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In the thrilling world of television, period dramas have always been a surefire hit. That’s why streaming platforms are constantly stepping up their game when it comes to creating or acquiring captivating historical series. Netflix, always at the forefront of this trend, has successfully tapped into viewers’ love for stories set in different time periods. From the widely acclaimed “Bridgerton” to the enchanting “Midnight at the Pera Palace” and the captivating “Club Estambul,” Netflix offers a diverse catalog that includes the highly anticipated miniseries “The Fighting Women,” premiering on Thursday, January 19th.

Originally released in late 2022 in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, “The Fighting Women” (or “Las Combatientes” in its original title) consists of eight episodes, each lasting around 50 minutes. The series delves into the complex lives of four remarkable women during the tumultuous period of World War I. Created by Camille Treiner and Cécile Lorne, and directed by Alexandre Laurent, “The Fighting Women” pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an immersive experience for viewers, thanks in part to the brilliant costume design by Valérie Adda.

Synopsis and Cast of the New Netflix Series

This historical drama transports us back to France in 1914, as the world is just about to witness the outbreak of what would come to be known as the Great War. As German forces advance and men head off to the front lines, four women find themselves grappling with the devastating consequences of the war in their own communities.

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Among them is Marguerite, a mysterious Parisian prostitute; Caroline, who unexpectedly finds herself leading her family’s factory; Agnes, a mother superior in a requisitioned convent; and Suzanne, a feminist nurse. Little did they know that their destinies would intertwine during this era of crisis, where collaboration between them could mean the difference between life and death. In a time when everything is fair in love and war, these women become embroiled in a world of spies, saboteurs, and lovers.

“The Fighting Women” sheds light on the often-overlooked role that women played during times of war. While the battlefields and heroic acts of soldiers usually dominate the narrative, this series takes a fresh perspective by highlighting the challenges faced by women. In times of conflict, women were not only responsible for maintaining their families but also for keeping their nations afloat.

To bring these remarkable characters to life, “The Fighting Women” boasts an ensemble cast featuring Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona, and Camille Lou, who previously worked together in the French series “Le Bazar de la Charité,” along with the talented Sofia Essaïdi. The stellar cast also includes Sandrine Bonnaire, Tom Leeb (France’s representative in Eurovision 2020), Yannick Choirat, Jérémy Wulc, Tchéky Karyo, and Laurent Gerra.

Witness the untold stories of courage, resilience, and female empowerment in “The Fighting Women,” exclusively on Netflix. Get ready to embark on a captivating journey that will transport you to a pivotal moment in history.


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