuinely happy for him. Yet, Tian Yao, as cold as ever, expressed his concerns. Although he had avenged himself, the price was hurting someone he cared about – Yan Hui, who had accompanied him. Chang Lan understood Tian Yao’s temperament. He had been ensnared by love and used by Suying in the past. Now, with his feelings for another person, Chang Lan hoped he wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes. Tian Yao confided in Chang Lan about his purpose in coming to Qingqiu – to find a cure for Yan Hui’s mysterious illness. He asked Chang Lan about the Nether Fu, believing that the method recorded within could heal Yan Hui. Chang Lan sighed. The Nether Fu had been hidden within Qingqiu, concealed behind a screen. However, it had disappeared over ten years ago and remained missing.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaosheng led Yan Hui to a hidden tree hole and revealed that it contained the secret treasure. The screen Chang Lan mentioned was hidden inside, and the ghost gift they sought was within it. However, obtaining it wouldn’t be easy. The pair would need to overcome three tests, which required the perfect cooperation of Xuanyao lovers. This was why Bai Xiaosheng had initially sought the help of Tian Yao and Yan Hui. Over the past decade, he had searched for almost all the Xuanyao lovers and attempted countless methods. Yet, he had failed the first test every time, with no knowledge of what the next two tests entailed.

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Yan Hui understood the difficulty of passing these tests and decided to cheat in order to succeed. Bai Xiaosheng had collected all the answers needed to pass the tests. If they could memorize those answers, they would have a chance to pass as a couple alongside Bai Xiaosheng’s pretense. Reluctantly, Bai Xiaosheng agreed to Yan Hui’s plan. From then on, the two of them tirelessly memorized the answers, rarely leaving the tree hole. As they studied, the noisy Huan Xiaoyan and Zhuli stumbled upon the answers. Realizing this, they went in search of Yan Hui. While Yan Hui worked diligently, Bai Xiaosheng seemed absent-minded. In a desperate attempt to help Bai Xiaosheng, Yan Hui asked him a random question about his preferences – unforgettable moments when two people are together.

Confident in their chances of passing, Yan Hui found Bai Xiaosheng, and they entered the tree hole together. Bai Xiaosheng successfully broke through one barrier within the screen, leading them to encounter an old man who served as the examiner. The man seemed quite familiar with Bai Xiaosheng, as it was he who had caused him numerous troubles in 2010. After learning of their status as Yanchen Xingshan disciples, he decided to give them an opportunity. However, they could only answer two out of three questions correctly, ultimately failing the final question. With a wave of his hand, the old man, Yan Buhuo, dismissed them from the test. Witnessing this outcome, Tian Yao desired to help Yan Hui. He suggested to Bai Xiaosheng that he should do what Yan Hui liked in order to establish a deeper understanding with her. Yan Hui also realized that they needed to become genuine lovers to pass the test. However, the two were still a long way from attaining the level of understanding and companionship required. Building such a connection required time and could not be rushed.

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